9 Outdoor Fun for Kids!

What are you doing at home when it’s nice weather outside? Come on, kiddo, we’re going out. Let’s relieve some stress first, then explore a little, run, have fun and most of all, have fun!

1. Kite into the blue skies!

Come on, we’re flying into the blue sky! Are you ready to reunite your child with the lush green countryside where he can jump and jump away from the chaos of life, and the vast beauties of nature? While the warm sun warms you up, a little running and movement will do you all good. Of course, first you need a super kite. Rely on your child’s imagination in the design of the kite. You can be sure that you will have a very entertaining and extraordinary kite.

2. Fun moments full of adrenaline at the amusement park!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some fun while you were trying to make your child happy? Then it’s time for a little getaway. Amusement parks, with their fun and adrenaline-filled toys from bumper cars to adventure trains, from carousels to ballerina skirts, are a great place to have fun with children.

3. Sand castles and shells!

If it’s sunny, is it okay not to swim in the sea? One of the most fun outdoor activities you can do on a family vacation is of course building sand castles! Do not forget to decorate your castle with the seashells and stones you collect together. After finishing the castle and successfully completing the quest, you can also use the seashells for creative activities such as decorating a frame or gift box.

4. Close your eyes, listen and draw!

Next is an activity that will both calm your soul and relieve stress. Take a drawing pad and crayons with you. Head out into the forest. After you find a quiet place, close your eyes, relax and listen to nature. Then, picture in your notebook what these sounds you hear belong to. Here is the sound map of the forest for you!

5. Travel, see and photograph!

It can be great to enjoy the sunny, beautiful weather on a pleasant outing. You can spend both fun and educational hours by visiting historical places together. Do not forget to collect memories of this beautiful day by photographing the places you have visited. In fact, give your child the opportunity to collect and frame shots from his own eyes with the camera. Seeing the world through her eyes can be a lot of fun. Events like these are a good opportunity for you as a mother to explore your child’s special interests.

6. Nature’s little artists!

Next up is an event that will pull your child out of the stifling atmosphere of city life. Collect various objects from nature together. Flowers, leaves, stones, feathers, cones and much more are waiting for you to discover them! Then you can make various works such as painting and collage with these objects you collect. Long live the little art lovers.

7. Journey into the forest!

How about going on a pleasant forest walk as a family? During the walk, you can introduce your child to tree species and collect various leaves together. You can also play fun little games where you ask him to guess which tree these leaves belong to.

Doing the walks at the transition of the seasons can help the little fox get a better view of the changes in the leaves. The forests are full of salamanders, ladybugs, ants, butterflies and much more waiting to be discovered. You can make all this more fun for your child by giving them a magnifying glass and having them examine trees, leaves and tiny creatures closely during the trip.

8. To the depths of the earth!

You pick a place to dig and leave your child alone with the pickax and shovel. While he gets to work, you sit and watch with pleasure. You may be surprised to find that the worms and insects that come out as he digs the ground don’t scare him. The roads he made for his toy cars and trucks and the tiny figures he shaped with mud were entirely up to his creativity. Soil and muddy activities will be very good for your child’s mental and physical health.

9. A picnic that colors the spring months!

Who can say no to a picnic on a sunny and beautiful day? Spring is exactly what they are for. Enjoy the fresh air and the warm touch of the sun on your skin by lying on the grass together. Eating outdoors is a different pleasure, you know. Do not forget to cheer up your stomach with a pleasant barbecue. In order to make this picnic even more memorable, it is essential to take your bikes with you. Kids love to ride bikes.

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