8 Precautions to Take When Taking a Car Journey with a Baby

Traveling with a baby can always be a bit stressful for mothers. The journey can be troublesome for everyone, as the baby becomes restless, bored, tired and without fun.

So how can you prevent these situations? We told you 8 precautions you can take while traveling with your baby, now your trips will be more damage-free!

1- The baby must travel in the car seat!

Of course, you need a car seat for your baby’s safety in the car. However, besides safety, the car seat is also important for the comfort of the baby. It will be more beneficial for him to travel comfortably in his own space instead of spending the whole journey in the mother’s lap.

2- Their food must be ready!

If you are breastfeeding your baby, this article does not apply to you, but at this stage, let’s say this. You should definitely take a break during breastfeeding. Because breastfeeding is not very safe if the car is in motion.

If your baby has switched to solid food, you can carry finger foods that will both suppress his hunger and linger while eating . Steamed carrots, zucchini pieces, pancakes prepared according to the month, pancakes and cakes are also good alternatives. You can also pack your vegetable and fruit purees well and carry them with you.

3- Spare clothes should not be forgotten!

Along the way, your baby’s clothes can get dirty for many reasons, such as sweating, spilling food, and leaking toilet. In such cases, sitting in wet or dirty clothes will start to bother him. That’s why you should have plenty of spare clothes with you and change them when needed. Of course, we are not talking about the fact that you need to take a lot of diapers and wet wipes with you.

4- Have his favorite toys with him!

You know, your baby is not interested in a single object or game for long hours. That’s why we recommend keeping as many toys as you can to keep him busy along the way, and when his interest shifts from one, he can linger with the other. Don’t forget your favorite toys too! You can also take a few books with you, which can keep your baby busy for a while.

5- Take a break at regular intervals!

Experts consider it appropriate to take a break at most 2 hour intervals when making long car trips with the baby. During these breaks, the baby gets air, if he is walking, he takes short walks, and if there is, he meets his needs. These situations also apply to your relaxation.

6- Gather materials such as sunshades and blankets!

There are situations such as sun exposure and cooling of the air in the evening during day trips. These are situations that will disturb the baby enough and cause uneasiness. In order to keep up with all these changes, you must have the necessary materials with you. A sunshade and blanket that you can place on the window will do.

7- Choose the right time!

If there are situations that make big changes in your baby’s life, we recommend that you postpone the long car journey a little bit. For example , it is not a good idea to tire him out with a long car trip, as periods such as toilet training , teething period, weaning are times when the baby is already restless and cannot calm down no matter what you do.

8- Adjust your journey according to your baby’s sleep patterns!

You can set your departure time for the start of your baby’s long sleep so that he does not stray from his regularity and the journey is a little calmer. In this way, the baby will not be sleepy, restless and you will not have to be stressed.

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