38 Weeks Pregnancy

It’s almost time for you to leave behind the adventure of 38 weeks of pregnancy. We’re pretty sure she’s had the most different 38 weeks of her life. How is the baby development at 38 weeks now You wonder what happens at 38 weeks of pregnancy, what will happen. We told it all, let’s read it.

38 Weeks of Pregnancy and Baby Development

38 Weeks Baby Weight and Height

Your little one is not that small anymore. If born today, you can see him performing great in life outside the womb. How much should a 38 week baby weigh? You can learn how tall it should be, from the table below.

38 weeks baby development
38 weeks baby weight3100 g
38 weeks baby size47-51cm
  • At 38 weeks of pregnancy, baby weight increases by approximately 200 grams compared to the previous week.
  • The time he will spend in the womb is now decreasing. 2, you didn’t know, it could be in your arms after 4 weeks.
  • All systems are almost ready. There’s a few minor details left to take care of before the big day, so she’s putting the finishing touches on it.
  • With the 38th week of pregnancy, she is getting rid of the vernix and lanugo hairs that protect her skin.
  • When he starts to breathe, he works to prevent the air sacs from sticking together.

38 Weeks Baby Images

How Many Months Is 38 Weeks Pregnancy?

The 38th week of pregnancy coincides with the 9th month of pregnancy. You are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, that is, in the last month. Now you have 2-4 weeks until the birth.

What Are Baby Movements Like at 38 Weeks?

It is normal for the baby to have some decrease in movements in the last weeks or days before birth. In the 38th week of pregnancy, the baby seems to be resting and gathering energy for the day he will be born.

Therefore, will baby movements decrease at 38 weeks of pregnancy? If you’re wondering, you should know that this is perfectly normal. But the number of movements should not decrease too much. So that fine line is important.

A decrease in the frequency of their movements may also mean that something is not right. To check this, you can lie on your left side and count how many times your baby moves. Call your doctor if you’re moving less than 4 times an hour or if you have other concerns about decreased movement.

38 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound Images

The 38-week ultrasound images your doctor took may not be the same as here. This does not mean there is a problem, each baby’s position may be different.

Changes in the Mother at 38 Weeks of Pregnancy

38 Weeks Pregnancy Image

  • This 38-week-old baby’s posture in the womb will ensure a comfortable birth. A very large baby can put pressure on the uterus.
  • 38 weeks gestational weight no longer changes. During this period of pregnancy, many women do not gain much weight anymore, but they feel uncomfortable. This is because the baby is also gaining weight slowly this month. Some women may even lose half a kilo in the last days of pregnancy. By the time you give birth (according to your pre-pregnancy body mass index), you will have gained between 12-17 kilos. The recommended ideal weight gain is between 11-14 kilograms.
  • The distance between the uterus and the pubic symphysis is about 36-38 cm. The size from the navel to the top of the uterus is almost 16-18 cm.
  • With 38 weeks of pregnancy now your breasts are ready to feed your baby. As delivery approaches, colostrum, a yellowish protein liquid, may begin to leak from the nipples.
  • You may still be short of breath because most women experience it as the baby grows, due to the pressure that builds up under the rib cage.
  • The signs on the skin also become more pronounced this month. Varicose veins appear, especially on the legs and ankles. Capillary cracks increase on the face, neck and upper chest.
  • In the 38th week of pregnancy, the connective tissues of the body continue to soften and relax in preparation for birth. This is particularly evident in the pelvis region. You may feel as if your legs are separating from your torso.
  • Back and hip pain may continue because of your growing uterus.
  • You may also have sciatic pain in your thighs, buttocks, and buttocks, with tingling and numbness as a result of the uterus pressing on the sciatic nerves. This pain will decrease as the baby descends to the pelvis.
  • It is very possible that you are tired of being pregnant in the last few weeks. You may be missing a sound sleep because you get up to the toilet frequently at night. Or tired of leaking urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze… Hold on a little longer, these are your last weeks pregnant.

