7 Tips for Camping with Baby

You may have had many camping experiences before, but this time is different! Camping with a baby is not only a wonderful nature experience but also a great memory for family activities. While you collect good memories, let’s talk about recommendations that make your camping holiday with the baby easier!

1. Prioritization plan

Although it is peaceful to be in touch with nature, the meaning of each holiday can be different for everyone. While isolation and calmness are important for you, proximity to the social area may be important for someone else on a camping holiday. That’s why you should determine what your priorities are and shape your camping holiday accordingly.

On the other hand, while camping by a river or on the summit is a fun option, it is useful to review the environmental conditions for the baby who is just starting to crawl or taking his first steps. For the first experience when camping with a baby, staying at a camping facility within the national park may be a much safer option.

2. Good location

If this is your first camp with your baby, you should choose a camping area not far away, where you can easily meet your needs such as bathroom, kitchen and electricity. Despite the risk of sudden needs, it is useful to avoid places to camp with the baby. It is a good idea to set up your tent in an area away from other people, in case your baby has a change in sleep at night and may feel uneasy at the sound of crying.

3. Proper size tent

Camping as a family is a whole new thrill, but now you probably need a new tent. After all, getting your sleep right is important for a pleasant German holiday! Large family tent models will provide a comfortable space for you to do your daily routines. Tents with a canopy in front are a much better choice for a nap.

4. Complete bag

A full bag is everything when going camping with a baby, just like anywhere else! You can hit the road blindfolded with a bag full of baby camping gear. Let’s list the materials that a camper with a baby should have with him:

  • A large, rainproof tent,
  • 2 mats and a tiny bed for the baby,
  • pillows and covers,
  • Camper tube and a small pot (for heating coffee and baby food, sterilizing feeding bottles when necessary),
  • Portable fork and spoon,
  • multifunctional pocketknife,
  • Highchair for practicality at meal times,
  • lantern and camping lamp,
  • The stroller,
  • Sufficient number of diapers and wet wipes,
  • Food, bowl and spoon,
  • Sleeping bag with short and long sleeved rompers for baby,
  • booties and shoes,
  • Trousers, t-shirts, socks and pajamas for the whole family,
  • cover/blanket,
  • sleeping toy and other toys,
  • baby monitor,
  • park bed,
  • The kangaroo has a sling,
  • Fly and insect repellent drugs or natural essences,
  • dirty bag,
  • Garbage bag,
  • canopy tent,
  • Music player and camera,
  • First-aid kit.

5. Material suitable for seasonal conditions

When camping with a baby, if your destination is close to the lake or if the weather is very hot, do not forget to buy an insect repellent spray or tape that will keep the flies away from your baby. Natural essences can also work. It’s also good to have sunscreen with you. If you are going camping during the spring months when the risk of precipitation is high, do not forget to buy rain boots and a hat for your toddler.

6. Mom’s comfort!

Since breastfeeding while lying down can cause back pain in the tent, it is useful to have materials such as soft covers or pillows that will support the back or armpits while breastfeeding. By setting up a shade in front of the tent, the baby can be fed without being disturbed by the sun in the open air. Everything for the comfort of our mothers!

7. Meal plan

If your baby is just under 6 months old and is breastfeeding, the job is very simple, you can make a practical camp just like in the old days by preparing food for yourself. If your baby is drinking follow-up milk, it’s still easy. You can boil water at the campsite to disinfect your baby’s drinker. If your baby is older and is eating solid food, it’s best to go for a one-course meal. Thus, you can minimize the time you spend on cooking and cleaning.

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