11 Things to Wonder About the 40-Day Baby

When your baby turns 40 days old, you are wondering what will happen in this new and critical period, right? You are right, many things can change in your short life since the day your baby was born.

Let’s see what are the answers to your questions about the 40-day-old baby?

1- How is the baby’s development at 40 days?

Your baby’s height and weight are always the things you are most curious about, right? So, let’s answer questions like how much should a 40-day-old baby weigh and how tall should it be, with a small table. But let’s point out, the average rates we give in the table!

40 days baby weight4,7 kg5,2 kg
40 days old baby size57 cm58 cm

His biggest reflex is still sucking and tongue sticking out. New ones will be added to these reflexes over time.

“What changes in babies after forty?” Are you curious about the subject? We have described them all below.

2- How many hours should a 40-day-old baby be fed?

Babies get hungry very often in the first 3 months and want to suckle. That’s why you need to breastfeed your baby every 2.5-3 hours.

If you are bottle-feeding, “How much milk does a 40-day-old baby drink?” You can ask the question. Our answer to this question will be about 60-150 ml per meal. This rate varies according to the baby’s weight.

If you are feeding with formula, “How much formula does a 40-day-old baby eat?” Let’s answer the question. Again, the rate may vary according to the weight of the baby, but the amount of food that the baby should take at each meal will vary between 60-90 cc.

3- Can a 40-day-old baby see?

Just as the baby couldn’t see very far in the first month, it will still be the same. But now he can easily pick out pastel colors and familiar objects near him. He has already engraved your face in his mind. But there is still time to see it fully.

Let’s talk about hearing. His sense of hearing is stronger than in the first days. You can be sure that he clearly recognizes your voice. It can now distinguish between high and low sounds.

4- How much does a 40-day-old baby sleep?

Baby’s favorite thing at 40 days old will be to sleep! It is quite normal for the little pup to sleep 15-16 hours a day. This sleep time will be spread over 24 hours, but as the day progresses, you will see the weight shift to night sleep.

What does a 5- to 40-day-old baby do?

  • Your baby will have all the attention in their hands. He can constantly examine his hands.
  • Can grasp toys or finger well with hand.
  • It can make frequent noises.
  • If she cries, she can easily calm down by sucking.
  • He can smile momentarily.
  • He can make fluttering movements with his hands and feet.

6- How should baby care for 40 days be?

Let us give you some small but effective information about newborn baby care.

  • There’s an umbilical cord problem, you know. It is important that you take care of this area until the vineyard falls. That’s why you should keep your baby’s umbilical cord dry and let it breathe.
  • The optimum temperature for a 40-day-old baby is 22-23 degrees. Much more heat or cold bothers your baby.
  • Make sure she wears cotton and breathable clothing. Dressing in layers is not very useful, don’t forget that either. If your baby’s neck is warm, it means that he is not cold, you can take this into account when dressing. You can check it out here: We Reviewed Newborn Baby Outfits For You!
  • Forty-day-old baby’s skin is very sensitive. For this reason, it may be beneficial to apply a diaper cream after each diaper change.
  • If your skin is very dry, you can apply a moisturizer recommended by your doctor.
  • If the baby has been circumcised in the first 40 days , it is also very important to take care of this area. Not keeping the penis wet and wrapping it with gauze can be a preventative measure against inflammation.

Why does a 40-day-old baby vomit?

Vomiting after feeding is present in almost all babies. It is also known as “baby’s vomiting like cheese” among the people. In fact, this situation, especially seen in newborn babies, is a spit reflex, not vomiting. The reasons for this are;

  • baby reflux,
  • overfeeding,
  • Inability to digest food
  • There may be situations such as breastfeeding in the wrong position.

Why does a 40-day-old baby cry?

There are many reasons why your baby may cry. If there is no identified health problem;

  • hungry,
  • coming to sleep,
  • cold,
  • warming,
  • tightening,
  • Many reasons, such as soiling the gold, can cause him to cry. We recommend that you observe your baby thoroughly to find the problem.

Does a 9- 40-day-old baby experience gas pain?

Yes, there may be gas pains and colic in a 40-day-old baby. The cause of conditions such as gas and colic in babies may be related to both your nutrition and some physical characteristics of your baby.

Why is a 10-40 day old baby constipated?

40 days old baby can’t poop! So why? If the baby is breastfed, he is less likely to be constipated. It has been determined that the problem of constipation is more common in babies fed with formula. Of course, this does not mean that breastfed babies will never experience constipation.

We can list the causes of constipation in 40-day-old babies as follows:

  • Congenital disorders in the intestine,
  • Passing of the constipating foods that the mother eats to the baby with milk,
  • Inactivity,
  • Feeding non-breastfed infants with cow’s milk-based formula.

11- What does it mean when the baby is forty?

Some rituals are practiced when the baby is 40 days old and the mother’s puerperium is over. This is also called forty-flying. Although it is thought to be a religious tradition, it is actually a shaman tradition. Its purpose is to celebrate starting a healthy and enjoyable life after the end of 40 critical days for mother and baby!

We can list the rituals performed in the forty kite as follows:

  • Having 40 baths of the baby,
  • Baby and mother visiting different homes,
  • Giving some gifts to the baby.
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