Nutrition at 38 Weeks Pregnancy

  • The 38th week of pregnancy may be a time when you don’t want to eat a lot anymore. But you must continue to eat healthy. Instead of eating a lot at main meals, you can eat small snacks and snacks throughout the day to keep your energy high and avoid heartburn.
  • Snacks such as bananas, raisins and prunes not only meet the need for sweets but also provide iron, potassium and magnesium.
  • Having a snack with cheese, yoghurt and milk, provided that it is not too salty, is good in terms of calcium and protein intake.
  • You can also choose products rich in fiber and protein such as chickpeas, oats, peanuts.
  • You can balance your cravings for overeating by sweetening your fruit salads or milk with cinnamon.
  • You can prepare a pleasant snack by putting fresh tomatoes flavored with fresh basil and olive oil in the oven with a few slices of cheese on bread slices.

Birth Symptoms at 38 Weeks Pregnancy

For those who gave birth at 38 weeks , we can say that this is no longer considered a premature birth. Someone who gives birth at 38 weeks has completed its day and has had a mature pregnancy. She can give birth to her baby with peace of mind.

In up to 15% of births , water comes before labor begins. It may discharge suddenly or be in the form of a leak. Below we have written how to distinguish the 38th week pregnancy pains and the signs that point to the birth:

  • When he moves, the contractions increase instead of decreasing and do not get lighter when he changes his posture.
  • Contractions become more frequent. Pain in the uterus at 38 weeks of pregnancy is one of the important symptoms. These pains may become more severe and regular over time. Thus, the opening of the uterus is provided.
  • Each contraction does not have to be more painful or longer than the previous one. A contraction usually lasts about 30-70 seconds. But as the real labor process progresses, the intensity and frequency of contractions gradually increase.
  • Initial contractions may resemble gastrointestinal problems or menstrual cramps and may resemble a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen.
  • Engagement comes.

How to Overcome Fear of Birth at 38 Weeks?

As the big day approaches, your fears about the moment of birth may be increasing. Maybe because of the constant mentioning that childbirth is difficult; maybe it will be easier for you to deal with it if you find out what could be the cause of this fear that something might happen to your baby.

In addition, you will hold your baby in your arms after birth, let us remind you!

How to Prepare for Birth?

What can you do as the birth approaches? We don’t mean that you keep your maternity bag aside; What are the things that can make the birth easier for the baby and you!

Your Birth Is Near, Have You Completed the Preparations for the Birth Room?

You can give birth at any time. How would you like to decorate the room where you will come back after this birth, hold your baby in your arms and greet your guests?

If this suggestion is pleasing to you, we say decide how you want the delivery room to be. For this, you can review our Hospital Room Decoration page and get an idea about how you want to decorate your room.

Suggestion: Take Photos of Your Baby’s First Days!

It is very suitable for newborn photography, especially in the first 5-10 days of the baby. The baby still maintains its form in the womb. It is flexible and sleeps all the time. Baby acne has not formed yet. If you want to take advantage of this time when you can have your baby’s best photos taken, you can get help from photographers who are experienced in taking photos of newborn babies. We recommend that you pay attention to your choice of photographer in order to make your baby feel peaceful and prevent any adverse movements that may be harmed. To start your research, we suggest you take a look at our Newborn and Baby Photographer page.

Carer Wanted!

We explained that her baby has grown too big to have room to move in her tummy. So, the birth will take place today tomorrow. Taking care of things that are difficult to spend time with after birth can both relax you and make the time you spend with your baby more enjoyable.

One of the chores you have to deal with may be to find a sitter. If you are considering seeking help from a caregiver after birth, or if you need to return to work shortly after birth, you should begin your caregiver research. 

You will also see newborn services companies on this page. These companies provide a neonatal nurse who is available hourly, daily or for a certain period of time and even 24/7 from birth. Neonatal nurses can help you with breastfeeding, baby care and bathing.

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