8 Safe and Loving Baby Carrying Positions

You may have some reservations about how you should hold your little baby. Carrying a newborn baby can be intimidating for many mothers. We’ve found safe and comfortable carrying positions for your baby, so your love for your little one is reinforced!

Preparation for carrying the newborn!

1. Cleaning

  • Before picking up your baby, clean your hands thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.
  • Remember that your little one’s immune system is still developing, you could infect him with your dirty hands.
  • Keep disinfectant available for guests who come to visit and hug their baby.

2. Comfort

  • This comfort is not just physical. It’s normal to be scared while hugging your baby, but please be confident. You’ll get used to it in time.

3. Support

  • Newborn babies instinctively have a fear of falling. If you don’t support your baby when he can’t hold his head up yet, his head will fall back and he will experience an instinctive fear. When you hold your baby in your arms, don’t forget to support his head and shoulders.
  • Keep your legs apart as much as possible while carrying it on your lap. This is beneficial for hip development. Also pay attention to the soft spots on the head. Everything You Need to Know About the fontanelle
  • It is important to get through the first 3 months to develop support and good control over the head and neck muscles.

Now let’s see what baby holding styles and baby holding positions are.

1. Shoulder carrying position

If you are looking for a newborn holding position, this is one of the most natural carrying positions. How should you apply?

  • Keeping your baby’s body parallel to yours, raise them at shoulder height.
  • Lay your head on your shoulder. So you can turn around and look at him.
  • Support your head and neck with one hand and support your butt upwards with the other.
  • This position allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

2. Cradle position

The cradle position is quite simple and natural. You can put your newborn to sleep in this position. Let’s see how you should apply it:

  • Hold your baby parallel to your chest, slide your hand up from the bottom to support his head and neck.
  • Position your baby’s head exactly where the elbow bend is.
  • Move your hand from the bottom of your neck to your hips.
  • Bring your baby closer to you, you can easily put him to sleep in this position.

3. Belly supported carry position

Babies enjoy being carried in this position. The tricks of carrying from the belly:

  • Place your baby’s head on the inside of his elbow with his stomach facing down.
  • Have your baby’s feet land on either side of your hand at an angle close to ground level.
  • You can support his back with the other hand to make your little one feel safe.
  • This position can help you burp your baby. All you have to do is gently rub your back to burp.

4. Hip carry position

Once you have control over your baby’s head and head, you can sit him up by holding his hips. This coincides with the time after completing his 3rd month . How should you practice hip carry?

  • Have your baby sit on your hip bones, facing outward.
  • Wrap your arm around your baby’s waist.
  • In this position, the little lamb can easily see everything around it.

5. Face-to-face holding position

Thanks to the face-to-face carrying position, you can keep your interaction with your baby at the highest level. So how should you apply it?

  • Support your baby’s head and neck with one arm.
  • Support your lower back and back with your other hand.
  • Hold your baby just below your chest.
  • Enjoy lots of laughing and interacting with each other.

6. Chair sitting position

Have a curious baby? Here’s a great baby carrier position that will let your little lamb see what’s going on around you! How are you going to practice this correct baby hold position, where you will be holding the little bird in your hand as if you were sitting in a chair?

  • Let your baby rest with his back to your chest, so you’re giving his head proper support.
  • Support by placing one hand on his chest to prevent him from leaning to the side.
  • With your other hand, support your butt to give the impression of sitting in a chair.
  • If you want to try this carry position with your baby sitting, you don’t need to support him from behind. We do not recommend carrying it this way only if your baby is under 3 months old.

7. Soccer ball catching position

You can take advantage of this position, which is suitable for feeding your baby, while standing or sitting. How should you apply?

  • Support your baby’s neck and head with your hand and the rest of his back with the same forearm.
  • Support your baby’s back with your other hand.
  • Turn your baby’s body towards you in a sideways position and stretch your legs.
  • Bring your little one’s head closer to your chest.
  • You can use your free hand to provide extra support for your baby’s head or to feed him.

8. Lap carry position

You can take advantage of this carrying method, which you can use while feeding your baby with a bottle, while in a sitting position. How should you apply?

  • While sitting, place your feet firmly at ground level and hold your baby in your arms.
  • Your baby’s head should be close to his knees with his face up.
  • Put both of your hands under your baby’s head for support, with your arms supporting the sides.
  • Let the little one’s feet tuck into your waistline.
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