8 Solutions to Guide Children Who Choose Food

our child was happy to eat everything you put in front of him before, but when he started walking, he took all his interest in food and did not eat every food? His favorite foods are pasta, potatoes and sweet snacks? Don’t worry, we have some solutions to get your child on track!

First, let’s talk about the reasons why your child chooses food or has a lack of appetite.

  • As he starts walking, the things around him become more attractive to him. He will prefer to explore those items rather than sit or eat.
  • In this process, it will now be even more active. That’s why it’s more enjoyable for him to run and jump and throw his energy away than feeding on boring foods!
  • Also, a taste began to form. Unfortunately, the taste of vegetables will become more unbearable for him, but not for other carbohydrate and sugary foods.

In this case, what should you do to increase your child’s interest in food, to ensure that he does not choose food, and to encourage him to eat healthy foods?

1- Get him to help you!

Take your child with you and have him help you in the kitchen. Kids love to get their hands on water and food, so they’ll love this job!

Some studies have found that children who participate in the cooking process are more inclined to taste fruits and vegetables. He may also enjoy eating what he has contributed to its making. Worth to try!

2- Dine with the whole family chatting!

While this isn’t always possible, try to get the whole family together at the dinner table a few times a week and talk about things your child will enjoy at that table. Also let him spill the food. In this way, the event on the table will attract his attention and the meal will become more enjoyable.

3- Give up boring presentations!

How about decorating your kid’s meal a little bit? Give up food left on a plate with a ladle; try presentations that take forms such as sun, car, animal, smiling face. If he likes fun now, have fun!

4- Be an example for him!

Studies have shown that children do not like foods that their parents do not eat. So your child takes you as an example. In this case, it may be beneficial to buy colorful and fresh vegetables and fruits and show them that you love them.

You can also play a color puzzle game with vegetables and fruits with vibrant colors. In this way, the child’s familiarity with these foods increases.

5- Blacklist unhealthy foods!

If you don’t want your child to eat junk food, you can start by not bringing these foods into your home. If you are going to buy them, you should keep them out of your child’s reach and sight. But don’t tell me they’re forbidden! You know bans are always more attractive.

You can try alternatives such as homemade cakes, decorated fruit slices, low-fat popcorn, homemade ice cream to satisfy your junk food cravings.

6- Be patient and don’t force it!

When children feel under pressure, they show aggressive behavior. Therefore, if you force your child who does not eat, try to stuff it in his mouth, the situation will only get worse. Try trying a new flavor on it instead. Maybe you’ll like this food you’ve never tasted and save the day.

7- Hide the foods that you do not eat in the foods you eat!

What you will do is very simple! For example, you can add mashed cauliflower to mashed potatoes. You can make pasta sauce with spinach or zucchini. You can mix fruit with yogurt or make a smoothie and give it to your child.

8- Keep the portions small!

You want the kid to finish all the food you put in front of him, but his stomach is actually tiny! So even a small amount of food can be easily satisfied. So keep the amount of food on your plate small. If he is not full, he will want to eat again.

You should also make sure that your child does not eat any snacks or drink juice or milk shortly before feeding. These types of foods keep your stomach full, so you may not want to eat more.

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