36 Weeks Pregnancy

CongratulationsYou have entered the 36th week of pregnancy , the last month of your 9-month pregnancy adventure. You have about 4-5 weeks until the birth. What is 36 weeks baby development like? What awaits you at 36 weeks of pregnancy? If you’re ready, let’s get started!

36 Weeks of Pregnancy and Baby Development

36 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

We know that with each passing week, you wonder about the development and change of your baby. You swam and swam to your tail! You probably get impatient and think you’re ready now. How much should a 36-week-old baby weigh? You can see information such as how tall it should be, from the table below.

36 weeks baby development
36 weeks baby weight2750 g
36 weeks baby size46-51cm
  • At 36 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s weight increases by about 250 grams compared to the previous week.
  • Currently, most of her baby’s systems are well developed for him to live outside.
  • Since it has always been fed from the umbilical cord until now, its digestive system is also ready to work, although it does not need it yet. In the first sip of his milk, his digestive system will be activated.
  • She continues to store fat under her skin this week.
  • If you had the opportunity to see him right now, you would come across a plump, round-faced baby. The fullness of her face is due to the fat she has recently accumulated and her developed sucking muscles.

How Many Months Is 36 Weeks Pregnancy?

The 36th week of pregnancy coincides with the 9th month of pregnancy. So, you are in the 3rd month of your pregnancy. Considering that the pregnancy period is 40-41 weeks, you have about 4-5 weeks until the birth.

36 Weeks Baby Images

36 Weeks Baby Movements

This week “My baby kicked hard before, it’s like she’s moving less than she used to.” You may be worried. But now her baby’s place is tight and she is counting the days to go out as soon as possible. In the past, there was plenty of room in the womb to accommodate any movement. Now the circumstances have changed, the womb is cramped, but it has room to turn and wiggle.

He’ll be even more immobile than that, especially when his head is firmly embedded in the bony roof. Therefore , it is very normal to feel a decrease in baby movements at 36 weeks . Don’t wait for crazy somersaults and kicks like before. But if you feel any abnormality in your movements, do not neglect to consult your doctor.

What is the Position of the 36-Week Baby in the Womb?

Usually between 32 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, you can feel your baby’s head under your belly. The head gradually hardens as calcium is deposited in the fetal skull. So the head gives a different feeling.

By the 36th week of pregnancy, the baby usually assumes a stable position. But if he’s in an inverted position at 37 weeks, there’s also a chance his head will still turn down. This probability decreases as you get closer to the end of your pregnancy.

36 Weeks Baby Ultrasound Image

Your 36-week ultrasound images don’t have to be the same as in this frame. Each baby’s position in the womb may be different. Don’t let this worry you.

Changes in the Mother at 36 Weeks of Pregnancy

36 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • This is the position of the 36-week-old baby in the womb. The head of the baby will come out first, allowing you to have a comfortable birth.
  • The apex of the uterus is 36 cm when measured from the pubic symphysis and more than 14 cm when measured from the navel.
  • Your uterus has grown a lot in the last few weeks as the baby grows inside you. That’s why you may feel like there’s no room left in your stomach. Now your uterus is most likely just below your ribs.
  • By the 36th week of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid surrounds the baby in maximum amount. In the coming weeks, the baby continues to grow. However, some of the amniotic fluid can be absorbed by the body. This reduces the amount of fluid around the baby and narrows the baby’s range of motion. As a result, some women feel that their babies no longer move as much as they used to.
  • 36 weeks of pregnancy pains may increase due to the opening in the uterus. However, this does not mean that the labor pains have begun. During these openings, you may feel pain and pressure like a knife stabbing in your vagina.

What Should Your 35 Week Pregnancy Weight Be?

As a mother who has completed 36 weeks of pregnancy, the ideal weight you should have gained until this week should be between 11.25 and 13.5 kg. These weights are of course average. The “ideal weight to be gained during pregnancy” range calculated according to the body mass index before pregnancy is different for each woman.

Is It Possible To Give Birth At 36 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Babies born at 36 weeks have a high chance of survival. However, births this week are still considered premature.

Nutrition at 36 Weeks Pregnancy

  • You’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, maybe you’re tired of taking care of your diet and taking on two-person responsibilities. Maybe you want to grab a bowl of chips and drink something not very useful with it. But don’t stop eating well!
  • Your baby is getting bigger. That’s why you also suffer from heartburn and indigestion problems. Despite all this, you should continue to watch what you eat. Only you can give your baby the nutrients necessary for good nutrition and development.
  • Continue to take 1 portion of dark green leafy vegetables, 1 portion of vitamin C rich food, 1 portion of vitamin A snack every day.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and rest.

The Most Effective Yoga Series for Childbirth Preparation Exercises!

Apart from nutrition, we think that the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. It will relax you both physically and mentally. Among these exercises, yoga has a special place!

Let the Hospital Bag Preparations Begin!

Packing a hospital bag can be a little scary. Preparing too early will keep the bag staring at you for weeks, being late is risky. It may be good to try to prepare 2-3 weeks before birth.

You have enough time to first make a needs list, shop for what’s missing, and gradually pack your bags. You can start with the items you may need for yourself.

We Said Hospital Bag, What About Your Birth Room!

If it’s time to pack a hospital bag, it’s time to talk about your delivery room. You have to decide what kind of room you want to spend the day in. If you are interested in rooms that are prepared for birth with various decorations such as door decorations and mother’s crown, you are in the right place.

Photos of Your Baby After His Birth!

What’s left of birth here! You will have your baby in your arms very soon. You will see how calm he is, standing on his stomach and sleeping all the time. The state of your baby in these early days is also the ideal day to have his best photos taken.

If you want to turn these special days into frames that you will never forget for the rest of your life, you can get help from photographers who are experienced in photographing newborn babies. Various accessories and different concepts used will provide you with a very good result.

Do You Need a Babysitter for Your Baby?

If you’re considering seeking help from a caregiver after your baby is born, or if you have to return to work shortly after birth, you’d better start your caregiver research now.

First, we suggest that you determine what you think about your baby’s care. This may make it easier for you to find the person you think can take care of this.

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