5 Years Old Games: For Kids Who Are Bored With The Same Game!

Games are an integral part of children’s lives, and in fact, their only purpose is not to entertain. Play is a way of learning for children, so it is a must. There are all kinds of educational games that will improve your child’s motor skills, give him analytical thinking skills, and develop hand-eye coordination.

We have prepared enjoyable recommendations for you from the 5 year old games included in them. Let’s see what’s up.

1. One of the fun and educational games for 5 years old: Word game

You can start playing word hunt, which is a challenging but educational game for children aged 5 years. The word hunt game, which does not require any material, can be played with two or more people. Let’s see how to play these 5 year old games?

  • Give your child a sound phrase. For example; The “BE” sound formed by the letters “B” and “E” coming together.
  • Then set a one-minute time. Let’s see how many words that start with “Be” can you find in a minute? Take note of the words you derive, such as waist, baby, cradle.
  • Whoever finds the most words wins the game. In order not to break your child’s motivation, you can increase his enthusiasm for the game by knowing less than him.
  • If there is more than one child in the game, it will be much more fun and competitive. The word hunt game is an excellent game that develops children’s vocabulary. It is often preferred when playing educational games for the age of 5 in kindergartens.

2. Let’s take mind games seekers like this: Towers of Hanoi game

The towers of Hanoi can also be called an intelligence game or a puzzle among the 5-year-old activity games. The aim of this game, which consists of three poles and discs of different sizes, is to arrange the discs on these poles. However, a larger disk should not be placed on top of a small disk. It is useful to look at the rules of Hanoi towers, which is one of the educational games for 5 years old, before starting the game.

Rules of the game:

  • Only one disc can be moved per move.
  • Each move consists of taking the top disc from the post and moving it to the other post. There may be discs on the other pole before.
  • No disc can be placed on a smaller disc.
  • Its logic is to lay the bottom stone on the other side in the same way.

3. Tangram, one of the 5 age-old intelligence-enhancing games

Tangram, which is one of the intelligence-enhancing games for children aged 5, consists of 7 geometric pieces. The aim of this game; to create forms such as animal figures, human figures, geometric shapes and letters in the alphabet by combining these pieces of different shapes.

If you decide to buy tangram, which is one of the games that can be played at home for 5 year olds, make sure that there are sample images in the box. Trying to make these shapes by looking at the images in the pictures supports the development of visual intelligence and attention in children. By creating the forms he wants, he develops his imagination. Tangram is a game that is as fun as it is educational. Let’s look at the most popular games for 5 year olds.

4. Katamino, one of the educational games for 5 years old

Katamino is a mind game for children to understand the basic concepts of geometry. It consists of parts called pentaminos. The game has levels for kids of all ages starting from the age of 3 and even suitable for adults. For this reason, you can include Katamino in your family games.

We recommend it among 5-year-old intelligence games. Because;

  • Provides analytical thinking skills
  • Supports visual intelligence development,
  • It improves concentration ability.

5. We’ve all been down this road, now 5-year-olds think: Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s cube; A mechanical intelligence game that consists of 6 different colors and requires placing cubes of the same color on the same surface. This game, which is especially recommended for 5 years and older, can also be preferred if your child aged 3 or 4 is interested.

One of the educational games for 5 year olds, all you need to do to make Rubik’s Cubes fun is to keep time. By noting how many seconds your child has finished the game, you can encourage him to reduce this time on his next attempts. Thus, his decision-making mechanism will improve and the game will strengthen his hand-eye coordination.

6. Coloring games for 5 year olds: Potato print

Let’s have some fun if the Rubik’s cube is hard. Potato print is also very suitable for fun games that can be played at home and for 5 year olds to have a pleasant time.

felt-tip pen

First of all, let’s say that since it is necessary to use a knife in potato printing, be sure to be with your child during this activity or give the potato to your child by getting it ready to paint. Let’s take a look at this funniest of the educational games for 5 year olds:


  • First, the potatoes should be cut in half, and then the shape to be printed should be drawn on the potato.
  • Then the potato should be cut to create depth at the edges of the drawn shape. Until this stage, you can either help your child or prepare the potato yourself and give it to him.
  • The pattern on the potato should be painted with the help of watercolors. The trick here is not to overwater the ink to get much better results during printing.
  • It’s time for potatoes to meet paper! Stick the colorful surface of the potato on the paper and you will get your colorful patterns.

7. Let’s learn to count: decimal math for 5 year olds

Let’s continue with an example from Montessori activities. This activity is an introductory math 5 year old game called teen board. The goal is to learn to count by tens first, and then by tens. It is necessary to match the sticks, each of which has 10 beads, with the numbers.

Instead of using ready-made wooden figures and materials for this game, which is one of the educational games for 5 year olds, you can write the numbers on the papers you will cut into squares. You can also use beans or chickpeas instead of beads. With this game that supports the development of intelligence in children, your little one can learn to count, develop hand-eye coordination and learn to reason.

8. One of the fun preschool games: Collect balls of the same color together

We are here with another educational game that strengthens hand-eye coordination. It is very simple but fun among the games to be played at home. Moreover, there is no need to buy anything. You can design a fun game for your 5-year-old little pup using completely handmade materials.

P, we are saying these, but how will this game be prepared?

  • First, create square patterns on the parquet with adhesive papers.
  • Make small balls of different colors, large and small, with play dough. You can even do these parts with your child. And our fun game is ready!

The aim of this game; to collect the balls of the same color, which are among the mixed balls, into the squares. For this, you can add even more attraction to the game by giving your child a small shovel.

9. Dropper loses: Crazy sticks

Here is an exciting and enjoyable advice from 5 year old games, crazy sticks! This board game is completely aimed at developing children’s manual skills and has a very simple rule. The sticks in the game are drawn one by one and the one who drops the fewest marbles wins the game.

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