All About Relationship After Birth!

The 9-month wait is over, you took your baby in your arms. Now it’s time to go back to the old days and meet your wife! But we know that he has many questions about the postpartum relationship and that he sometimes hesitates to express it.

In this article, we answer all the questions that come to mind. Come on, it’s time to go back to the old romantic days!

1- How many days after giving birth to have intercourse

Whatever your birth method, you need some time for your body to recover. If you had a normal delivery , you have to wait for the episiotomy area or tears to heal, and if you had a cesarean section , you have to wait for the surgical stitches to heal. In addition, you need to wait for the bleeding, which lasts for about 3 weeks, to end. Because in this process, your body is very open to infections!

Kiss. Dr. Yasemin Yakut recommends a waiting period of 4-6 weeks for these problems to disappear and for you to start sexual intercourse again. If you feel well, you can have intercourse with your partner about 1.5 months after giving birth. But if you’re not ready, you’d better wait a little longer. Being together before this process may not be good for your stitches, vagina and psychology.

2- Will there be pain and bleeding during postpartum sexual intercourse?

Does it hurt to have intercourse after giving birth is a frequently asked question. As we mentioned, you will experience bleeding and discharge for a while after giving birth. In addition, although the episiotomy or stitches may seem healed, they may be vulnerable to impacts. Therefore, it is normal to experience pain during sexual intercourse after giving birth.

But it is not normal for this pain to last throughout the entire relationship. In such a case, you should either take a break from the relationship or consult a specialist. The cause of pain during sexual intercourse after normal delivery may also be caused by vaginal dryness. This happens very often after giving birth. Changes in hormones, tiredness and being on your baby’s mind all the time prevent you from getting into the air and thus making your vagina slippery. This naturally causes pain during intercourse.

Bleeding may be normal up to 8 weeks after sexual intercourse after delivery. But if you still bleed after this process, there is a high chance that you have cervical problems or a problem with your stitches. That’s why you should consult your doctor.

3- Lack of sexual desire after childbirth

The idea of ​​having sex with your partner again after giving birth may seem terrifying to you right now. In fact, they have very normal and mostly psychological reasons. Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed!

  • Your hormones are changing again! She is trying to return to the old order of hormones that went upside down during her pregnancy, and this process, unfortunately, can affect the disappearance of sexual desire.
  • Sleepless nights, dirty diapers, laundry and all the other needs of your baby are making you tired, right? As such, it’s normal for the libido to fly away!
  • Do your stitches look like they’ll never mend? Do you think you will suffer during the union because of these? Many women delay sexual intercourse as much as possible due to pain, fear of getting pregnant again, and vaginal enlargement.
  • You’re immersed in motherhood, your baby takes all your attention and love. You may not even be thinking of passing these on to your spouse.
  • Your vaginal slipperiness has decreased. The biggest reason for this is hormones, as we mentioned above!
  • There are no private moments left for you to spend alone with your spouse. Especially if you sleep in the same room with your baby, we guess that you will never be able to do this.
  • Your physical changes give you fear. You may be psychologically affected by the milk flowing from your breast and the width of your vagina, and you may think that your spouse will turn away from you. For this reason, he constantly asks, “After normal delivery, will sexual intercourse be the same as before?” You may be looking for an answer to your question. But don’t worry, since the vagina is flexible, it will recover after a while. It is also possible to speed up this process with Kege exercises.

4- What can you do to increase your interest in postpartum sexual intercourse?

Don’t rush: Wait for the time it takes for your body to fully heal. You can be affected both psychologically and physically because of the togetherness that took place before this process.

Don’t expect a perfect relationship: Don’t expect your first postpartum relationship to be like the others. Even if there is no pain in your relationship, there is a high probability that you will not be able to experience an orgasm like before. This may even take weeks. But with time, attention and love, you will be back to your old self in no time.

Use the time correctly: You may not be able to be alone with your spouse because of your baby, and you may be ignoring your own needs to meet his needs. But your baby will fall asleep very often, especially in the first months, and you need to take advantage of these moments. Did he fall asleep at 7pm? So throw yourself into your wife’s arms right now!

Express your love in other ways: Sex isn’t the only way to express your love for your partner! If you don’t feel ready for togetherness, you can hug your spouse a lot, kiss her in bed, hold hands and snuggle with her. This is both a way of showing your love for your partner and getting you ready for sexual intercourse.

Talk to your partner about this: A good sexual relationship is built on trust, understanding and communication. So if you don’t want to have sex with your partner, you should openly explain your reasons instead of making excuses.

If you don’t want to have sex because you’re too tired, tell him, ask for help, and offer to split the chores. Thus, you will be less tired and your interest in your spouse will increase.

Pay attention to his thoughts. Exchange ideas together and address this situation.

Don’t be afraid to voice your wishes. If you think she’ll feel better with a longer foreplay, tell her. Do not hesitate to redirect, tell what you need so that this problem will disappear much faster!

Don’t bother: The more you think about your lack of sexual desire, the more your desire will decrease. Relax, rest assured that the problems will be resolved.

Change your position: Have you had intercourse with your partner in some way, but is your position feeling uncomfortable or putting pressure on your uterus? So try changing the position. Positions where you are up or lying next to your partner put less pressure on your sensitive perineum. You can try these methods.

5- Is it possible to get pregnant in the first intercourse after giving birth?

There is always this risk if you are not protected! Don’t be fooled by the fact that you haven’t had your period yet! Even if the menstrual cycle has not started in women who have just given birth, ovulation can occur. That’s why if you don’t want a new baby, you shouldn’t have intercourse without taking precautions.

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