21 Weeks Pregnancy

21 weeks of pregnancy has begun! We know that you are wondering what the changes in mother and baby are at 21 weeks of pregnancy . So come on, we told you all about 21 weeks baby and pregnancy!

21 Weeks Baby Development

How Many Months Is 21 Weeks Pregnancy?

Twenty-first week coincides with the 5th month of pregnancy. In fact, a period of 9 months and 10 days corresponds to 40 weeks or 280 days. The reason for the confusion in pregnancy calculations is that some months are not 4 weeks but 4.5–5 weeks.

21 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

This first week of your little baby’s second half of pregnancy, it’s almost the size of a big banana! How many grams would a 21 week old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it is in the table below.

21 weeks baby development
21 weeks baby weight300 g
21 week old baby size18cm

This week, your baby will taste whatever you eat and will get used to and love these flavors. This is because the amniotic fluid is different every day depending on what he eats (cayenne pepper one day, a banana the next) and now he swallows this fluid every day (to meet his fluid needs, to feed, to practice swallowing and digesting).

In addition, the arms and legs have finally found their correct proportions, the neurons between the brain and the muscles have been connected, and the cartilage tissues have begun to turn into bone throughout the body. This means that when the baby moves, their movements will be much more coordinated and there will be no sudden twitches or contractions.

21 Weeks Baby Image

21 Weeks Baby Movements

One of the most curious ones is how to feel baby movements at 21 weeks of pregnancy? the question is.

From the 21st week of pregnancy, you can now feel your baby’s movements. These first movements are a source of relaxation and fun for most women. You can feel it kicking and punching, wiggling, hiccuping, somersaulting from 20-21 weeks.

But at this stage of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel the baby’s movements one day and not the next. You don’t need to worry about that. Fetal movements become more stable from the 28th week. At that time, it would be wise to follow the movements on a daily basis and watch the situation.

21 Week Ultrasound Images

Your 21-week-old baby ultrasound image may differ from the one here. But don’t worry, every baby’s posture and movements in the womb are different.

Changes in the Mother at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Now, in the doctor’s examination, your uterus measures almost 21 cm. In addition to the growing uterus, other parts of the body continue to grow and change.

Swelling is seen in the legs, feet and ankles, especially at the end of the day. If you stand a lot, you may find that your feet swell less if you rest during the day with your feet stretched out. Drinking plenty of water will also reduce swelling due to edema.

21 Weeks Pregnancy Image

How Much Weight Can You Gain at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Your waist measurement will likely change this week. If you’re still planning to hide your pregnancy from the evil eye, it’s too late for that now. The 21-week gestational weight should have increased between 4.5 and 6.3 kg during this period.

Later in pregnancy, changes in blood flow, pressure from the uterus, and increased weight can worsen varicose veins. Or, although it may show itself little by little at first, as the pregnancy progresses, it may become more pronounced and more painful as the body gets heavier. To prevent this, it would be wise to gain a balanced and controlled weight. A sudden weight gain brings with it many problems.

Nutrition at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

How should I eat at 21 weeks pregnant? you might think. Some women crave during pregnancy, some are disgusted, and some have no food-related reactions. Craving can affect some critical aspects of nutrition.

If the food you crave is a food with nutritional value, you can consume it in moderation. If you crave foods high in fat, sugar, and empty calories, you’re burned out. You can taste a bit of it, but you shouldn’t consume it by indulging yourself. You can turn to snacks like fresh fruit or cheese.

What Do Women Crave Most?

Here is a study of the foods that pregnant women crave the most:

  • 33% specifically chocolate,
  • 20% sweet products,
  • 19% is citrus fruits and their juices!

Symptoms at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Abdominal Pain at 21 Weeks Pregnancy:

What you’re feeling is probably similar to growing pains during pregnancy. The reason for these pains, which are felt more in the lower parts of the abdomen, is the stretching of the muscles and ligaments that support the growing uterus.

These pains occur in different ways in most pregnant women. Sudden, long-lasting, short-term, like cramping, when getting up from the bed, when coughing… These are normal pains that do not cause concern. But if the pain is accompanied by fever, chills, bleeding, dizziness, you should inform your doctor. If you report your complaints regularly at each check-up, you will have more control over what is normal and what is unusual.

Discharge at 21 Weeks Pregnancy:

  • One of the normal complaints is discharge. Vaginal discharge may also continue during this period.
  • The cause of the white watery discharge is the effect of hormones on the glands in the cervix and the skin of the vagina. It is normal during pregnancy and nothing to worry about.
  • If this discharge is yellow or green in color, has a sharp smell, or causes irritation, redness and itching, you should consult a doctor. Because these are the harbingers of vaginal infection. Like all infections, vaginal infections can harm the baby and you.

For detailed information: Everything You Wondered About Flow During Pregnancy!

Shortness of Breath at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

With the effect of the hormone progesterone, lung capacity continues to increase in the 5th month, which includes the 21st week. The lungs take in and exhale 40% more air with each breath than before. So you can breathe a little faster. Many women experience shortness of breath due to these changes. Don’t worry, but still share all the complaints you have with your doctor.

Heartburn at 21 Weeks Pregnancy:

The digestive system, which is under the influence of pregnancy hormones, also gets heavier. For this reason and due to the enlargement of the uterus, the complaints of heartburn and even constipation continue. You should know that you are not alone. Because most pregnant women complain of heartburn, heartburn and constipation.

We explained in detail: How to Cope with Heartburn During Pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infection at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy:

Since the urine flow is slow during pregnancy, there is always a risk of urinary tract infection. You are already urinating more than usual due to pregnancy, but if you have a burning sensation, pain, fever or lower back pain in addition to increased urination, your urinary tract may be infected. It would be healthy to contact your doctor.

Foot Swelling at 21 Weeks Pregnancy:

Unfortunately, your belly isn’t the only thing that swells during pregnancy. There is a possibility that your feet may swell or even enlarge due to sudden weight gain and fluid retention during pregnancy. Good luck if you’re one of the lucky few who’ve never had such a problem or feel slight swelling from time to time!

Consuming plenty of water for foot swelling, walking and exercising, avoiding compelling situations such as sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, and resting your feet by stretching them can relax you a bit.

Suggests If You’re a Mom!

Your Baby’s Arrival Worth Celebrating!

You will have friends who want to buy you gifts before your birth, and perhaps many of them will buy similar things. Instead, we suggest you make a list of essentials and organize a baby shower! Of course, a friend can also arrange this for you.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos today! You might want to have people taking photos of the party attendees or consider getting help from a photographer. For ideas, we suggest you take a look at our Photographer page.

In addition, we recommend that you do not miss to decorate the place where the party will take place, whether at home or outside. 

Do You Need Support During Pregnancy and Birth?

You know that it is up to you to live both pregnancy and birth without wish, consciously and in a way you want, right? You may have heard many pregnancy and birth stories from your environment. Sometimes it is explained how easy these processes are and sometimes how difficult they are.

In fact, the most important factor facilitating this process is getting support. You can learn what will happen during pregnancy, birth and even after, and how you should behave in what situations, by going to a birth preparation course.

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