11 Step Birth Preparation Guide

Like many expectant mothers, you may have some fears during the birth preparation process. Believe me, these fears are all groundless, with a little support you can overcome them all. To cope with your anxiety, you can attend the birth preparation training, or you can even get doula support if you wish. Is that all? We have 11 super tips to help with birth preparation, so let’s get started!

1. Participate in childbirth preparation training

ou may be learning about what happens at birth by talking to your doctor and asking questions throughout your pregnancy. You can also get information about the pregnancy process from various materials such as birth preparation books.

However, if there is an environment that will both help with the pregnancy and birth process and offer the opportunity to share with expectant mothers who have the same concerns as you, this is the birth preparation course itself!

Let’s talk about how childbirth preparation courses will benefit you:

  • You have the opportunity to be with other couples who are in the same phase of pregnancy as you and share their experiences.
  • Your partner may not be very aware of the situation, as pregnancy-related things mostly happen around you. Birth preparation training includes lessons for both mother and father candidates. In this way, your spouse is also involved in the process.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask your doctor questions that you cannot easily ask.
  • You can learn from birth lessons, discussions, sample models and videos. You can learn all about the signs of birth , from seeing the baby’s head to cutting the umbilical cord. The more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you will feel when the day comes.
  • How to prepare for normal birth ? What do you need in preparation for a cesarean delivery ? How is epidural and spinal anesthesia administered? You will have the chance to get detailed information on many topics such as:
  • You can learn about natural birth methods like Hypnobirthing , Lamaze and Bradley. In line with what you have learned, you can overcome your fear of birth, if any. This information may even change your mind about the birth method you choose.
  • You can learn about the medical intervention methods used during birth, such as episiotomy . That way, these kinds of issues become less frightening for you.
  • You can get hands-on training in alternative approaches such as pain control, breathing, and relaxation. It helps a lot in dealing with labor pains .

2. Get doula support

You can also get the physical and spiritual support you need from doulas during your pregnancy adventure full of unknowns. Doulas can also provide services in birth preparation centers, but you can also get individual support if you wish. You can consider the doula more like a friend who will be by your side throughout your pregnancy, rather than a medical support person such as a midwife and nurse.

Thanks to a doula, you can overcome your existing fears of childbirth, learn about the progress of your pregnancy and what will happen in the future, and you can relax your body with various massage and breathing exercises. Knowing that there is someone you can reach whenever you want will help you have a comfortable and safe birth by reducing the stress that labor creates on you.

3. Pack your childbirth kit

Of course, one of the sine qua non of birth preparation is the hospital bag. Thanks to a bag containing the materials you will need after the birth, you and your baby can spend the time you stay in the hospital comfortably.

First of all , let’s clarify when the birth preparation bag should be prepared . Experts say that the ideal time to prepare a maternity bag starts as of the 32nd week of pregnancy, so you can take action with the 8th month of your pregnancy. If there is a possibility of twin pregnancy or premature birth, it would be beneficial to start the preparations earlier.

It is best to prepare the maternity bag separately for both your baby and yourself. Considering that she will stay in the hospital for an average of 3 days, there are many materials that should be on the birth preparation list. You can also benefit from practical products such as birth preparation kits for babies.

We have prepared a complete birth preparation shopping list for what should be in your hospital bag, let’s take you here for detailed information.

4. Do childbirth preparation exercises

One of the most effective methods you can apply to cope with the pain you experience during pregnancy and have a comfortable delivery is pregnancy exercises. Gaining knowledge and experience in areas such as relaxation, awareness of breathing, controlling body posture and breathing techniques will be very helpful when going into labor.

Pregnant exercises both relieve the pain you experience during pregnancy and prepare you mentally for birth. If you are thinking of giving birth naturally, you can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises and even speed up the recovery process after birth. You can also turn to various fields such as pregnancy yoga and pilates.

Remember, your biggest supporter during this period is yourself. Therefore, do not neglect to nurture yourself in various areas.

5. Complete your baby shopping

Before your little baby is born, you need to complete some of his basic needs. Baby shopping is a tricky business, so where do you start?

Our suggestion to you is to divide your shopping into categories. Various separations such as baby room, clothing, tools, care products and toys make the job much easier. You can spread your shopping over time by preparing separate lists for each category. In this way, you will eliminate a large workload in prenatal preparations.

6. Learn breastfeeding techniques

You should include breastfeeding techniques among the prenatal preparations. It may be good to learn about this before you pick up your baby to breastfeed. On the one hand , you need to experiment with positions with your baby to find the right breastfeeding technique .

However, it will be easier if you know in advance the main positions and what you should and should not do while breastfeeding your baby.

7. Search for birth packages

We know that you want to bring your baby into the world in the best conditions. For this, you can get service at affordable prices in the best hospitals with its technical equipment and expert staff. All you have to do is do a detailed research and learn about maternity insurance.

In this way, you can have various tests free of charge throughout your pregnancy and give birth at much more economical prices. What more?

8. Spend time with mothers, share their experiences

The biggest favor you can do for yourself in this process is to spend time with positive people. Especially talking to mothers who have happy and uneventful birth stories and finding answers to their questions helps to reduce their anxiety.

For example, many mothers-to-be ask, “What to wear when giving birth?” There may be some questions such as: While a surgical gown is usually worn in cesarean delivery, normal delivery can also be performed in a nightgown. It will definitely be useful for you to learn such little things in preparation for birth and to share the experiences of experienced people in such matters.

9. Prepare a room at home for the caregiver

If you have a caregiver or family member to assist you after your baby is born, it would be good for both you and the person helping you to get their room ready before the birth. So you don’t have to deal with making preparations at home and arranging the room after the birth.

If you are considering raising your baby with the help of a caregiver, it may be helpful to start your research early. You can understand how compatible your caregiver’s thoughts on baby care are with yours, and beyond measuring the compatibility between you, you can also ensure that you trust each other.

10. Find a birth photographer

How would you like to immortalize the times before the birth, the experiences during the birth, the postpartum relaxation and the first moments when you will hold your baby in your arms? If you want these moments to be recorded by a baby birth photographer , you should start searching for a birth photographer and not be late.

11. Bonus: Turn down the doorbell

It’s time for the simplest but equally important step of prenatal home preparations! Your baby will spend most of the day sleeping for a long time after birth. In the future, sleep hours will decrease and you will have to make an effort to fall asleep when you wake up. That’s why we recommend turning down the loud doorbell. “I wonder if my baby is awake?” with each ringing of the bell. You don’t want to worry, do you?

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