9 Information on Probiotic Use in Babies

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If we were to recommend a friend to accompany your little one for life, it would be none other than this probiotic. It protects the body against diseases, strengthens the immune system and supports the little ones at every stage of life, starting from the newborn. Why do we praise it so much? Come, we’re telling!

1. Yogurt is the most important probiotic food for babies!

  • There are many live lactobacillus bacteria in yogurt, which allows beneficial bacteria to multiply. Children take these lactobacilli into their bodies with the yogurt they eat, thus feasting their intestines.
  • Yogurt is also one of the most suitable foods for babies’ delicate intestines during their transition to solid food.
  • In this process, making food supplements with homemade probiotic yogurt is very beneficial for baby health. For this, probiotic powder or probiotic drops can be used while fermenting yoghurt.

2. Breast milk is rich in probiotics!

Breastfed babies are very lucky in this regard. While the bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are protective bacteria, are in large amounts in breastfed babies, thanks to breast milk, bad bacteria called Streptococcus fekalis and E. coli can occur in babies who are fed only formula.

In addition, infants fed with breast milk have a larger and healthier intestinal flora than infants fed with formula. For this reason, it is necessary to add probiotics to baby foods and to support the development of babies who cannot take breast milk.

3. Probiotics have an important place in the treatment of diarrhea in babies!

Experts say that probiotics should be used when babies and children are given antibiotics or when they have diarrhea for whatever reason. While probiotic supports the normal balance of the body, it also works in the treatment and prevention of diseases related to the digestive system of babies.

Probiotic; It is effective in preventing antibiotic diarrhea, tourist diarrhea (diarrhea caused by microorganisms in food and beverages consumed in the travel area), viral diarrhea in children and especially rotavirus diarrhea. When it comes to this type of diarrhea, using probiotics allows lactobacilli to have a protective and therapeutic effect. It also shortens the duration of diarrhea.

4. The use of probiotics in babies is effective against gas and colic!

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Nilüfer Toprakçı says that the use of probiotics is effective against gas and colic problems in newborns and that the probiotic reduces the crying time of the baby. You can also use this probiotic supplement as a drop after consulting your doctor. Those who used probiotic drops for babies observed that the gas problem decreased.

5. The use of probiotics in premature babies provides weight gain!

Premature babies lose 10-15% of their birth weight in the neonatal period. prof. Dr. Metehan Özen says that the use of probiotics in premature babies receiving antibiotic treatment gives 4 times better results in postnatal weight gain.

6. Using probiotics and prebiotics together is good for vomiting and abdominal pain in children!

The most common cause of sudden onset of severe vomiting in children is viral infections involving the stomach. These infections are mostly transmitted through food and drink or through hand-mouth as a result of close contact.

Using probiotics and prebiotics together, especially in the treatment of virus-related diseases that start in summer and spring, is good for vomiting and abdominal pain in children. Prebiotics are defined as natural indigestible dietary fibers known as the food source of probiotic microorganisms. It promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. Those who used probiotics for babies said that these complaints were reduced.

7. The use of probiotics has the opposite effect of antibiotic use in infants!

While the antibiotic destroys the bacteria that are trying to get rid of, such as beta bacteria, it also kills beneficial microbes. The word “antibio” means anti-life.

Diarrhea can be seen in babies due to irregularities in the intestines when antibiotics are used. Opportunistic fungi take advantage of this opportunity and begin to reproduce. With the effect of antibiotics, diarrhea and fungi, diaper rash and skin allergies occur easily in babies .

The opposite of an antibiotic is a probiotic. Probiotics support “bio”, that is, life. Among probiotics, 2 types of bacteria are at the forefront; bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Their feature is that they can produce lactic acid.

While antibiotics entering the body are lethal for beneficial bacteria, some live bacteria with probiotic properties taken with food protect and protect their fellows.

8. It regulates the intestinal flora of babies!

Babies who cannot be breastfed and born by cesarean section start life vulnerable to allergic diseases because they are deprived of probiotics. These babies need to take probiotics by mouth for the first year in order to have a good intestinal flora. This is the reason why probiotics are added to ready-made baby foods.

Giving probiotics to babies in all kinds of diseases such as fever, infection, thrush makes the immune system work better. It prevents the formation of food allergies, eczema and chronic patients.

9. With the use of probiotics, the amount of lactobacilli in the baby’s intestines increases!

In addition to breast milk, babies can be given yogurt, feta cheese, foods with added probiotics, green tea and honey when they reach the age of one, to increase the amount of lactobacilli in their intestines.

If the mother used probiotics before birth, the number of probiotics in the baby’s flora is higher in quantity. Probiotics also play an important role in the baby’s brain development.

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