17 Weeks Pregnancy

We have written for you at 17 weeks of pregnancy, baby development in the womb, changes in the mother, things to consider and much more! Start reading now!

How is 17 Weeks Baby Development?

“How many grams is a 17-week-old baby?”, “What is the 17-week pregnancy baby weight?” Are you curious about the answers to questions like these? The information of the 17-week-old baby in the womb is in the table below!

17 weeks baby development
17 weeks old baby size11-13cm
17 weeks baby weight100-150 gr
  • During this week it will be about the size of one hand fully extended.
  • This week and in the coming weeks, fat starts to form in your body. Fat tissue is important for your body’s heat production and metabolism. By the end of pregnancy, the fat in the baby is about 2.4 kilos at an average of 3.5 kilos.
  • This week, the baby continues to prepare for the big day that he will be born. The most important skills he is currently working on are sucking and swallowing! In other words, it is preparing for the first sips from the breast or bottle.
  • At the 17th week of pregnancy, the heartbeat is now regulated by the brain. So now random hits are over. It makes 140-150 beats per minute.

17 Weeks Baby Images

How Many Months Is 17 Weeks Pregnancy?

How many months is 17 weeks pregnant? Let’s answer the question. 17 weeks of pregnancy corresponds to the 4th month. Considering that we divide the pregnancy into 3 trimesters of 13 weeks, the first 13 weeks (ie the first 3 months), the 1st trimester is over, and the 2nd trimester begins with the 4th month. The 17th week is the last week of the 4th month.

17 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Image

Let’s make a little warning. It may not be the same as the 17-week ultrasound image you took here. However, this is not a problem; The movements and posture of each baby in the womb may not be the same.

Baby Movements at 17 Weeks Pregnancy

You may feel your baby move this week or very soon. But 17-week-old baby movements are not what you can feel every day, so don’t panic when you don’t feel any activity. As the pregnancy progresses, your baby will already notice himself strongly and frequently.

If you’re saying, “I’m 17 weeks pregnant, I can’t feel my baby’s movements!” calm down. Few expectant mothers, especially those expecting their first baby, feel the first kick at 4 months. Although the embryo starts to make movements on its own from the 7th week, these movements cannot be felt by the mother since her arms and legs are tiny.

The first feeling of life inside comes between week 14 and week 26, but usually around week 18 to 22. Of course, deviations from this mean can also be seen.

What Are the Changes in the Mother at 17 Weeks of Pregnancy?

  • At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the womb is now evident. It will be more obvious that you are pregnant and there is a significant swelling in your lower abdomen. The size of the uterus, which is below the navel, is about 5 cm.
  • The best way to notice the changes in your stomach with each passing day is to hug each other with your partner. Hug and see how the distance grows every day. You can even make yourself a little souvenir album. Have a photo taken each week in the same place, hugging each other in the same clothes, and have the last photo taken the week after the birth. This time, let your little baby be in your lap, not in your tummy.
  • With the 17th week of pregnancy, you better start wearing looser clothes to feel more comfortable in your daily life. You should stay away from tight, uncomfortable clothes that put pressure on your stomach or groin.
  • Apart from the abdominal region, the rest of the body is also changing day by day. It is normal to gain a total of 2.25 to 4 kilograms until the 17th week of pregnancy.

17 Weeks Pregnancy Image

Is Gender Determined at 17 Weeks of Pregnancy?

17 weeks of pregnancy is one of the weeks that allows for gender determination. Because the reproductive organs have developed enough to give an opportunity to understand this. However, there are some factors that affect the ultrasonography findings for gender determination.

  • The gestational week at which the ultrasound was performed,
  • Position of the fetus in the womb
  • The quality of the ultrasonography device,
  • When factors such as the experience of the physician come into play, it becomes a little difficult to say exactly which week will be evident. But at 17 weeks baby gender is likely to be determined.

Changes in the Uterus at 17 Weeks of Pregnancy: It’s Getting Bigger!

