28 Weeks Pregnancy

Welcome to the third and final trimester! You left behind two thirds of your pregnancy with bitter but sweet days. What happens next at 28 weeks pregnant? How does 28 weeks baby develop? There are answers to questions like Read what awaits you in the last quarter!

28 Weeks Pregnancy and Baby Development

28 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

How much should a 28-week-old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it should be, from the table below.

28 weeks baby development
28 weeks baby weight1100-1300 grams
28 weeks baby size35-40cm
  • Although the baby weight is expected to be between 1100 and 1300 grams at 28 weeks of pregnancy, each baby may not develop differently. These numbers are average, just because your baby is overweight or underweight does not indicate a problem. The important thing is that the doctor sees no problems in the development curve.
  • By this time, the surface of the baby’s developing brain was flat. With the 28th week of pregnancy, characteristic grooves and pits form on the surface of the brain. In addition, the amount of brain tissue increases.
  • This week, it continues to accumulate fat under the skin. In this way, he does not look as skinny as before and he has started to get fat.
  • His eyebrows and eyelashes are forming and he can now blink those tiny eyes. So this week’s trick is to wink! This includes coughing, sucking, hiccuping and breathing.
  • He now sleeps and wakes up regularly. But the sleep pattern is not like a newborn baby. He sleeps for 20-30 minutes each time.

Baby Movements at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

At 28 weeks, baby movements are felt more when sitting or lying down. After this week, it may be wise to check the fetal movements twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

So, how does the 28-week-old baby stay in the womb? It is very common to ask about the baby’s position during these periods. At 28 weeks pregnant , it is impossible to predict the baby’s position by touching the tummy. The baby changes position during pregnancy. In the last trimester, the probability of having a head down is higher than others, but the doctor will give the most accurate information during the ultrasound.

How Many Months Is 28 Weeks Pregnancy?

Let’s start with the critical question that mothers ask every week: How many months is 28 weeks pregnant? You have now entered the 28th week and 7th month of your pregnancy. According to the monthly account, there are only 3 months left.

But doctors calculate pregnancy weekly. If we exclude this week and consider that your baby will arrive at week 40, you have 12 weeks. Of course, only she knows what week her baby will arrive. Unless of course you’re going to have a planned birth. Without further ado, let’s move on to the changes in mother and baby at 28 weeks of pregnancy !

28 Weeks Baby Images

28 Week Ultrasound Image

The 28-week pregnancy ultrasound images you have taken may not coincide with the ones here. This does not mean that there is a problem with your baby. Every baby’s movement and posture in the womb is different.

Changes in the Mother at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

28 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • Your uterus is now well above your navel… Sometimes this growth is felt slowly, and sometimes it may seem like it happens very quickly. Even overnight!
  • Your uterus is about 8 cm above the belly button. Measured from the pubic symphysis, it is approximately 28 cm from the apex of the uterus.

How Much Weight Should a Mother Gain at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy is a curiosity every period, even every week. You may be researching whether I am in the ideal weight range, have I gained too much weight, or have I gained too little weight.

If you started the pregnancy at a normal weight, it is ideal to gain between 11 and 14 kilograms. The 28-week gestational weight is expected to increase by around 500-700 grams. You may have gained between 7.7-10.8 kilos in total so far.

Nutrition at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

At this stage, she wonders what kind of foods you should eat and what foods you should exclude from your diet, how should the nutrition be at 28 weeks of pregnancy? You may be thinking. Your doctor will give you the most accurate information on this subject, along with the daily consumption amounts. Because although it is beneficial, some foods -because they contain vitamins such as A, B, C and E- can also be harmful if consumed more than necessary. Here is a small idea of ​​the healthy foods you should consume and their daily portion intake:

  • Dark green or dark yellow fruits and vegetables (1 serving),
  • Fruits and vegetables with vitamin C (2 servings),
  • Other fruits and vegetables (2 servings),
  • Whole grain breads and breakfast cereals (4 servings),
  • Milk and dairy products (4 servings),
  • Protein sources such as red meat, poultry, eggs, fish (2 servings),
  • Dry beans and peas, seeds and nuts (2 servings).

Complaints in the Mother at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

During this period, as the baby and uterus will get heavier, complaints such as inguinal pain, low back pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, varicose veins and hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), if any, may continue until delivery. Here are some symptoms you may be experiencing:

Groin Pain at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

The uterus expands to the middle of the distance between the belly button and the chest cavity. Over time, it covers the entire area between the pubic bone and the rib cage. The pain you feel in your groin is most likely due to the enlargement and heaviness of your uterus. However, you should definitely tell your doctor about your complaints.

Bleeding at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding at 28 weeks pregnant can be a sign of a problem with the placenta. In placental rupture, the placenta begins to separate from the inner wall of the uterus. In such a situation, the placenta, which normally stays in the upper part of the uterus, blocks the cervix. The main symptom of this problem, called placenta previa, is painless vaginal bleeding that occurs at the beginning of the third trimester.

The blood coming from the placenta previa is crimson. Bleeding may be minor, but is usually severe. It may stop, but after days or weeks it starts again. If you have pain and discomfort accompanying heavy bleeding, you should contact your doctor immediately. This may be a situation that requires urgent intervention.

Heartburn at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

The movement of food inside the digestive tract is still slow. The enlarged uterus continues to press on the intestines. You may continue to suffer from heartburn or constipation as a result.

Nausea at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

By the end of the second trimester, the nausea should have ended. However, the situation may not be the same for every mother-to-be. If you have nausea that continues despite the 28th week of pregnancy, take care to have breakfast early. Drink plenty of water, consume ginger and stay away from stress. Most importantly, observe yourself, it is very important to know your body.

Shortness of Breath at 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

With the activation of the hormone progesterone, your lung capacity continues to expand this month. This change in breathing allows his blood to take in more oxygen than usual and expel carbon dioxide.

As a result, you may breathe faster and have shortness of breath. Doing breathing exercises during pregnancy both reduces many complaints, including shortness of breath, and facilitates birth.

Photos of Her Pregnancy!

Now your belly has grown from good to good. The image of her growing baby is now much more evident than in the past! But it’s not over, he has 3 more months ahead of him. By taking photos of this growth, which will continue gradually until the end of your pregnancy, you can turn the change into an unforgettable and unforgettable memory. Remember, photos of your belly change will actually be photos of how your baby is growing.

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