10 Misconceptions About Newborn Babies

We know that there is a noise in every head about newborn baby care and you are very confused. For this reason, we wanted to share with you 10 misconceptions about newborns. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.

1. If my milk does not come on the first day, my baby will starve

The amount of milk that comes from the breast immediately after birth is as much as the baby needs. Don’t wait for milk to come out of your breast. In the first days, while breastfeeding your baby, only a teaspoon of milk may come out, and this is normal. Your milk increases as you breastfeed. “I’m not getting milk, my baby’s not full.” The thought causes stress between you and your baby.

2. I must breastfeed my newborn baby continuously

After the first 2 days, it is sufficient to breastfeed your baby every 2 hours on average. Breastfeeding at this frequency in the first week allows possible neonatal jaundice to pass quickly. Breastfeeding less can cause milk to accumulate in the breast, causing pain and nipple sores.

3. If I rock my baby while he’s sleeping, he’ll get used to it and won’t learn to sleep on his own

The baby was rocking in his tummy, he was used to it. Also, shaking the baby stimulates the vestibular system in the middle ear. This is important for the development of the baby’s balance ability. It’s okay to shake your baby lightly while putting them to sleep. Sleep training is something that will come into play later.

4. Now that I have a baby, I have to take the pets away from the house

Babies gain immunity by producing antibodies according to their environment. As long as your baby doesn’t have allergies, you don’t need to keep pets out of the house. Growing up with animals is also very beneficial for the spiritual and social development of children.

5. My baby should always sleep in a dark and quiet environment

For newborn babies who sleep an average of 20 hours a day, it does not make sense to try to set a dark and extremely quiet environment during the daytime. Sleep is never a problem for newborn babies if they have a full stomach, clean bottom and no health problems.

Yes, it is important to sleep in a room that is lightly illuminated with a night light, as the growth hormone is secreted at night, but you do not need to draw all the curtains and darken the house during the day.

6. My baby is very cold, I think he is sick

You may be worried that your newborn baby’s hands are always cold, but let’s say this: The peripheral blood system in our hands and feet, which are the most extreme points of our body, develops after birth. That’s why it’s normal for a newborn baby’s hands and feet to be cold.

If the baby is under 250 grams, he may have difficulty maintaining his body temperature. Therefore, it is true that it should be kept warmer, but an environment with an average temperature of 20-22 degrees is suitable for babies.

7. Much smaller, no gas

Newborn babies also have gas problems like honey. The breast swallows air while sucking, how can it not be gas? Even in the first days, you should burp your baby by holding him upright after breastfeeding.

8. I should apply diaper cream every time I change diapers.

If you have a rash, you should apply cream. If you constantly apply diaper cream, you will reduce the resistance of your baby’s related area. Because diaper rash creams are dense and thick, they prevent the skin from breathing.

9. She poops all the time, probably diarrhea

You should be happy if you see poop in your diaper every time you change your baby’s diaper. Because that means he’s well fed. Newborn babies can poop an average of 4-9 times a day. In summary; If there is no poop in the newborn diaper, there is a problem.

If your baby’s poop is yellow and particulate, it means he’s feeding properly. Green poop in babies indicates that the baby is suckling a lot, not diarrhea.

10. If I swaddle the baby, his mobility will decrease

When the baby was in the womb, his range of motion was limited. Even if he wanted to stretch out his tiny arms and legs, he could do so as long as his stomach allowed. His involuntary gestures after birth scare him. Newborn babies feel safe when swaddled. In this way, they sleep more comfortably. Sweet little ones.

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