2 Years Games: Creative, Educational, Fun!

Playing games is an important development tool for every child. Games and toys are of great importance for the physical and mental development of children who need to spend their energy.

For this reason, we have included fun and educational 2 year old games in our article. These activities, which are suitable for 2-3 year olds, include educational games, intelligence games and home games. What games can a 2-year-old play, let’s see together.

Provides reflex development in children aged 2 years: Haciyatmaz game

As 2-year-old activities, our first recommendation is haciyatmaz, one of the 2-year-old games that contributes to the development of reflexes and attention in children. You can evaluate this very simple game among home games.

  • In the game, a long stick is placed in the middle and one of the players holds the stick so that it stays in the air.
  • Players line up in a circle around the stick. Everyone is given a number.
  • The player in the middle puts down the stick by saying a trick, and the player whose number is called tries to catch the stick before it falls to the ground.

The first stop of the games that can be played at home: House Game

The house game is a source of peace for both 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds. One of the most popular games to play at home. Taking on various characters in house games and acting as required by that character helps the child to relax spiritually while providing the development of intelligence. It is also one of the educational games for 2 years old.

Supporting the development of visual and auditory intelligence: Animal recognition game

Children’s ability to learn by imitation is at an advanced level, and we have a suggestion that will enable their child to use this ability in educational games for 2 years old.

  • Gather all of the toy animals in a bag, and then ask your child to draw a toy from the bag.
  • Repeat together the name of the animal he took from the bag and what sound it made. If you make these sounds by imitating animals, you will both have fun and try to imitate you. You’ll see when you try it. In this way, he will have the opportunity to get to know animals and their sounds.
  • In the same way, record the sounds of animals on your phone and let your child listen to these sounds on your phone and find out which animal is which.

Thanks to this game, which is very entertaining and effective among the educational games for 2-3 years old, both the visual and auditory intelligence of the child will develop and the ability to learn by imitation will be activated. You can also introduce more animals to your child with this 2-year-old activity suggestion.

Group objects by color: Latch game

It’s time for another game that supports the development of visual intelligence among the games for 2 year olds. What to do in this game is very simple.

  • First, sort the pegs into groups by color.
  • Take one peg from each group and give it to your child. Ask him to put the clothespins in the color group to which they belong. In this way, he will be able to learn the color distinction between objects and group himself.
  • As you give your child the pegs, repeat the names of the colors as well, this way you will make it easier for your little one to learn the colors.

You can enrich this game yourself by using different items. By making such educational games fun, you will have a pleasant time with your child and support the development of intelligence. As you can see, 2-year-old activities can also be arranged at home.

Supporting attention development: Jumping game with music

We have a recommendation that you can evaluate among the 2-year-olds active games to be played with the family. Remember, it is very important to have fun with your child and to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Preschool games are also very useful in this sense.

In this game, which is one of the activities for 2-year-olds, the players jump while the music is playing, and when the music stops, they sit on the ground and sit cross-legged. The last person standing while cross-legged is out of the game.

The important thing in this game, which is quite simple and enjoyable, is to play by keeping up with the speed of the child. Thanks to such educational games for children, you can support their attention and intelligence development.

Learning simple concepts: Toy storage

You can help your child learn some concepts thanks to 2-3 year old intelligence games. Now we will continue with such an example from children’s games.

  • Hide your child’s toys. Start searching for hidden toys together.
  • In the meantime, you can make the game more fun by giving directions. For example; “Oh, there is no toy under the table.”, “Oh look where is the toy? It was in the box.” You can teach him concepts such as bottom-upper, right-left, yes-no by making sentences like.

Support your child’s development with 2-year-old Montessori activities

2-year-old Montessori activities; It supports children’s hand-eye coordination, concentration and attention development, fine gross motor skills and self-confidence development. The child who gains self-made skills with this type of work progresses more quickly and transitions to Montessori studies more easily at the age of 3-6.

Now let’s give a few examples of 2-year-old activities in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. These preschool fun games are very useful and enjoyable.

Kids who grow up confident with 2 year old puzzle games

2 year old puzzle games support the cognitive and motor development of children. It also improves children’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving ability. You can start with the handles placed on the picture in infancy and gradually increase the difficulty level as you get older.

The important thing here is to follow your child’s interest and skill and not choose more difficult puzzles than you can do. When he finishes the puzzle he started, his self-confidence improves and he enjoys it more.

Develop dexterity with coloring games

Your child can paint empty cardboard boxes and use them for different games. In this way, he develops his own dexterity with coloring games.

Montessori activity that provides hand-eye coordination and attention development

By painting the toilet paper rolls in different colors, threads can be passed through it. This improves hand-eye coordination and attention.

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