10 Decorative Ways to Invite Nature into Your Child’s Room

Nature, which has a perfect beauty, also inspires decoration ideas for children’s rooms. It is a fact that the more the living space reflects the soul of the person living in it, the more enjoyable time is spent there.

How would you like to create a pleasant children’s room concept for the child with designs that combine the tastes of the child with nature? For this, you can take the first step by looking at our nature-inspired decor suggestions.

1. Scandinavian inspiration: Watercolor paintings

“Less is more.” Scandinavian style decoration, which was created based on the philosophy of This style, which has a decoration understanding that adopts simplicity, is also preferred in children’s and baby rooms.

You can start with wall paintings to bring the Scandinavian style to your child’s room. You can have a simple and modern elegance by including watercolors of various plants on wall paintings.

2nd . For rooms as sweet as honey: Honeycomb shelves

Honeycombs, the inspiration for hexagonal wall shelves, came to sweeten children’s rooms. This shelf model, which draws attention with its geometric forms, is an example of a natural wonder. 

3. Decorative swings

We came to you with a decoration idea that will make your child explode with happiness: Swing! Kids love the swings. With a leaf-like swing that you will set up in front of the tree wall sticker, it is certain that your child will not step anywhere else.

4. Feather and deer head

You can include accessories that come out of nature for room decoration. You can use wooden feathers and deer heads as wall accessories by combining them with the shelves you have chosen for your child’s room. These designs that will enliven your wall are quite elegant.

5. Clothes hanger from tree branches

A design like an Indian fabric, which can’t be found for those who can’t live without trees. Moreover, you can even do it yourself. To attach it to a shelf or anywhere, all you have to do is hook the edges of the tree branches you have gathered. Apart from using tree branches as clothes hangers, you can also use it as a bed decoration by hanging various ornaments on it and attaching led lighting.

6. Move the clouds to your room

Speaking of nature-inspired designs, it is impossible not to look at the children’s room lighting, right? You can decorate a peaceful children’s room with a night pattern wallpaper and a decorative cloud mirror that you will use with cloud lighting.

7. Cactus wallpaper

Wallpapers are the most important accessory that adds life to a room. Therefore, if you want to decorate your child’s room from nature-inspired design examples, you can create the biggest impact with patterned children’s room wallpapers.

Using wallpapers that you can surround all four sides of the room on only one wall gives very effective results. Cactus patterns are very fashionable, let’s say. In addition, hanging flower pots are another accessory that will add a different atmosphere to your decor that you color with wallpaper. You can be sure that you will look very stylish with your cactus-patterned wallpaper.

8. Leaf patterned carpet

If you’re looking for something other than the usual nursery rugs, just turn your eyes around. Isn’t this leaf, which has come out of nature to be laid under your feet, as beautiful on the carpet as it is on the branch?

We believe that those who love to chew on leaves in the fall will enjoy feeling this carpet under their feet. You can create a wonderful living space for your child by using it with a room full of flower pots.

9. Tree-patterned pillowcase

If you want to make small touches in the room, the tree-patterned pillowcase impresses with its elegance. You can use the pillows on a wooden coffee table or as a decorative accessory on your child’s bed.

10. Seashell headboard

If you are a girl, we have found an accessory that will crown your princess nursery decoration. The seashell headboard almost yearns to come from the bottom of the sea and be placed on its head.

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