14 Weeks Pregnancy

You’ve finally entered your 2nd trimester. At 14 weeks pregnant , most women experience their golden age, as the annoying symptoms experienced in the first 3 months of pregnancy are now reduced. Here’s what you’re wondering about this week!

14 Weeks Baby Development

Despite differences in growth rates, all babies in the womb go through the same developmental stages.

Your Baby’s HeightYour Baby’s Weight
9 – 10 cm57 gr.

This week, the baby, which is the size of a clenched fist, will take a flatter position with an elongated neck and upright head.

Since the thyroid glands have started to work, they will also start to produce hormones. Moreover, by the end of this week, his palate will be fully formed.

We said that baby movements start from the 7th week in the womb, but you don’t feel it. This week, you may feel little wiggles now!

Is Gender Determined at 14 Weeks of Pregnancy?

One of the topics you are most curious about is gender prediction, isn’t it? If you haven’t learned by now, this information will become clear with the activity in the reproductive system this week. Because if the baby is a boy, the prostate gland will be formed this week, and if it is a girl, the ovaries will be formed. As a result, this week, gender can be understood more clearly by looking at the developed reproductive organs with ultrasound images.

14 Week Baby Images

14 Weeks Baby Ultrasound Image

The fourteenth week pregnancy ultrasound image may look similar to this, but don’t worry if it’s different. Each baby’s posture, position and development may be different.

Changes in the Mother at Week 14

Let’s give this information first. How many months is 14 weeks pregnant? If you’re wondering, this week coincides with the beginning of the 4th month. In other words, your tummy will begin to show, and you will start to gain weight.

Here are the signs waiting for you this week:

  • Good news! The annoying symptoms experienced in the first 3 months of pregnancy now gradually subside.
  • Nausea hovering over you like a dark cloud signals to let go.
  • The energy level is now expected to begin to rise.
  • Toilet visits begin to thin out.
  • Although your breasts are still very large, their sensitivity may now decrease.
  • Because your uterus has grown too large to fit inside your pelvis, you may experience leg cramps at night due to the pressure it puts on your leg veins .
  • You may also experience occasional groin pain . This may be due to stretching of the muscle and connective tissues around the enlarged uterus.
  • Another problem you may experience is hemorrhoids , which occurs with the enlargement of the uterus .
  • You may have felt that you are breathing faster now than before you were pregnant. You may even experience shortness of breath . Two-thirds of pregnant women experience this condition, usually from the 13th week.
  • As of this week, you can witness the change and growth in your moles. Darkening in color can also be observed. 

14 Weeks Pregnancy Image

What Should You Pay Attention To This Week?


During pregnancy;

  • x-rays,
  • Computed tomography scan,
  • MRI is an examination tool that is worried about harming the baby.

The safe amount of radiation for a developing baby is unknown. The dangers for the baby are developmental disorders and an increased risk of cancer later in life.

Some doctors believe that the safest way is to avoid X-ray exposure during pregnancy. Studies show that the fetus is at greatest risk, especially between the 8th and 15th weeks of pregnancy. It would be best to get your doctor’s current opinion on this issue and act accordingly.

Dental Care

You should go to the dentist at least once during pregnancy. If there is a situation that requires treatment of the teeth, and especially if there is an infection, you should inform your own doctor about this process. Because an untreated infection can harm you and your baby.


  • low calorie,
  • Rich in nutritional value,
  • Low fat,
  • If you have trouble eating sugar-free foods regularly, you can get help from a nutritionist.

Pregnancy is not a suitable period for dieting. It is a period in which it is important to regularly meet the required calorie intake from valuable food sources as much as possible.

Because gaining excess and uncontrolled weight also causes some problems during pregnancy. Being overweight can cause more problems, such as pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure. Besides;

  • Backache,
  • varicose legs,
  • cracks in the skin,
  • Fatigue also increases with uncontrolled weight gain.

Suggests if you are a mother

Experts mention the importance of going to birth preparation training in terms of living your pregnancy, birth and even the first days of your baby more consciously. 

In this period when you may experience nausea, groin pain and maybe even shortness of breath, it will be very good for both you and your baby to spend time on things that will be good for your body. 

If you want to have photos that you can follow the changes in your body, the growth of your belly, week by week, it’s time to choose your photographer in this process! You can check our Pregnant and Birth Photographer page for information .

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