11 Things You Should Do to Raise Healthy Children

Like all mothers, you want your child to grow up straight and be healthy both mentally and physically, right? Raising healthy children is actually quite easy! You can make your child’s life much better with the 11 information you need to pay attention to in this article.

1- Take care of your health from pregnancy!

Even your lifestyle, diet, health and weight gain during pregnancy affect the health of your unborn baby. In this process, you can ensure that your baby comes to life in good health by following some rules:

  • Pay close attention to your diet. Try to get plenty of calcium and protein. Avoid oily and spicy foods, unprocessed foods and some fish are also harmful for pregnant women!
  • Do not neglect your doctor’s checks and your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Consume vitamins such as folic acid , protein, iron, zinc, calcium, C, A, B in doses.
  • Limit weight gain. Gaining excess weight in this process can be harmful for you and your baby.
  • Do exercises and sports suitable for your health and physical characteristics.
  • Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. These can cause serious harm to your baby.

2- Feed your baby with breast milk!

We don’t need to tell you how important breast milk is for your baby! You need to feed your baby with breast milk as much as possible for the development of intelligence, brain and immune system. Even if you have little or no milk for various reasons, don’t give up! You can increase your milk in the following ways:

  • Eat the right foods. There are many foods that increase breast milk. 
  • Use the correct breastfeeding position. Feeding improperly will blunt your baby’s breastfeeding reflex. 
  • Don’t start giving your baby formula just because your milk is low! It allows your baby to suck on your breast even if there is no milk coming out. Milk ducts open best with a sucking reflex.
  • Use milking machines and pumps. This will allow the milk ducts to open.

3- Organize your diet!

A regular and balanced diet is essential for your child’s immune system to be strengthened! For this, you need to follow these 3 main rules:

  • Ensure that he consumes plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Introduce empty foods called junk food as late as possible and limit your consumption.
  • Help her stay away from foods that contain flour, salt and sugar, known as 3 whites.

4- Make him gain the habit of brushing teeth!

You need to inculcate the habit of brushing teeth in your child from a very young age. Start cleaning your mouth as soon as your first tooth erupts, and encourage you to use a toothbrush when it’s about 1 year old. Because the foundation of healthy teeth is laid in childhood. In order for permanent teeth to be strong and to erupt correctly, milk teeth must also be healthy.

5- Introduce sports at a young age!

From the moment the child starts walking, he will be filled with intense energy. You should ensure that this mobility is evaluated correctly and that he or she is directed to sports that will contribute to his physical development.

In fact, you can introduce your child to exercises and sports from the moment he is born. We recommend that you evaluate alternatives such as arm and leg movements and newborn swimming courses with your support.

6- Let him play to the fullest!

The impact of games on child development is huge! So let him play with games that are both educational and entertaining. Educational games make great contributions to the motor development of children.

You can prepare fun games for your child by using a wide variety of materials. Do not strictly limit your imagination, do not keep it away from the games for fear of getting dirty, breaking, spilling. Also, join the games he plays as much as possible, try to instill the idea of ​​sharing and working as a team in your child.

7- Organize your sleep!

A healthy child’s sleep pattern should also be healthy. While the newborn baby sleeps for 18 hours a day, this period will gradually shorten as he/she gets older. As his mobility increases, sleep problems will begin to appear. The health of the child who is deprived of sleep is adversely affected and may face conditions such as attention deficit, loss of appetite, and fatigue. To prevent this, you need to give your baby sleep training.

It is recommended that preschool children sleep twice, for a short time during the day and for a long time at night. In addition, this education should not force the child. 

8- Do not neglect doctor checks!

From the moment the child is born, he will be open to constant changes. That’s why you should have regular doctor check-ups to monitor your height, weight, physical and mental development, and to solve any problems, if any. In this way, if there is a negative situation, early diagnosis and treatment becomes easier.

9- Spend a lot of time with him!

Being with your child, playing with him, talking, listening to him develops the feeling of trust between you, and thus the child becomes more self-confident, harmonious and sharing.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Namık Kemal Akpınar says that children who do not spend enough time with their parents experience behavioral problems and encounter problems in harmony with friends and school. Therefore, do joint activities with your child and spend a lot of time.

10- Gain the habit of reading!

Children’s imaginations are like an ocean! Experts recommend that children gain the habit of reading at an early age in order to protect this creativity and support their mental development. In order to achieve this, you will first need to set an example for your child. If you stay away from devices such as TV or telephone in any part of the house, at every opportunity, and read a book, you will normalize this situation for your child. Also, this is encouraging.

11- Do not hesitate to show your love!

The most important thing that will caress your little child’s soul and help him become a healthy individual is the love he receives from you! A happy child who is valued by his family will be respectful, loving and understanding towards people. So don’t be afraid to show him your love for fear of being spoiled!

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