Age 3 Activities: Both Fun and Educational

3 years; Now is a period when the awareness of your child increases, he starts to understand life, his knowledge increases according to his age, and in direct proportion to all these, he is very bored! Children of this age want a constant activity, playing and throwing their energy comes first for them. Well, that’s the boy, you’re not going to tie him to the seat!

Being aware of this, we have brought together some enjoyable 3 year old activities to both entertain and educate your child! Read and start playing with your child now!

1- Bowling

With the children’s bowling sets you can buy this game, you can also play with plastic bottles and a soft ball at home. Kneel the plastic bottles at a distance not too far from your child and tell your child to knock over the bottles with the ball in one go. This 3 year old educational game will not only entertain him but also improve his hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

2- Is it soft or hard?

3 year old games aim to teach concepts. This game is one of them! Put hard and soft ingredients together in a large bowl. Soft ones from these materials can be your child’s small, plush toys. You can choose the hard ones from small toy cars and all other harmless materials.

Put two more bowls in front of your child. Tell your child to put the hard ones in one bowl and the soft ones in the other. This game will develop your child’s sense of touch.

3- Color hunt inside the house

This color hunt game is one of the most popular 3 year old home games! Choose a color your child is very familiar with, like blue. Ask your child, “I wonder what blue items do we have in our house?” Ask him and have him find the blue items in the house and tell you. With this game, he will both wander around the house and throw his energy away and improve his color perception ability.

4- Stone painting

Kids love to paint, you know. But this time we will paint on stones, not on paper. Take a little stroll outside with your child and collect the smooth stones you can find together. When you get home, let him paint these stones as he wishes with water or gouache. You can also consider these stones as a memory. You can stick a magnet on the back of the stones with the help of an adhesive and use it as a fridge magnet. A good alternative as a 3-year-old game!

5 – Quiz

Let’s take a look at the quiz as 3-year-old game activities. Ask your child some questions that he knows the answer to, that he can find the answer to by thinking or observing. For example; “What color is an apple, how do cats sound, what does pepper taste like?” You can ask questions like You can push him a little, but try not to tire him.

6- Cooking together

The activity of involving the child in cooking, which is one of the Montessori activities, will both contribute to the motor development of the child and will have a basis for the work in life at a young age. Those who are looking for a 3 year old activity should definitely check it out.

For the cooking activity with your child, choose a simple meal and choose the least risky tasks to give your child. For example, you can make cakes together and give your child tasks such as whisking and adding flour. You should be very careful that your child stays away from sharp, piercing and pointed tools and does not burn his body in any way.

7- Blindfolded object recognition

Put different textured objects in different containers and cover your child’s eyes with a tape or cloth. Tell your child to guess what the object in the container is by touching these objects. But of course the objects you choose are objects that he recognizes!

This game will develop your child’s sense of touch and force him to use his visual memory.

8- Ship flotation race in the basin

Children love to play in water, but also play with water! Do not deprive him of this pleasure, there are many games to be played with water among the games for 3-year-olds. The game we chose is played like this:

Fill a large basin with water and make two paper ships of the same size. Let one be yours and the other your child. Tell your child to blow into his paper vessel and move it to the other end of the basin. Whoever gets the ship the fastest will be the winner of the game. Your kid will love these 3 year old play activities.

9- Animal imitation

Imitate the sounds of animals that your child can guess and ask which animal this sound belongs to. Then ask him to ask you by making animal sounds. These 3 year old activities will challenge her memory and make her try to find out which animal the sound belongs to.

10- Sorting from long to short

Another concept game! Cut strips of paper of different lengths and ask your child to put the long papers on one side and the short ones on the other. With this game, the concepts of long and short will be reinforced. Those looking for 3 year old activities at home will love this idea.

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