31 Weeks Pregnancy

You are about to complete your 31 weeks pregnancy adventure. But we know you have had sweet but bitter days, we can’t finish counting what they’ve been through. After all, it burned us inside and out! So what happens at 31 weeks pregnant? How is the 31 week baby development? Without further ado, let’s get started!

31 Weeks of Pregnancy and Baby Development

31 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

How much should a 31 week old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it should be, from the table below.

31 weeks baby development
31 weeks baby weight1500-1600 gr
31 weeks baby size40-45cm
  • At 31 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s weight gradually increases. The baby takes an average of 1300-2300 grams until birth.
  • In the 31st week of pregnancy, the reproductive system continues to develop. If the baby is a boy, the testicles leave their place next to the kidney and move towards the testicles through the groin. If she is a girl, her clitoris becomes more prominent.
  • Although your baby’s lungs are well developed, it is not yet fully mature. Babies born at 31 weeks may need to stay in the incubator for 6 or more weeks. They need a respirator to breathe.
  • As the brain development matures more than a few weeks ago, the risk of bleeding is now less. He has now begun to process incoming information, follow light, and perceive signals from all his five senses.
  • Your baby now falls into longer sleep and REM sleep. You, too, can probably more clearly distinguish between the time your baby is awake and asleep.

How Many Months Is 31 Weeks Pregnancy?

A 31-week pregnant woman is about to complete her 7th month. But whatever happens, remember that it’s not how many months, but how many weeks pregnant you are.

31 Weeks Baby Image

31 Weeks Baby Movements

All expectant mothers recognize their baby’s movement patterns. They notice changes in the frequency and intensity of movements. There may be a decrease in baby movements at 31 weeks of pregnancy . This inactivity may increase in the later stages of pregnancy. Especially after the baby’s head falls into the pelvis, there is not much room to move in the uterus.

In addition, as the pregnancy progresses, babies develop movement and sleep patterns. This is why you may notice periods of increased or decreased activity of 1-3 hours. Decreased fetal movements at 31 weeks of pregnancy may indicate umbilical cord or placenta problems.

If you are worried that your baby’s movements are decreasing, be sure to share this with your doctor. He or she may ask you when you last felt the movement and how many times you felt it in the last few hours. It would be best for you to make these measurements and contact your doctor.

31 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Images

The 31-week-old baby ultrasound image taken by your doctor may be different from the one here. Don’t let this worry you.

So Have You Considered Storing Your Baby’s Cord Blood?

The cord tie and tissue are the greatest treasure of existence for the child and it is so precious that it may be a great loss for the future to not keep it and throw it away. Our baby is our most precious; For that most precious of us, isn’t it worth taking the risk and protecting it as best we can? We think it’s worth it!

Changes in the Mother at 31 Weeks of Pregnancy

31 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • At 31 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus now occupies most of your abdomen.
  • When measured from the pubic symphysis, the length of the uterus to its apex is 31 cm, and its distance from the navel is approximately 11 cm.
  • You should take care to lie on your side while sleeping or resting so that your body does not retain water and you feel better.
  • Wearing rings or watches can cause circulation problems. Sometimes a ring can get too tight on your finger and can’t come off. If swelling occurs, you can stop using jewelry and accessories that will disturb you during this period.

What Should Your 31 Week Pregnancy Weight Be?

In the third trimester, you should pay attention to gaining 5-6 kilos in total. Increasing weight makes pregnancy and childbirth more difficult. Not to mention postpartum weight loss efforts! How much weight should I gain at 31 weeks pregnant? Our answer to the question is 500-600 gr German.

31 Weeks Twin Pregnancy

  • The biggest problems with multiple pregnancies are preterm births. As the number of fetuses increases, the duration of the gestational week and the birth weight of each baby decrease. However, this does not apply to every case.
  • The average pregnancy period for twins is about 37 weeks. For triplets, it is almost 35 weeks. Every week that babies stay in the womb, their birth weight increases with the maturation of organs and systems.
  • In multiple pregnancies, the goal is to continue the pregnancy as long as possible to avoid premature birth. The best way to do this is bed rest. It will not be possible to continue regular activities throughout the entire pregnancy. It may be necessary to follow the doctor’s advice on bed rest.
  • Some researchers believe that drugs used to stop preterm labor are very important in preventing premature birth. These drugs are used to relax the uterus so that preterm labor pains do not start.
  • Follow closely what your doctor says. Every day and every week you can carry babies means they mature further and complete their development.

Nutrition at 31 Weeks Pregnancy

Salmonella bacteria can cause mild or serious stomach upset. There are many sources of this bacterium. It is found in raw eggs and raw poultry. Bacteria are damaged when food is cooked, but additional precautions must be taken. To ensure your safety, keep the following precautions in mind.

  • After preparing poultry or products made with raw eggs, cleaning the counter, utensils, plates and pans with hot water and soap and using disinfectants.
  • Cook poultry thoroughly.
  • Do not eat products made with raw eggs.
  • Not tasting anything that contains a raw egg before it’s cooked.
  • Cook thoroughly when eggs are to be eaten. Boil the eggs for at least 7 minutes.
  • Not to eat eggs that are broken into the pan and cooked on one side.

Complaints in the Mother at 31 Weeks of Pregnancy

Foot Swelling at 31 Weeks Pregnancy

Especially as you get closer to the end of your pregnancy, when you take off your shoes for a while and then you realize that you can’t wear them again. This problem is related to swelling, as you guessed. Since you will have to deal with the swelling problem for a while, it may be better not to choose tight, tight socks, shoes, clothes that limit movement.

If you are wondering why the swelling is caused, we can briefly explain it as follows:

  • During pregnancy, the body produces 50% more blood and body fluids to meet the baby’s needs. Some of these extra fluids seep into body tissues.
  • The blood flow to the lower part of the body is partially blocked as the growing uterus pushes on the pelvic veins. This pushes fluid into the feet and legs, causing swelling.
  • Crossing your legs while sitting also affects circulation, preventing blood flow to the legs. Take care to sit with your legs stretched out as much as possible and not to stay still for long periods of time.

Do You Go To The Doctor Regularly?

Of course, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to go to all your prenatal appointments with your doctor, but we wanted to remind you anyway. It may seem to you that not much is going on with these exams, especially if everything is normal and going well. But the observations at these exams mean a lot to your doctor about your and your baby’s condition.

During these exams, the doctor checks for signs that there may be a problem. E.g; such as a change in blood pressure, a change in weight, or an underdevelopment of the baby. These problems can cause serious problems for both of you if not discovered early.

Babysitter Wanted!

If you’re considering getting help from a caregiver after your baby is born, you can start your research now. First of all, you should determine what kind of demands you have on baby care. It also matters whether you can get along with this person or not! For this reason, meeting and establishing a relationship with the prospective caregiver before the time you need it can help you make a more appropriate choice. Better start thinking now!

How would you like to decorate your delivery room?

You have completed 31 weeks of pregnancy. You have a period of 2 months in front of you, and then you will hold your baby in your arms. We are used to seeing decorated baby rooms. Mothers and their babies, who go to beautiful rooms after birth, welcome visitors in these rooms.

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