34 Weeks Pregnancy

You’re counting the weeks now. What happens at 34 weeks of pregnancy , what ends? How does a 34 week baby develop? We explained in detail. Before you can wait any longer, start reading!

34 Weeks Pregnancy and Baby Development

34 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

Your baby is growing fast these days! How much should a 34-week-old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it should be, from the table below.

34 weeks baby development
34 weeks baby weight2200 g
34 weeks baby size44-50cm
  • At 34 weeks of pregnancy, baby weight increases by 200 grams compared to the previous week.
  • Your baby’s tiny fingernails are most likely on her fingertips now. Soon you will be prepared to cut those nails so that he does not scratch your face or hurt himself.
  • If the baby is a boy, the testicles descend from the abdomen to their original place – the testicular sheath.
  • The vernix layer that protects the baby’s skin begins to thicken at 34 weeks of pregnancy. You can see traces of this layer when you are born.
  • The quince hairs on his skin have almost completely disappeared.
  • Finally, babies born at 34 weeks are most likely to survive, as they have largely completed their development.

How Many Months Is 34 Weeks Pregnancy?

The 34th week of pregnancy is included in the 8th month . This corresponds to the third trimester of pregnancy.

Not all women at the same stage of their pregnancy have the same measurements. The important thing is to gain weight appropriately and the proper enlargement of the uterus. So, how many months is 34 weeks pregnant? According to our calculations, the 34th week of pregnancy is included in the 8th month of pregnancy. Here are some of the symptoms you may experience in the 8th month, 34th week of your pregnancy!

34 Weeks Baby Images

What Are Baby Movements at 34 Weeks Pregnancy?

Your baby can devote more time to rest these days, just before birth. For this reason, there may be a decrease in baby movements at 34 weeks. Don’t let this worry you.

34 Weeks Baby Ultrasound Image

Your ultrasound images may not be the same as here. You know that the postures and positions of babies can be different during pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

34 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • This week, the uterus is approximately 14 cm when measured from the navel to the apex of the uterus, and 34 cm when measured from the pubic symphysis. Dimensions are average measurements.

Considerations at 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

Pain at 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

  • Be sure to ask your doctor what your labor pains are like. Let him explain to you in a way that you can tell the difference between real labor pains and preparatory pains. The real pains are constantly increasing and intensifying. They have a regular rhythm.
  • False labor pains often precede real labor pains. It can be painful. It can feel like real labor pains. But in most cases it is irregular. It is short term. It can cause discomfort to many parts of the body. For example groins, lower abdomen or back. These false pains may also be the reason for the complaint of groin pain at 34 weeks of pregnancy .
  • In true labor pains, intrauterine contractions create a pain that starts at the top of the uterus and spreads to the entire uterus towards the lower part of the pelvis.

Abdominal Pain at 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

Abdominal pain associated with low back pain in the middle and later stages of pregnancy may be a sign of a problem. Whatever the reason;

  • If the pain is severe and persistent,
  • If there is a fever
  • If there are contractions that create a feeling of swelling in the abdomen,
  • If you experience cramps similar to menstrual pain,
  • If you have vaginal bleeding or discharge,
  • If gastrointestinal symptoms are present,
  • If you experience dizziness or lightheadedness, you should call your doctor right away.

Heartburn at 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

The growing uterus and baby in the last stages of pregnancy pushes the stomach upwards and compresses it. This pressure pushes stomach acids upwards, causing burning. But if the baby descends to the pelvis at 34 weeks of pregnancy, some gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn and constipation may improve. Not all women experience the so-called “lightening” condition. The growing baby may continue to put pressure on the rib cage as it moves down the birth canal.

Discharge at 34 Weeks Pregnancy:

Many women have discharge throughout pregnancy. A white discharge, called leukorrhea, is a watery, white, slightly odorous or odorless discharge. The reason is the effect of hormones on the vaginal wall, which expands excessively during pregnancy. The discharge may increase and intensify during pregnancy.

If your flow If it is greenish, yellowish, dark and cheesy, with a strong smell, you may have a vaginal infection. If this condition is accompanied by redness, itching, irritation, the symptoms become stronger. When you get such signals, you should definitely notify your doctor.

Nutrition at 34 Weeks Pregnancy

  • You can try to consume snacks rich in vitamin A. Baked potatoes may not come to mind when you’re looking for a snack, but this is the perfect snack. You get protein, fiber, calcium, iron, B vitamins and vitamin C when you eat potatoes (as long as they’re not fried).
  • Broccoli, carrots, asparagus are foods full of vitamins. You can snack between meals. You can make it more delicious with yogurt.
  • Getting your cholesterol checked while pregnant can be a waste of time and effort. Because of the changes in hormones, the level of cholesterol in the blood rises. You can wait until your baby is born or breastfeeding has stopped.

Breathing Exercises in Birth: The French Press Technique!

With the 34th week of pregnancy, you are one step closer to birth! As the big day approaches, your worries may increase. In this period when you are both excited and nervous, there are methods that will reduce your stress and contribute to an easy birth experience. Breathing exercises! One of these exercises is the French Press!

Immortalize Your Memories with Pregnant Photographers!

Let’s not just talk about the troubles, the baby growing day by day in your womb! It will grow even bigger and you will be the closest witness of this growth. If you want these days to be a memory, you can make the change in your baby’s womb permanent through photographs.

Suggestion for Hospital Room Decoration!

There is little time left until you meet your baby. We don’t know if you have any special plans for your first day with your little one. But one of the plans could be: A fancy delivery room!

Babysitter Wanted!

If you’re considering seeking help from a caregiver after your baby is born, or if your leave is ending shortly after birth, you better start your caregiver research now.

You should determine what you think about your baby’s care and start looking for the person you think can take care of this care. You can take a look at our Babysitter Service page to get an idea about it .

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