29 Weeks Pregnancy

First of all, how many months is 29 weeks pregnant ?” Let’s start with the question.

You are currently in the 7th month of your pregnancy , you are 6 months and 23 days pregnant, which coincides with the beginning of the 3rd trimester .

About 3 months (11 weeks) until birth .

What awaits you in the 29th week of pregnancy? How is your baby’s development? Let’s start reading!

Baby Development

Your baby’s first smile. > Your baby may start to smile this week, especially in his sleep.

More hiccups. > Your baby keeps hiccuping. They feel like light, rhythmic beats to you and are not bothersome to the baby.

  1. By entering the next week, your baby’s height reaches 39 cm and its weight reaches approximately 1.5 kilograms.
29 weeks baby development
29 weeks baby weight1250-1350 g
29 weeks baby size37-43cm

29 Weeks Baby Image

  • At 29 weeks of pregnancy, red blood cells continue to develop in your baby’s bones, but still remain flexible. This flexibility will also be seen after birth.
  • Your baby’s lungs continue to develop, with more alveoli than any other week.
  • In the 29-week-old baby image, the baby may be sucking his thumb. This week, the baby may also start to stand upside down. Don’t worry if it’s still level, it will take the upside down position until birth.
  • So, will a 29-week-old baby live? Although the baby born in this week needs some medical needs, he can live without any problems.
  • Let’s answer the question of what is the condition of the 29-week-old baby in the womb. During these weeks, the baby’s head starts to turn upside down.

Baby Movements

What are baby movements like at 29 weeks pregnant? As the baby gains weight, the space in the womb will decrease, so his kicks will probably not be as hard as they used to be.

Ultrasound Images

29th Week Ultrasound Image

He continues the baby’s breathing movements so that his lungs mature. You can see these movements in the 29-week-old baby ultrasound image. Now his bones will appear brighter on ultrasound as they have hardened.

However, do not forget that the ultrasound image of every baby is not the same. Your doctor will give you detailed information about your baby’s condition this week.

Changes in the Mother

29th Week Pregnancy Image
  • You can see the 29 weeks pregnant image above, with your uterus now taking up most of your belly.
  • Let’s see what happens at 29 weeks of pregnancy. As the baby grows, the internal organs will move around, but the muscles in the uterus are strong enough to prevent damage to the internal organs.
  • From the 29th week of pregnancy, your hair may become thicker and fuller. After the baby is born, shedding will begin. It may even noticeably decrease for a few months, but then it will return to normal.

How Should Nutrition Be at 29th Week?

  • You can adjust your diet in the form of less frequent meals. Eating less and consuming more often provides continuous nourishment for growing babies.
  • It’s good to have nutritious snacks handy. You can consume dried fruits such as grapes, plums, apricots, figs and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts as snacks.
  • Especially during this period, you should try to consume more water.

Symptoms and Complaints

  • Proliferation in contractions > 29 weeks gestational pains may increase. Your uterus can continue to prepare for the birth process with false contractions. Do not forget that false contractions follow an irregular pattern, while real contractions follow an increasing order, gradually getting longer and more intense.
  • Increase in urine> 29.haf the most frustrating increased urinary complaints of pregnancy. You may leak urine, especially when you laugh, cough, or sneeze, as your growing uterus continues to pressurize your bladder.
  • Difficulty sleeping > You may find that your face and eyes are swollen when you wake up in the morning due to the increased blood circulation.
  • Lack of sexual desire > As of 29 weeks of pregnancy, libido may begin to drop again and there may be sexual aversion. This is probably caused by your growing belly and pain.
  • Discharge Discharge is a common problem at 29 weeks pregnant. As long as it’s not fragrant, greenish and intense, it’s fine. If your discharge is like this, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Things to pay attention!

  • How much weight should be gained at 29 weeks of pregnancy, let’s give you information about the ideal weight range. The weight you have gained so far should be between 8.55 and 11.25 kg.
  • The most suitable position for the expectant mother, who has completed 29 weeks of pregnancy, may be to lie on the left side and bend the knees and put a pillow between them. You can also put a pillow on your back or under your stomach.
  • Although sexual reluctance is common, this is not the case for some couples. If you do not have a health problem, you can be with your partner. Strive to try only the right positions.

This Week To Do List

  • Take care to consume foods rich in calcium and potassium at 29 weeks of gestation.
  • Exercise to relieve pregnancy pains and to have a comfortable birth.
  • Start contacting birth photographers now to immortalize their excitement in the hospital room and the first moment you have your baby .
  • If you’re working, you can start planning your maternity leave .
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