25 Weeks Pregnancy

Congratulations on another week! What happens at 25 weeks pregnant? How is the baby development at 25 weeks? We’ve written everything you’re wondering about, let’s start reading.

25 Weeks of Pregnancy and Baby Development

25 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

How many grams does a 25 week old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it is in the table below.

25 weeks baby development
25 weeks baby weight700-750 g
25 weeks baby size22 centimeters
  • In the 25th week of pregnancy, baby development continues rapidly in the womb. This week, capillaries form under the skin and they are filled with blood. Air sacs covered with capillaries also form in the lungs of the baby and he begins to prepare for his first breath.
  • The nostrils, which were closed until now, start to open this week. In this way, he can practice breathing.
  • Now his vocal cords are also working, which causes him to hiccup every now and then. If you’re lucky, you might feel it too.

How Many Months Is 25 Weeks Pregnancy?

The 25th week of pregnancy is included in the 6th month. Don’t be surprised that every month has 4 weeks. You may think that the 25th week is included in the 7th month, but you are only in the 6th month.

25 Weeks Baby Images

25 Weeks Baby Moves

  • You may be wondering what a 25-week-old baby does in the womb. Babies are most active in the womb at 24 and 28 weeks.
  • They have plenty of places in their nests in the uterus. That’s why they dance, tumble, kick, punch, and even do aerobics with ease.
  • The movements of the 25-week-old baby in the womb are irregular. It is even short-lived. For this reason, the movements of the baby may not always be felt every day.
  • All movements of the baby are clear in the 25-week pregnancy ultrasound images. However, fetal movements become more regular and consistent only between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

25 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Images

The 25-week-old baby ultrasound image taken by her doctor doesn’t have to be the same as here. This is quite normal as the position and movements of babies in the mother’s womb are different.

Changes in the Mother at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • By the 25th week of pregnancy, your uterus has grown a little more. When you look from the side, you will clearly see that it has grown.
  • It measures 25 cm from the pubic symphysis (bone extension in the pelvic bone) to the apex of the uterus. At this point, your uterus is the size of a soccer ball.
  • The apex of the uterus is midway between the belly button and the lower part of the breastbone.

What should be the 25 weeks gestational weight?

  • We can say the following about weight gain at 25 weeks of pregnancy . In the 6th month, it is possible to gain about half a kilo a week, and at the end of the month, almost 2 kilos in total.
  • You can take 750 grams for a week and 250 grams for a week. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as the weight gain is relatively stable and not fluctuating, it’s fine.
  • But in the 2nd trimester, it is considered healthy to gain a total of 4-5 kilograms. If you were pregnant with a normal weight, it is ideal to end the pregnancy with a total weight gain of around 11-14.

Nutrition at 25 Weeks Pregnancy

Every week we provide some information and advice on nutrition during pregnancy. You should see these as advice and motivation, and you should consult your doctor about every move that may affect your pregnancy. You should not use supplemental vitamins or minerals without the knowledge and recommendation of your doctor.

Prenatal Supplements: Vitamins and Minerals Matter!

Pregnancy increases the need for vitamins and minerals. It’s best for you to get most of these vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat. But to be realistic, it is a little difficult to include the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals in the nutrition program in the rush of daily life.

Moreover, many vegetables and fruits today do not contain the claimed amount of vitamins and minerals. The chemicalization of agriculture and our lack of organic nutrition have a great impact on this. That’s why doctors give prenatal vitamin supplements.

Some women need extra support during pregnancy:

  • those who are very young,
  • Those who are very underweight or malnourished before becoming pregnant,
  • Those who have had multiple pregnancies before,
  • Smokers and heavy drinkers
  • Those with chronic medical conditions,
  • Those who have problems digesting cow’s milk, wheat and other staple foods.

Based on this, your doctor will recommend supplements based on your specific situation and the needs of your body.

Alternative Food Choices During Pregnancy: Having Difficulty With Your Diet?

You may be bored with the foods you eat, or as pregnancy progresses, it may be harder to add nutritious foods to your schedule. The following tips can give you motivation.

  1. Complex carbohydrates, rich in fiber, are a constant source of energy for the body and help you feel full for longer. Choose whole wheat bread, einkorn flour, whole grain bread, brown bulgur type foods. Stay away from white bread, white rice and pastries.
  2. Green leafy vegetables (for example, spinach, chard, and broccoli) contain different nutrients than orange vegetables (for example, carrots and sweet potatoes). Therefore, try to include both leafy green and orange foods in your diet every day. Arrange your food on a table like this during the day. If yellows, greens, oranges, reds contain all colors, this is a good sign.
  3. Nutrient-rich foods (for example, fruits and vegetables) provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, but are not high-calorie. For example, kiwi contains more vitamins C and E than any other fruit.

Maternal Complaints at 24 Weeks of Pregnancy

Itches During Pregnancy: Skin and Muscles Are Stretching!

  • Itching is a common symptom during pregnancy. There is no bump on the skin, it just itches.
  • As the uterus grows and fills the pelvis, the skin and muscles in the abdomen are stretched. Itching is a natural consequence of this.
  • At such times, try not to irritate your skin or scratch it with your nails.
  • For itching complaints, your doctor may give you some soothing and cooling lotions. But we do not recommend using any lotion without the knowledge of your doctor.

Attention: Don’t be Affected by Stress!

With the 25th week of pregnancy, stress can affect the pregnancy more. Studies show an increasing relationship between stress and pregnancy-related problems (such as high blood pressure, miscarriage or premature birth) in the expectant mother.

If there is significant stress in your life right now, try to take care of yourself. Eat regularly, get enough rest, exercise, pour your heart out and beat stress!

Premature Birth at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

Some of the major advances in medicine have been in the care of premature babies. Although it is hard to believe, a baby born at 25 weeks can hold on to life. No one wants to deliver a baby this early, but with new treatments (ventilators, monitors and medications) the baby really has a chance to survive.

In fact, the baby weighs less than 1 kilo and is extremely small. A baby born this early will most likely spend several months in the hospital. There may be a risk of infection and some other complications.

Have You Started Baby Shower Preparations?

If you are thinking of throwing a baby shower party, you should make a list of essentials and give it to your friends who are coming to the celebration. “What kind of job is that?” do not say. There is nothing to be ashamed of or think about how to make a list! They’re already going to buy you a present for your birthday. You’re just making their job easier. 

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