4 Year Old Games: Child Development Most Useful

Every age is important in child development. Don’t let the child just grow up, not a plant!

To help you with this; We have selected the most entertaining and educational activities among the 4 year old games that will contribute to the fine motor skills of the child and develop his/her hand skills and intelligence. Let’s see what’s in here?

Quick thinking skill: yes-no game

If you are asking what should be taught to a 4-year-old child, we can say that it is a quick thinking skill. Yes-no, one of the games suitable for the age of 4, is very effective in helping children gain quick thinking skills. You can play this game with your child. Your child must not answer “yes” or “no” to any of the questions you ask, otherwise he will lose the game.

You can try to surprise him with little tricks every now and then. For example, if you would ask your child, “You are 4 years old, right?” A question like this can trap him.

From 4 year old educational games: Find the difference

You can make your child have fun with “find the difference”, one of the puzzle games that supports the development of visual intelligence and attention. The logic in this game is the same as the “find 7 differences” game in the newspapers.

You can start the first exercises by choosing images where you can easily spot the differences. You can choose ready-made playing cards for this, or you can make small simple drawings yourself. For example; It’s like drawing an apple with a leaf and an apple without a leaf. It is almost a classic among educational games for 4 years old. It greatly improves his analytical ability.

4 year old games that support attention development in children: What do you need?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the little one got to know the professions already, right? One of the fun 4-year-old games, “What do you need?” is an activity that you can easily add to your list of games played at home for your child. Let’s see how it’s played:

  • The person who started the game chooses a profession and then asks another player, “You are a teacher, what do you need?” he asks.
  • After the player replied to this, he asked the other player, “What else do you need?” he asks.
  • The time is 2 minutes for each player and the person who cannot fill the 2 minutes and gets stuck in the answers loses.

“What do you need?” which is one of the 4 year old attention development games. With this game, you can make a great contribution to the development of your child’s concentration.

Developing questioning skills for 4 year olds: Animal catch

We continue the 4-year-old activities without slowing down. Let’s come to another educational game that will allow the little pup to recognize cute animals. First, think of an animal and have your child guess the animal by asking you questions. For example, let the animal you choose be an elephant. What your child should do is “How many legs?”, “What does it eat?”, “What color is it?” Trying to guess this animal with questions such as:

With this very simple home game, the child will also improve his ability to ask questions while recognizing animals.

Develop imagination and dexterity: Play dough

If there is an option among the games for 4-year-olds that will make them dive into imaginative worlds, of course, dough games are the way to go! Play dough is one of the favorite pastimes of all age groups in children and the indispensable entertainment of preschool play activities.

In addition to improving children’s hand skills, it also enables fine muscle groups to work while shaping the dough. You can also teach your child letters and numbers with play dough if you want to make this activity more educational.

One of the intelligence enhancing games for ages 4: Number blocks game

children from 4 years old; They can use language effectively for situations such as distinguishing and comparing objects, recognizing geometric shapes, logical reasoning to solve problems. Their capacity to learn math concepts is also higher, and 4 year old math games are very effective in the development of all these.

With the number blocks game; In addition to the development of the child’s manual dexterity, the simplest level of addition and subtraction, ordering the numbers according to the degree of size and smallness, and therefore the ability to reason about concepts such as few and many, will also be developed.

For problem solving skills: Puzzle game

We can call the puzzles recommended for children starting from the age of 2-3, “confidence-storing intelligence game”. Thanks to the puzzle game, problem solving skills develop in children who try to form a meaningful whole by bringing together disjointed pieces. 4 year old puzzle games are also a very effective method in terms of emotional and social development of children and improving hand-eye coordination. In other words, puzzle has an important place among 4 year old activity games.

For reflex development and imagination: Remote control car games

“Remote control cars are more than just toys.” If so, what would your answer be? Among the games for 4-year-old boys, perhaps the most popular are games with cars. It is very effective in subjects such as hand-eye coordination and control, spatial awareness in children. How Does?

By giving instructions to your child playing with a remote control car to park the car, you will contribute to his/her sense of direction awareness and reflex development.

While trying to park the car where you want it, it has the opportunity to recognize and observe its surroundings. In this way, through the game, they can learn parquet and carpet patterns, explore the gaps and make inferences on their own.

One of the fun games for ages 4: The bird flew, the bird flew

One of the fun games for the age of 4 that develops children’s attention skills, “The bird flew, the bird flew.” is a game that can be played regardless of the place. As for how it’s played:

  • The people who will play the game take the form of a ring. You can also gather around a round table.
  • Then a midwife is selected and this person comes to the center. “Fly, the bird has flown.” he raises his finger in the air. All the people playing the game raise their fingers when the midwife says the name of a flying creature.
  • The midwife then tries to surprise the players by naming something else that doesn’t fly. For example; “Fly, fly, fish flew.” He says and raises his finger in the air. However, since the fish is a non-flying creature, players who raise their finger in the air are eliminated. The game continues in this way.

Evaluating tips: hot-cold

It’s time for an activity that hosts hot moments in children’s games. The hot-cold game, one of the most entertaining games played at home, has passed by in our childhood. Let’s talk about the rules of this enjoyable activity, which is one of the games to be played with large groups of children or as a family:

  • First, the eyes of the child selected as a midwife are closed and an object or toy is hidden.
  • The child, whose eyes are opened, tries to find the object after scanning the surroundings and other people guide the child according to its position to the hidden object. “cold” if far from the object, “hot” if close.
  • The child, who finds the hidden object, chooses another person from the environment and the game continues in this way.

Thanks to this activity, which you can choose as one of the fun preschool games, your child’s skills such as socializing, following and evaluating clues develop. It’s already a very old game like “The bird flew, the bird flew”, you must have played it when you were a kid.

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