6 Problems Breastfeeding Mothers Experience

Of course, breastfeeding is an action that has numerous benefits both physically and spiritually for the mother and the baby. However, it may cause some problems from time to time. Let’s see what are the breastfeeding problems that mothers can experience? Don’t worry, we will also offer you solutions that will be very useful for you.

1- Congestion in milk ducts

On the breasts while breastfeeding;

  • regional pains,
  • feeling of warmth,
  • Regional redness,
  • hard masses,
  • If you are experiencing a feeling of weakness or sickness, there is a high probability that you are experiencing a milk duct obstruction.

Sudden cessation of breastfeeding, inability to empty the breast milk completely, and the use of tight underwear and clothes can cause milk duct obstruction, and if this problem is not resolved, it can cause mastitis.

Complete emptying of the breast milk and wearing comfortable clothes are two important criteria to cope with the problem of congestion in the milk ducts. You can express any remaining milk in your breast by using an electric breast pump to fully drain the milk from your breast. In this way, you can both fight the problem of congestion and contribute to milk production.

2- Deformities of the nipple

Another issue that makes breastfeeding a problem is that the shape of the mother’s nipple makes breastfeeding difficult. Small, large or recessed nipples may prevent the baby from grasping and feeding. In such a case, you can try methods that will make the nipple ideal for your baby.

3- Nipple sores

  • Breastfeeding your baby in the wrong position
  • Inability of the baby to fully grasp the nipple,
  • Nipple tugging,
  • Especially after the first teeth come out, the baby is biting the nipple,
  • Nipple sores and cracks may occur due to irritation of the nipple due to the sucking reflex and moistening.

In such cases, breastfeeding can turn into a really painful situation. You can use a nipple shield to prevent this pain. These products not only provide a solution to the shape problem and make breastfeeding easier, but also help to make breastfeeding easier and painless despite the wound problem.

4- Back to work

If you’re a working mom, we’re guessing you’ll start thinking about breastfeeding even before you even start working. Of course, it is very important that you breastfeed your baby as long as you have enough milk, and you do not want your business life to interfere with this. In this case, using an electric breast pump will come in handy!

You can express your milk regularly, put it in milk storage bags or containers and store it in the refrigerator, and you can continue to feed your baby with breast milk even when you are at work.

5- Excessive milk flow

Excess breast milk, also known as hyperlactation, can cause problems such as vomiting and coughing due to the baby encountering too much milk that he cannot tolerate during breastfeeding, and can cause his clothes to get wet due to continuous breast leakage.

If you are experiencing hyperlactation problems, you can express milk at regular intervals. Because there is a risk that the milk that accumulates in the breast will become blocked and subsequently turn into mastitis. You can also use breast pads or a breast shield for leakage. Thanks to the breast shields, you can use it to protect your nipples and collect the excess milk that leaks and then give it to your baby.

6- Decreased milk flow

milk flow;

  • hormonal changes,
  • Giving the milk to the baby in the wrong way,
  • Decreased or inadequate breastfeeding frequency,
  • It may tend to decrease over time for many reasons such as the mother’s stress and malnutrition.

The most important thing that will accelerate the flow of milk and open the channels is the sucking reflex. Therefore, no matter how little milk you have, you should not give up breastfeeding. Also, using a milking machine will help open the milk ducts and allow you to see the amount of milk available.

It is possible to encounter all these problems during the breastfeeding process. Now we will talk about Philips Avent Breastfeeding Support Products that offer great results to avoid these situations or speed up the solution process.

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