30 Weeks Pregnancy

30 weeks of pregnancy is lagging behind. If we do not count this week, there will be almost 10 weeks until you meet your baby. You are 30 weeks pregnant and your baby is 28 weeks pregnant. So, how is the baby development at 30 weeks? What happens in the 30th week of pregnancy, what changes? Here’s what you’re wondering!

30 Weeks Pregnancy and Baby Development

How Many Months Is 30 Weeks Pregnancy?

30 weeks pregnant is 7 months old. You are currently in the middle of the 7th month of your pregnancy. You are 30 weeks pregnant and your baby is 28 weeks pregnant.

30 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

Your baby’s birth color is almost near! However, she needs to gain a lot more weight. How much should a 29 week old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it should be, from the table below.

30 weeks baby development
30 weeks baby weight1400 g
30 weeks baby size43 cm
  • Although we have given an average for baby weight at 30 weeks pregnant, your little one may be above or below these figures. The important thing is that everything is going well at the doctor’s checkups.
  • Your baby’s brain is also developing to keep up with life after birth and lifelong learning. Starting this week, his brain is starting to resemble a real brain with its characteristic indentations and curves. These folds and creases will allow for the expansion needed as you make your way from a helpless newborn to a reactive baby, to a talking child, to a curious kindergarten student.
  • One of the changes seen with the 30th week of pregnancy is that the baby can now adjust the temperature of his body! Because the brain is able to increase its temperature setting (in part thanks to increased fat stores), it will begin to shed the lanugo, the thin, soft fur that has kept it warm until now. This means that when he is born he will no longer be a hairy baby.

30 Weeks Baby Images

30 Weeks Baby Moves

First of all, as of the 28th week, you can check the movements of the fetus twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Surely your doctor will also give you some suggestions in this process. Additionally, you can try:

  • Look at the clock and start counting. Count any action of kicking, turning, fluttering, rubbing. When you count 10 moves, stop and look at the clock. Note the elapsed time. Often times you can feel 10 movements in 10 minutes. It could be a little over or under 10 minutes.
  • If you haven’t counted 10 moves after an hour has passed, have a drink, snack, walk or do some light exercises. Then lie down again, relax and keep counting.
  • A quiet day doesn’t necessarily indicate something is wrong, but on rare occasions it can be an alarm. The closer the date of birth, the more important it is to control fetal movements.

Let’s see, how are the baby movements at 30 weeks? to the subject. You may feel that your baby is hiccuping this week. These movements are breathing exercises in which the baby is prepared for the external environment.

30 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Images

It may not be the same as the 30-week baby ultrasound image you had here. Do not worry about this, as every baby’s movement and posture in the womb is different.

Considerations at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

30 Weeks Pregnancy Image

Bathing While Pregnant!

Many women wonder if bathing in late pregnancy is safe for the baby. Most doctors are of the opinion that taking a bath during pregnancy is safe. It is enough to be careful when entering and exiting the tub, making sure that the water is not too hot.

Correct Posture for Pain!

Keeping the body in a proper position can help relieve pressure on the back and relieve some back pain discomforts. Maintaining a proper body posture may take some effort, but if it relieves their pain, it’s worth it.

You can achieve this best by exercising during pregnancy, especially by doing pregnancy pilates and yoga. You will both relieve pregnancy-related pain and cramps and acquire a correct posture. It’s still not too late for Pilates and yoga.

Can I Drink Herbal Tea During Pregnancy?

Women ask if it is healthy to drink herbal teas while pregnant. They have heard that some herbal teas may be beneficial for pregnant women, but some are not. Herbal teas that you can drink safely, provided that you consult your doctor, are chamomile, dandelion, ginger, nettle, and mint.

You should definitely not consume some herbal teas while pregnant. You should not drink herbal teas such as yarrow, musk, sage, juniper, coltsfoot, mother-of-pearl, elm grass. Apart from these, there are plants that should not be smoked. Do not act on herbal teas without consulting your doctor.

  • Chamomile: Aids in digestion and comfortable sleep.
  • Dandelion: It is good for swelling, softens the stomach.
  • Ginger: It is good for nausea and nasal congestion.
  • Nettle: Rich in iron, calcium and other vitamins.
  • Mint: It is good for gas pains, suppresses the stomach.

Changes in the Mother at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • When measured at 30 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is 10 cm above the belly button. The measure from the pubic symphysis to the apex of the uterus is 30 cm.
  • As your uterus grows under your ribs, you may feel like it just doesn’t fit there. However, the fetus, placenta, and uterus will continue to grow along with the amniotic fluid.

What Should Your 30-Week Pregnancy Weight Be?

The average healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 11 and 14 pounds. But if you’re pregnant very thin, it can go up to 16 kilos. How much weight should I gain at 30 weeks pregnant? Our answer to the question is that you take 500 grams on average.

Almost half of this weight gained during the 30-week pregnancy development period; It is related to the growth of the volume of the uterus, baby and placenta. You may notice this growth most in your abdomen and pelvis. As the pregnancy progresses, the discomfort in your pelvis and abdomen may increase.

How Should Nutrition Be at 30 Weeks of Pregnancy?

  • We said that the 30th week of pregnancy is the period when the baby’s brain development accelerates. So that’s when it’s most important to get enough of those amazing fats called omega-3s. Therefore, you should consume plenty of omega-3s.
  • Foods such as sea salmon, sardines, village eggs, flax seeds, walnuts, country chicken, arugula are in the groups rich in omega-3.

Start Thinking: What Would Your Birthing Room Be Like?

You could say it’s too early. However, it’s not really like that. We know that as time goes on, her pregnancy gets harder. So we invite you to think more or less about the delivery room in advance. Decide in advance how you want your room to be for today, which you will enjoy after giving birth and will remember with a beautiful smile.

Photos Of Her Growing Baby!

As you approach the final stages of your pregnancy, your baby is also visible. Considering that you will want to remember this period, we recommend that you take pictures of your baby in his womb and leave a good memory for the next years.

Will You Need a Babysitter?

If you will need a caregiver after birth, you should start researching gradually. After all, in addition to entrusting your baby to someone you don’t know, it takes a certain amount of time and a long research to know how competent the babysitter is in baby care, to what extent they can meet your wishes and whether you can come to an agreement. Our aim is not to intimidate! We just don’t want you to rush into this difficult decision, that’s all.

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