8 Suggestions for Decorating a Kids Room with a World Map

Children’s room decoration themes are increasing day by day. One of them is the world map theme, which has been a rising trend in the little ones’ room lately! In this article, we have explained what you need for the world-themed nursery decoration, where your little one will grow up like an explorer, and how you should use it. Let’s get inspired!

1- Kids room wallpapers with world map

The thing that changes the atmosphere of a children’s room the most is wallpapers! It is very easy to decorate the children’s room thanks to the colorful and various wallpapers. So our first suggestion to you would be to get a wallpaper with world map motifs.

When it comes to the children’s room, it is possible to find very cheerful wallpapers. You can find many patterns on it, such as the known values ​​of each country and the animals specific to that country. Thanks to these wallpapers, the child will learn the geography of the world while having fun!

2- Kids room stickers

If you can’t find the patterns you want on the wallpapers or if you want to act more freely on the walls of the children’s room, you can try wall stickers. Paint your child’s wall any color you want and you can stick these world map stickers on the walls wherever you want.

You can also create your own concept by combining different stickers. The balloons combined with the map stickers in the image below look very cute together.

3- Different concepts!

If you don’t want a modern world map nursery concept with country names on it, we can offer you a few different suggestions. For example, it might be a good idea to consider an old world map with a nautical theme.

If you want more minimal and colorful options, you can evaluate simple wall stickers where each continent is indicated in different colors. Using soft colors is also a good idea. Wouldn’t the image below be great for a girls’ bedroom?

4- Children’s room carpets are important!

There is no room without a carpet! If you want, you can evaluate the world map patterns on the carpets. In this case, you do not need to use map patterns on the walls in order not to create confusion in the room!

5- There are many options for children’s bedding!

It is possible to change the mood of the room with a duvet cover. Children’s bedding is already full of colorful and fun motifs. You can decorate your child’s sleep with colorful dreams by choosing models with world maps.

6- Give these patterns a chance on the children’s room curtains!

If you find it too much to use world map models on carpets or walls, you can try curtains. A curtain with a world map will already cover a whole wall. Therefore, using it only on the curtain will also prevent clutter in the room.

7- Change the air of the room with lighting products!

One of the most entertaining parts of the world map children’s room concept is the lighting. Mothers who prefer this concept generally prefer lighting in the form of a globe in the rooms. This both adds a pleasant atmosphere to the environment and provides a game opportunity. How about playing a country puzzle game with your kid with these globes?

8- Complete the design of the room with pillows!

You can choose ready-made pillow cases for pillow covers, or we have a different suggestion for you. There are pillow covers that your child can paint the continents or countries with the color they want with fabric paint. Your child will enjoy painting these covers and seeing his own creation in his room!

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