6 Suggestions to Turn Your Home into a Fun Playground!

How would you like to make minor changes in the house for your child, and make sure that your child has a pleasant time in the house with a few small additions? Here are some decoration suggestions that will make the house fun !

1. Make room for your child’s creativity!

When your child starts to grow up and understands what can be done with paper and pencil, you will witness that he scribbles something on everything he gets his hands on. In fact, sometimes these boots will get their share of the walls from the curiosity of painting, let’s just say.

Our suggestion to you is to open a space where your child can develop this interest by placing a chalkboard at home ! You can contribute to this drawing curiosity, which will be placed according to your child’s height and will become even more attractive with colored chalks , by including a chalkboard in home decoration .

Another alternative is to make use of the roll papers that you will have mounted on the wall instead of the chalkboard! With this method, in which the child will switch to a new page as he draws pictures, roll papers that do not have to be erased like the pictures made on the board can also give you the chance to observe how your child has progressed in drawing as time goes on.

2. A corner in the house belonging to your child: Tent!

Didn’t you like the images too? It is an idea that will appeal to everyone to have such a corner in the house, without the need to be a child. That’s why you should keep in mind to set up a tent at home to create a nice space for your child to play and to contribute to having a pleasant time by himself .

There is a very simple method for this: You can complete the construction of the tent at home with the help of a round board that will allow you to put covers in the color and pattern you want on a hook that you will put on the ceiling , or you can buy from ready-made ones. After setting up the tent inside the house, we recommend that you decorate it with colorful lights and add joy to your child with the cushions you place inside the tent.

3. Every child’s lover swing!

Who doesn’t love a swing! Especially kids love the idea of swing at home . For this, if the house is large, we recommend that you choose larger and more comfortable models that your child can lean on. In addition, these models will be safer for your child.

If you do not have enough space, you can choose swings hanging from the ceiling to set up a swing at home . Let us remind you that it is important for your child to reach a certain age for these swings that do not take up much space.

4. Bring the playground home!

While the options for children to play games at home are increasing, one of the most remarkable ones is the construction of playgrounds at home . Among the options that vary according to the budget, we have included two examples that are more affordable and that we think you may prefer because they do not take up much space in the house.

In addition, you can strengthen your child in climbing with this home playground choice.

5. Create pendants from your child’s toys and drawings!

How about placing your child’s little toys on the branches that you will hang from the ceiling or the ornaments hanging from the stalactites consist of your child’s drawings? If you think it’s a good idea, you should tell your child about this plan, include him in this idea, and ask him to identify the toys for making stalactites at home or start painting.

6. Engage your child with lights and lighting!

The stars affixed to the wall, which we are accustomed to seeing in children’s rooms, can also serve as a nice night light for the child, making it easier for the child to fall asleep with pleasure. The phosphorescent stars are even more interesting. You can place these wall decorations, which have various types from the earth to the solar system, from the solar system to cartoon characters, in your child’s room or in a corner of your home.

Luminous stars can be another example of decoration that will attract your child’s attention. You can find various shapes of these lights, such as hearts and spheres, which are also solar powered.

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