7 Weeks Pregnancy

Dear mom, you are in the 7th week of pregnancy. So in the 2nd month. Are you wondering if there are any new developments in the 7th week of pregnancy? Let’s see what awaits you and your baby at 7 weeks of pregnancy.

7 Weeks Baby Development

“How about 7 weeks baby?” you’re wondering, aren’t you? Here is some surprising information for you! At 7 weeks the baby is 10,000 times larger than the first fertilized egg. Much of this growth is concentrated at first, and new brain cells are formed at a rate of 100 cells per minute. This week, the length of the baby from the head to the buttocks is about 4-5 mm. Here is the 7th week baby development in pregnancy:

  • Your baby’s mouth and tongue are forming this week.
  • His intestines are developing and his appendix is ​​already ready.
  • There are protrusions that will form the arms and legs. Hand, arm, shoulder and foot, leg and knee sections are forming.
  • Your baby’s kidneys are now in place. It is preparing to begin its urine production and excretion tasks.
  • The emerging skull is still transparent. If you look through a magnifying glass, you can see the smooth surface of your tiny brain.
  • You can also hear the heartbeat at 7 weeks pregnant. If you didn’t hear it the previous week, brace yourself this week! If there is no heartbeat at 7 weeks of pregnancy, do not worry, you can wait until the 10th week.
  • The 7-week gestational sac is also growing with the baby, and it can be seen clearly on examination.

7 Weeks Baby Image

7 Weeks Baby Ultrasound Image

Changes in the Mother at 7 Weeks of Pregnancy

In the 7th week of pregnancy, changes in the mother are extremely slow. The 7-week pregnancy image does not reveal its condition at all. It is still not clear that you are pregnant. This week, people won’t realize you’re pregnant unless you tell them. If you want to hide this situation for a while, you can easily hide it. You may have gained or lost a few pounds by now. This is a normal cruise.

7 weeks pregnant symptoms are still the same as early pregnancy symptoms. Because the 7th week is included in the 2nd month of the first trimester. That means you’re still early.

  • Weakness,
  • Tiredness,
  • sleep request,
  • heartburn,
  • frequent urination,
  • Constipation,
  • Indigestion,
  • Gas,
  • Swelling,
  • craving or disgust,
  • Headache can be counted among the symptoms of 7 weeks of pregnancy . So this week, you may experience all the complaints we have listed, or a few of them. This is a process that varies from person to person.

7 Weeks Pregnancy Image

Symptoms at 7 Weeks Pregnancy

What About Nausea?

Nausea continues in the 7th week of pregnancy . Nausea, which starts when you get out of bed, especially in the morning, increases as you move. Although it is called morning sickness, it can happen at any time of the day. For this reason, it may be comforting to carry an emergency bag with you. Gingerbread candies, salty snacks will come to your aid.

Discharge at the 7th week of pregnancy is also among the common complaints. You may also experience a whitish, light vaginal discharge called leukorrhea this week. It can be watery, slightly fragrant or odorless.

You can also see brown discharge at 7 weeks pregnant. These are due to the effect of hormones on the enlarged vaginal wall during pregnancy.

Does Craving Really Exist?

  • If you’re starting to hate the food you always love,
  • If you start eating foods that you never liked before,
  • If you’re disgusted by the smells of cooking that no one notices, don’t worry. At 7 weeks of pregnancy, of course, this is a very normal situation…

It is an old-fashioned comedy with the cliché of a husband looking for strawberries, pickles, and quince on the streets in his pajamas in the middle of the night. Because most pregnant women’s cravings don’t go that far. But right now your wife doesn’t know that. You can be as spoiled as you want.

You may experience emotional ups and downs, such as exacerbated premenstrual syndrome. Don’t be surprised if there is also tension, an unexplained urge to cry.

What Should Be Considered in the 7th Week of Pregnancy?

One of the things that the mother should pay attention to at 7 weeks of pregnancy is not to use over-the-counter drugs. Of course, you should pay attention to this throughout your pregnancy, but we’re going to talk about it this week.

Many people buy and use over-the-counter drugs voluntarily. In fact, although it is harmful for everyone, it is an issue that needs more attention during pregnancy. For example, it may contain pain relievers, aspirin, caffeine. Cough syrups and sleeping pills may contain 25% alcohol. This is no different than drinking wine and beer. The 5th and 10th weeks, including the 7th week, are the critical periods when the baby is most vulnerable. You should pay special attention to such situations.

Ask your doctor for detailed information and get basic information about it. Learn which drugs you should never use, and which ones you should use in a controlled manner. Do not use drugs without the knowledge of your doctor.

Again, if you see bleeding at 7 weeks of pregnancy, consult your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of miscarriage.

  • Do sports during pregnancy ,
  • eat right,
  • Always be in a positive mood mentally. These three factors facilitate the pregnancy process.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy is variable. It ranges from a total weight gain of 25 pounds or more. The greater the weight change, the greater the complications. That is why it is difficult to determine an ideal figure for weight gain during pregnancy. This is determined by your weight before you got pregnant.

Most experts recommend taking 300 grams per week up to week 20, and 450 grams between weeks 20 and 40. You can calculate your weight during pregnancy according to this ratio.

Others agree that the amount of weight gain should vary for underweight, normal, and overweight women. Accordingly, before pregnancy;

  • Underweight people 14-20,
  • Normal weights 12-17,
  • Overweight people can change in the range of 7-12 kilos.

Sex in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Since the seventh week and the second month coincide with the first trimester of pregnancy , it is necessary to consider the issue of sexuality in the 7th week of pregnancy . Because sexuality may vary according to different trimesters of pregnancy.

During the first trimester, most women find their libidos skyrocket as soon as their pregnant hormones are in the blood. In fact, this decrease in sexual desire is not surprising. After all, nausea, fatigue, weakness, sore breasts are not things that will make sex attractive. However, as with everything related to pregnancy, not every woman’s libido is the same.

If you hit the good side of hormones, you may be more passionate about sex in the first trimester than ever before. The genitals can be ultra-sensitive and constantly aroused.

But many couples have concerns about whether sexual intercourse is correct during pregnancy. There is no medical problem in sexual intercourse for a healthy and normal pregnant woman and her sexually healthy spouse.

Many men worry that sexual intercourse will harm the baby. If you are having a risk-free pregnancy, neither sexual intercourse nor orgasm is a problem for the baby. Because the baby is well protected by the amniotic sac and fluid. The uterine muscles are strong and protect the baby. The cervix contains a protective mucus layer against infections.

Some doctors recommend that there should be no sexual intercourse in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, but not all have the same opinion. You can get the clearest information on this subject from your own doctor.

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