22 Weeks Pregnancy

It’s not a short time, you’re already in the second half of your pregnancy in weeks. What happens at 22 weeks pregnant? How does a 22-week-old baby develop? You are probably intrigued. Let’s get started then!

Baby Development at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

22 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

Your baby is now so heavy that it’s hand-held! How many grams would a 22 week old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it is in the table below.

22 weeks baby development
22 weeks baby weight350-400 gr
22 weeks baby size19 cm
  • This week, your baby’s body is growing a little more every day and is preparing for the moment when he will go out and meet you.
  • The senses of touch, sight, hearing and taste are developing.
  • If you could take a look at the baby in her womb, you could see her experimenting with her newfound sense of touch by touching her face, sucking her thumb, or touching her other limbs.
  • The reproductive system also continues to evolve. If it is a man, his testicles begin to descend from his abdomen to the scrotum. On the other hand, the uterus and ovaries of the girl settle into place, and her vagina is formed.

How Many Months Is 22 Weeks Pregnancy?

22 weeks of pregnancy coincides with the end of the 5th month. So, you are completing your 5th month with this week. You will be a full 5 months pregnant. You will sail to the sixth month. The fifth month is the 2nd month of the 2nd trimester. After completing this month, you will move on to the last month of your 2nd trimester.

22 Weeks Baby Image

22 Weeks Baby Movements

Baby movements may not be stable at 22 weeks pregnant, but this is very normal. Some days you may feel more intense kicks and wiggles, while other days your baby may be less active.

Fetal movements become more stable from the 28th week. That’s when you can track the movements on a daily basis.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Images

With the 22-week ultrasound images taken by your doctor, it may be different here. This is quite normal since babies do not have posture and movements in the mother’s womb.

Maternal Changes at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

22 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • Even though your tummy is showing well now, it’s not too big yet. It won’t hinder you much, you can lean and sit comfortably. Walking is effortless.
  • Your morning sickness is probably gone and you’re feeling better. In short, being pregnant is very enjoyable now!
  • Until the 5th month of pregnancy, the level of the hormone progesterone is slightly higher than the level of estrogen. This month estrogen catches up to him. In the 21st and 22nd weeks, the levels of both are almost the same.
  • Although the 22nd week of pregnancy is a process where the early symptoms are now left behind, it can cause some unique symptoms, which we have mentioned below.

How Much Weight Can You Gain at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy?

At 22 weeks gestational weight should have increased by around 5 to 6.5 kilos in total from the very beginning.

Nutrition at 22 Weeks Pregnancy: Water, Water, and More Water!

  • You need water and other fluids more than ever while you are pregnant. Because fluids help your body process nutrients, create new cells, maintain blood volume and regulate body temperature. You may feel better if you drink more water while pregnant.
  • 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, so an average of 2 liters of water is a good target. If you consume enough water, some of the problems you experience during pregnancy may decrease. Headaches, uterine cramps and urinary bladder infections are less of a problem when you drink plenty of water.
  • To test whether you’re drinking enough water, you can look at the color of your urine. If it’s light yellow or clear, you’re getting enough fluids, if it’s dark yellow, you’re not drinking enough.

Complaints in the Mother at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Uterine Pain at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

At 22 weeks pregnant, you may experience a feeling of pain . Around the 22nd week of pregnancy, the uterus practices labor and preparation for childbirth. By exercising his muscle mass, he gathers strength for the big task that awaits him. These are occasional painless contractions.

The reason for the feeling of groin pain at 22 weeks of pregnancy is actually these contractions. Because the upper part of the uterus, lower abdomen and groin creates a feeling as if they are being squeezed. These contractions are very different from true labor contractions. It is irregular as well as variable in length and density.

Fatigue and Anemia at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

Anemia is a common complaint during pregnancy. If you have anemia, treatment is important for you and your baby. Because if you are anemic, you will never feel well during pregnancy. You get tired very easily, your head is dizzy and you are always tired.


  • A feeling of tiredness above normal
  • Don’t get tired too quickly,
  • If you are experiencing problems such as the need for constant sleep, you should definitely consult your doctor and have your blood and iron levels checked.

Flu or Diarrhea at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

  • If you have diarrhea or viral infection at 22 weeks pregnant, you can increase your fluid consumption.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water, juice, and other beneficial fluids (like broth to soup).
  • A light diet without solid foods will make you feel better.
  • Bed rest will also speed up the healing process.
  • If the diarrhea lasts longer than 24 hours, you should not just call, but go to the doctor.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Psychology

You may notice improvements in mood swings this week. This may be because hormone production is now increasing at a more even and steady pace. You also get used to what’s going on inside you.

In addition to these, if you feel stressed for many reasons during this period, you should relax and calm down. Stress is not good for anyone; especially not suitable for expectant mothers who are in your situation right now. Here are some tips for reducing stress:

  • Insomnia can make you feel stressed. Get enough and quality sleep!
  • Take time to rest and unwind during the day. Read books and listen to music!
  • Regularly incorporate exercise, walking, or any other exercise you enjoy into your daily life. Most of all, do breathing exercises!
  • Eat regularly! Consume foods rich in vitamin D and E, which reduce the risk of depression and stress.
  • Take advantage of the power of scents, breathe in the scents you love and relax!
  • Share your worries and fears with your loved ones, don’t keep them inside!

How about a Baby Shower Party?

You’re almost into your 6th month of pregnancy. You can make this period, when your pregnancy is relatively easy, even more beautiful with an activity. You can get together with your loved ones and celebrate the arrival of your baby.

If you are thinking of throwing a baby shower party, you should prepare a list of essentials. The purpose of this list is to guide your friends who will come to the celebration with the gifts they will buy you! Don’t say that’s how it works! There is nothing to be ashamed of or think about how to make a list! These people will already buy you a present for your birthday. You’re just making their job easier.

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