18 Weeks Pregnancy

Welcome to 18 weeks of pregnancy! Week 18 is included in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, which is divided into 3 periods of 13 weeks. Come on, what will you experience in the 18th week of pregnancy? Here is all about 18 weeks of pregnancy development !

18 Weeks Baby Development

How many grams will an 18-week-old baby weigh first and “18 week old baby several centimeters ‘ll answer questions in such statements.

18 weeks baby development
18 weeks baby size12.5-14cm
18 weeks baby weight150-170 g
  • Your 16-week-old baby’s twists, kicks, and punches are starting to get so intense that even you can feel it.
  • Yawning and hiccuping were also added to his skills, which he is currently specializing in.
  • It’s hard to believe, but the fingers and toes are complete with fingerprints.

In the 18th week of pregnancy, some abnormalities in the heart can be detected by ultrasound. A doctor with experience in ultrasound looks for specific heart defects. If an abnormality is suspected, more ultrasound exams are done to monitor the baby’s development as the pregnancy progresses.

18 Weeks Baby Image

How Many Months Is 18 Weeks Pregnancy?

  1. You have entered the 5th month of your pregnancy. You are still in the 2nd trimester!

18 Week Baby Movements

The baby, once intangible, is quickly becoming a tangible entity. We know that you are wondering whether baby movements can be felt or not at 18 weeks of pregnancy. You will most likely really feel your baby’s movements for the first time this month or early next month.

Because the first feeling of life inside comes between the 14th and 26th weeks, but most often in the middle of the 18th to 22nd week. This miraculous feeling and the growing belly of pregnancy will finally make you feel real.

18 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Image

Your 18-week baby ultrasound images may not be the same as here. But don’t panic right away. Each baby’s movements and posture in the womb may be different.

Changes in the Mother at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • Your uterus is now as big as a melon! You can feel it just below your belly button.
  • How much weight should I gain at 18 weeks pregnant? The subject is one of the most frequently asked questions. By this point, you should have gained a total of 4.5 to 5.8 pounds. But this is variable. Some women can gain a lot of weight in the first period, while others start to gain weight in the second trimester.
  • If you have gained more weight than this range, you can get support from a nutritionist by talking to your doctor. You are only halfway through your pregnancy and will gain more weight from now on. That’s why you have to be in control of your weight.
  • At the beginning of pregnancy, you should not exceed your ideal weight gain capacity calculated according to your body mass index. Excess weight can create complications during pregnancy and can be a nuisance for the postpartum period.

18 Weeks Pregnancy Image

Is Gender Determined at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy?

The closer you get to the 20th week of pregnancy, the more likely the gender will be determined. But there are some factors other than the week of pregnancy in determining gender. The model of the ultrasound device, the experience of the physician and most importantly the position of the fetus. The fetus can sometimes be in positions that will not show the reproductive organs on ultrasound. In such cases, the gender may not be clearly understood until the 20th week or even later.

Symptoms at 18 Weeks Pregnancy

As we always say, remember that every pregnancy and every woman is different. There are some symptoms during pregnancy, but every woman feels them at different levels and at different frequencies. Here are the symptoms you can feel in the 5th month, including the 18th week:

Back and Low Back Pain at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

When you’re pregnant, the normally stable joints in the pelvis relax during delivery to allow the baby to pass comfortably. When your overgrown belly is added to this, your body is out of balance. To balance this out, you start to roll your shoulders back and bend your neck. You also tend to bring your belly forward while standing. The result: a well-bent back, strained back muscles and even pain!

Solution proposals:

  • Sit straight, keep your posture as straight as possible.
  • Do not sit too long or stand for too long.
  • Avoid lifting heavy loads.
  • Do not exceed the target weight.
  • Choose the right shoes.
  • Get support from your maternity pillow.
  • Don’t reach too high.
  • Use hot/cold compresses for sore back muscles.
  • Relax, unwind and don’t let yourself get tense with stress.

Abdominal and Groin Pain at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy:

The pain you feel in your lower abdomen and groin is caused by the stretching of the muscles and tissues that support the growing uterus. It can be sharp and sudden like cramping or more like pain. It may be felt more when getting up from a bed or chair, or when coughing. It may take a short time, or it may take a few hours. It is completely normal.

It is harmless unless there are other symptoms such as feverish chills, bleeding, dizziness. It will be beneficial to stretch your feet and rest comfortably. But still, for your peace of mind, you should tell your doctor about this and similar pains.

Frequent Urination at 18 Weeks Pregnancy:

One of the most common problems of pregnancy is frequent urination. Urinary tract infections can make you go to the toilet more often. Urinary tract infection is the most common problem during pregnancy involving the bladder and kidneys. As the uterus grows, it blocks the flow of urine. The most prominent features of bladder infection are; Urgent urination, frequent and painful urination, especially after urination pain and tingling, even bleeding in the case of a serious infection.

Delaying and holding the need for urine in such signals. Urinate as soon as you feel the need. Drink lots of water. When you feel such a danger, definitely inform your doctor and have the necessary controls done. Left untreated can lead to complications in the baby.

Foot Swelling and Growth at 18 Weeks Pregnancy:

Your belly won’t be the only part of your body that grows while you’re pregnant. In the process, you will see that your feet also grow and swell. So if you stay away from expensive shoes during pregnancy, it can be good for the family budget.

While some of the growth and swelling can be attributed to edema and weight gain during pregnancy, there is another reason. When the hormone, which softens and relaxes the joints in the pelvis area, relaxes not only the pelvis but also the muscles and ligaments in the feet, the bones open slightly, causing foot enlargement.

For this, you should consider the comfort of your feet more than anything else. For a while, you should be chasing comfort, not elegance. They’re keeping you up! Let them rest, stretch, massage, exercise, buy one-size-fits-all shoes and make them happy!

What Should You Pay Attention To At 18 Weeks Pregnancy?

As the uterus grows and the abdomen expands, the sense of balance may be affected. You may feel cumbersome. That’s why exercise and activity will be good for both you and your baby. But this period, you should avoid sports that are touched, such as basketball, where you can easily fall and injure yourself or get a blow to your stomach.

Swimming and walking are the most suitable exercises for pregnancy. If you already know how to ride a bicycle and you can use it in safe places with someone accompanying you, without pushing your own limits. But our recommendation is that you should definitely include pregnant pilates or pregnant yoga in your life. Still, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor.

Suggests If You’re a Mom!

Not just new happiness; Think about it, do you take the time to do what you can do for yourself in this period when you have new worries! This is important not only for you, but also for your baby in your womb, remember! Your happiness, his happiness! The exercises you will do during this period, a massage to be applied, a yoga session to relax yourself.

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