  • As pregnancy progresses, the apex of the uterus becomes almost a spherical shape.
  • Its length increases more rapidly than its width. That’s why the uterus is oval, not round.
  • The uterus now fills the pelvis and begins to grow towards the abdomen.
  • The intestines are also pushed up and to the sides.
  • The uterus eventually extends to the liver. It does not move, but it is not tied to a point.
  • When you are standing, your uterus touches the anterior abdominal wall.
  • You can easily feel your uterus most easily in this position.
  • When extended, it can be pulled back towards the spine and blood vessels.

Round Ligament Pain: What’s That?

The round ligaments are on both sides of the upper part of the uterus and adjacent to the lateral pelvic wall. During pregnancy, these ligaments are stretched and pulled as the baby grows with the uterus. It becomes longer and thinner. Your movements can stretch these ligaments. But don’t be afraid, it’s not a problem, it’s a sign that your uterus is getting bigger. All these changes can be the cause of uterine pain and uterine contraction at 17 weeks of pregnancy.

The pain can be on both sides or only on one side. It is not harmful for you or your baby. You may feel better by lying down and resting when you have pain. If the pain is severe and accompanied by other symptoms, you should definitely talk to your doctor. Warning signs for serious problems;

  • vaginal bleeding,
  • Loss of fluid from the vagina,
  • It is severe pain.

Increased Vaginal Discharge: Infection or Not?

It is normal to have an increase in vaginal discharge and secretions during pregnancy. This discharge is usually white or light yellow and quite dark. It usually does not indicate infection.

  • If there is a heavy discharge, you should use pads and change them frequently.
  • You should avoid wearing pantyhose and nylon underwear.
  • You should choose cotton underwear that provides air circulation.

Vaginal infections can also occur during pregnancy. The discharge is followed by these foul-smelling infections.

  • Its color is yellow and green.
  • It causes inflammation or itching.
  • It can cause groin and vaginal pain.

If your vaginal complaints come to this point, you should definitely get support from your doctor.

Most doctors agree that you shouldn’t wash the inside of your vagina while you’re pregnant (or even when you’re not). Spray showers are definitely inconvenient as they disrupt the ph value inside the vagina.

A Little Suggestion for Leg Cramps During Pregnancy!

  • If you have cramps in your legs, you should not stand for a long time.
  • You should try to sleep on your side as often as possible.
  • Stretching exercises can also help with this.
  • At the same time, you can apply a warm compress to the cramped areas for no longer than 15 minutes.
  • You can add potassium-rich foods like raisins and bananas to your diet to be helpful before leg cramps start.
  • Potassium prevents cramps in the body.
  • You should also make sure you drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

Nutrition at 17 Weeks Pregnancy: To Eat or Not to Eat Meat!

Some women prefer a vegetarian diet, while others are sick of meat during pregnancy. But animal protein is very important during pregnancy. Of course, vegetarianism is a choice while pregnant, but you need to be very careful with the type and combinations of foods you eat.

  • If you stop consuming meat, you need to take in enough calories to meet your energy needs. These need to be quality calories, too. Such as fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes.
  • Empty-calorie foods with little or no nutritional value should be avoided.

During pregnancy, the goal is to be fed with different types of protein sources so that you can get enough energy for your baby and yourself. It is also important to get the vitamins and minerals you need.

  • A wide variety of whole grains,
  • Legumes,
  • Peas,
  • chia seeds,
  • mung beans,
  • Chickpeas,
  • Lentil,
  • dried kidney beans,
  • If you eat wheat germ, it can meet the body’s iron, zinc and other mineral needs. You should take supplements from other sources to meet your calcium, B group and D vitamins.

As a result, if you cannot consume meat, you should organize your diet by making the right planning with your doctor and a nutritionist.

Triple Screening Test or Quadruple Screening Test?

The quadruple screening test roughly helps her determine if she is carrying a baby with Down syndrome. It also helps detect and prevent other problems such as neural tube defects.

As we mentioned in our 15-week pregnancy article, the quadruple screening test is the most important test to be done in the second trimester. The ideal time to do it is between the 15th and 18th weeks of pregnancy, but it can be done up to the 22nd week. So if you haven’t had it yet, you can have it done at the 17th week of pregnancy.

Pregnant Photos!

Would you like to have photos taken of these periods when the change in your body started to become visible? If you say you want, you are a process where you need to start meeting with photographers to get information and consult ideas. 

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