3 Weeks Pregnancy

Will pregnancy be obvious at 3 weeks? What will you experience in the 3rd week of pregnancy? How is the baby’s development at 3 weeks? We know you have question marks in your mind. We wrote it all for you!

Pregnancy that is on your mind right now, will it be obvious in 3 weeks? Let’s start with the question. You will not notice any change in this 3rd week of pregnancy. Because it’s still too early! Few women are aware that they are pregnant at 3 weeks. Remember, you’re not even one period late. But you can understand this if you are trying to get pregnant on a planned basis and go to the doctor regularly.

What is 3-Week Baby Development?

Even if you do not notice any changes in the 3rd week, the most critical event of pregnancy takes place this week: Fertilization! Fertilization, as you might guess, is the fusion of sperm and egg. So now there is a 1 week embryo inside.

The embryo growing inside is still very small. It even consists of only a group of cells, but these cells are multiplying and growing rapidly. The developing ball of cells is called a zygote. As the cells continue to divide, the zygote passes through the uterus and reaches the uterus.

The embryo is the size of a pinhead. Of course, the cell group does not look like a fetus or baby yet. During this first week the embryo is about 0.150 mm.

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What Are the Changes in the Mother at 3 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Beta hCG value in the 3rd week of pregnancy is between 5 and 50 (mIU/L). This value is the “normal” hCG limits for week 3. Remember that any number in this wide range is normal and don’t compare it to pregnant women around you. Any value within the “normal” limits is normal.

Among the symptoms of the 3rd week of pregnancy ;

  • nausea and vomiting,
  • Sensitivity to odors
  • metallic taste in the mouth,
  • craving or disgust,
  • excessive sleepiness,
  • There are early pregnancy symptoms such as frequent urination, which we also list at week 1 and week 2. But you may not be experiencing any of these symptoms yet. In addition, some women may experience mild cramping or pain during ovulation, or an increase in vaginal discharge, as signs of pregnancy at 3 weeks.

Symptoms at 3 Weeks Pregnancy

Implantation in Pregnancy

While the fertilized egg is implanting in the uterus, 5-10 days later, there may be a very slight bleeding, which can be seen as staining on the laundry. After fertilization, the cells of the embryo continue to multiply rapidly and travel into the uterus. The embryo chooses a suitable place to settle in the uterus prepared for it. It is often located in the uppermost part of the uterus, on the posterior wall. During this implantation, sometimes the capillaries may burst and bleeding called implantation/implantation bleeding/oversight occurs.

Less than 30% of women experience this bleeding called implantation or implantation bleeding. In other words, the reason for the complaint of bleeding in the 3rd week of pregnancy may be the attachment of the baby to the uterus.

Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy is a cause for concern for every woman, but bleeding during pregnancy is not always abnormal. Some researchers show that one out of every 5 women during pregnancy experiences bleeding in the first trimester. When you experience bleeding, you can ask the question, ” Does a 3-week-old baby drop? ” But you should know, not every bleeding woman has a miscarriage.

We mentioned above the issue of bleeding during the implantation period. This condition occurs on the surface of the uterus. You do not yet know that you are pregnant during this period. Because even one menstrual period is not late. Therefore, in such a situation, you can only think that the menstrual period has started.

As the uterus expands, the placenta is formed and vascular connections are formed. Bleeding at 3 weeks of pregnancy can also occur at this time. Strenuous exercise or sexual intercourse can also cause bleeding. But this does not mean that sexual intercourse during pregnancy is harmful. Bleeding can occur for different reasons in different trimesters of pregnancy.

What Should You Pay Attention To During 3 Weeks Pregnancy?

Use of Folic Acid at 3 Weeks Pregnancy

Folic acid, also called folate, folacin or vitamin B9, has a special place in the diet during the first months of pregnancy. Research shows that taking folic acid during pregnancy helps prevent or reduce neural tube defects in the baby.

Some of these defects are spina bifida (a cavity in the spine leaving the spinal cord and nerves exposed), anencephaly (congenital absence of the brain and spinal cord), and encephalocele (protruding of the brain into a cavity in the skull).

Researchers believe that spina bifida will be largely prevented if expectant mothers take 0.4 mg of folic acid daily before and during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, the person who will make the best decision for this will be your doctor who will follow you from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy.

Although your doctor will prescribe medication for folic acid, there is no harm in recognizing foods containing folic acid.

  • Asparagus,
  • Avocado,
  • Banana,
  • black beans,
  • Broccoli,
  • Egg yolk,
  • Citrus,
  • green leafy vegetables,
  • Green beans,
  • Strawberry,
  • Lentil,
  • Peas,
  • Liver,
  • Yogurt is foods rich in folic acid.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is an important part of life for many people. Regular exercise plays a preventive role in the emergence of some medical problems. Cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS), depression, obesity are some of them.

The most suitable exercises for pregnant women;

  • fast walking,
  • Swimming,
  • pregnant pilates,
  • It is pregnancy yoga.

Use of Aspirin

Almost any drug taken during pregnancy can have negative effects on the baby. The reason why there are warnings about the use of aspirin is that aspirin can increase bleeding. It causes changes in platelet values. Platelets are important for blood clotting. Therefore, you should get the most accurate information from your doctor about the use of drugs during pregnancy, including aspirin, and you should not use over-the-counter drugs.

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