8 Things You Need When Eating Out With Baby!

When it comes to spending time outside with the baby, comfort and hygiene are of course one of the most important issues. If you are going to be out of the house with your baby and you also need to feed him, there are some items that you must have with you. Let’s see what these baby nutrition materials are:

  • If you continue to breastfeed your baby, we recommend that you bring a nursing bib with you because there may not be a nursing room wherever you go. Thanks to the nursing bib, you can breastfeed your baby comfortably.
  • If you’re giving your baby formula, you need formula, a bottle, and of course, water at the right temperature. It will be very convenient for you if you put the water you prepared at home in a small thermos and take it with you. Thus, you do not need to heat water.

1. Portable highchair

You probably have a highchair in the place where you are going to eat because there is no cafe or restaurant that does not have a highchair anymore, but the highchair may be full or you may want to bring your own highchair because it is more hygienic.

There are highchairs that are very practical, easily carried and set up. These highchairs, called portable highchairs, can be mounted directly on the table or placed on any chair. If your baby hasn’t switched to solid food yet, what you need to take with you is actually a little less.

2. Toy

Spending time sitting around with a bored baby can be overwhelming, especially if there are lots of people you don’t know. So, she should have a few favorite toys with her. Since it is very possible to get dirty in the dining area, you should prefer wipeable and washable toys.

3. Disposable bib

One of the biggest saviors is the disposable bib. You’ll wear it while your baby is feeding, throw it away when you’re done. Isn’t it very comfortable? There is no such thing as putting the soiled bib in a separate bag, wiping it by hand to remove the well-established stains as you go home, or washing it right away.

4. Disposable cover

Another savior is the disposable cover. It is a must-have to safely use the highchair tray that another baby has just used and you are not sure of its cleanliness. Do not try to clean the tray, wipe it with wet wipes. Spread your disposable cover, get comfortable!

5. Vacuum plate

A plate with a vacuum bottom adheres tightly to the surface it is on. In this way, it prevents the food inside from spilling, breaking the plate and spilling the contents around… We strongly recommend that you have this type of plate with you!

6. Suluk

You should definitely take one of the drinkers with pacifier or straw, suitable for your baby’s age. Our recommendation; Using non-drip drinkers that prevent you from getting wet while drinking water. Let’s not forget to say; If your baby is less than 1 year old, always carry boiling and resting drinking water with you.

7. Wet wipes

Good thing there are wet wipes, they provide very practical cleaning, right? In short, one of the things you should not forget to take with you is wet wipes.

8. Spare clothes of course!

Going out with a baby means carrying a lot of spare clothes with you anyway. Especially when it comes to food… We recommend that you take not one but several sets of clothes with you to change the clothes that get wet, dirty or covered with food stains!

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