12 Things You Need to Take on a Summer Vacation with Your Baby!

Let’s just say there are a lot of details you’ll have to think about when going on vacation with your baby. Don’t let some of these details cross your mind while on vacation, “I wish I had thought of it sooner!” We’ve listed them all.

Now, what to take on vacation with the baby, let’s get started:

1. Baby sunscreen

Going on vacation with a baby requires safety above all else. Of course, you are aware that you need to buy sunscreen, but you need to know how its properties should be, which sunscreen is better. Here are some things to consider when buying sunscreen for your baby:

  • Does not contain chemicals,
  • Being water or mineral based,
  • High protection.

Let us suggest you 2 sunscreens as your savior.

2. Baby sunglasses

In the researches, it has been determined that the parents’ habit of using sunglasses for their children is very low. It has been revealed that 90% of mothers who buy sunglasses for their children choose only according to the appearance of the glasses. However, when your baby is 6 months old , you should buy a pair of sunglasses for him.

Things to consider when buying sunglasses for your baby:

  • the quality of the glass,
  • It has UV protective properties,
  • Produced from unbreakable material,
  • To be certified.

3. UV protected dress swimwear

Swimsuits are good, but you can ensure that your baby is minimally affected by the sun while swimming or on the beach, with UV protected swimsuits.

These products dry quickly, provide extra sun protection and facilitate your child’s swimming training. As an example, we offer you 2 products.

4. Slipstop (Non-slip slipper)

Slipstops are one of the most useful products in summer. “Stop slipping in the pool, burning in the sand!” This product, which came out with the slogan, grips the floor and prevents your baby from falling and getting injured in wet or slippery environments and from burning his feet in hot areas such as the beach.

You can use it on vacation, in the park, in the garden, in gyms and activity areas.

5. Fly repellent spray

In order not to feed your sweet baby to mosquitoes, these sprays are one of the sine qua non of the baby’s holiday essentials list. It is important to be sensitive in the choice of spray. You should choose from chemical-free, non-drying and harmless fly repellent sprays.

6. Mosquito Net

Another way to protect your butterfly from flies is a mosquito net. “When I go on vacation with the baby, my hands will be full, I can’t deal with the mosquito net!” do not say. These mosquito nets have models that can be mounted on the bed in the form of a tent, can be hung from the ceiling in the form of a thin tulle, and there are portable mosquito net-bed models that can fit children up to 2 years old.

7. Additional foods

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by taking various foods of the brands you use for emergencies. It may be good to take precautions not to change your choice of complementary foods and not to have problems with baby feeding during the holiday.

Although it may seem strange during the preparation process, you should definitely reserve a place for additional foods in your holiday needs list with your baby in order not to experience stressful moments due to additional foods that you cannot find in holiday destinations.

8. Swimming aids

You can find products such as baby armbands, neck rings, inflatable vests wherever you go. However, it may be difficult to find the product you want according to your baby’s age, weight and mobility. We say that you can be sure of both the quality and usefulness of the material, buy one beforehand and put it in your suitcase. The canopy baby ring is one of the most ideal options for the little ones.

9. Summer toys

Do not forget to add the toys that your child will play in the sand and by the pool to your list. In addition to these, taking your baby’s favorite toy and, if any, sleeping companion with you will prevent him/her from being restless in a foreign place.

10. Routine health supplies

You should definitely take with you health products such as thermometer, diaper rash cream, antipyretic syrup or moisturizing cream that can be used easily with the doctor’s recommendation. Instead of panicking for your baby who gets sick in the middle of the night, it may be easier to have the items that will allow you to take the first precautions.

Therefore, you can create a list of needs for a holiday with a separate health-related baby and minimize the risk of any problems during the holiday.

11. Cooler bag

It will be useful to buy a cooler bag so that the meals you prepare for your child and the drinks you take with you when you go to the beach or go on a car journey will not spoil.

12. Swimsuit diaper

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems experienced on vacation is the experiences of babies who are not toilet trained . Special diapers, which are specially produced to eliminate these problems, and which make people on holiday together or use the same pool feel comfortable, have an important place among the things to buy when going on holiday with the baby.

While these diapers provide both hygiene and comfort, they also allow your baby to move freely.

You may not find it where you go. So add it to your to-do list when you go on vacation with the baby.

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