All About Spoon Food, Formula and Instant Food!

ou can give formula to your baby if the breast milk is low or to provide an additional nourishment to the milk. But the many types of food on the market with different names can be confusing.

What is formula, instant formula and spoon food? What is the difference between formula and follow-on milk, how is spoon food given with a bottle? We told you what you need to know in this article!

What is formula food?

Formula is a food supplement given to babies who cannot take breast milk for various reasons. These products, also known as follow-on milk, are aimed to be the closest formula to breast milk and their content is arranged accordingly.

Various vitamins, minerals, chemicals, sweeteners and proteins are added to formula foods to make them look like breast milk. Since many of them are based on cow’s milk, there is a high risk of causing allergies in your baby.

These foods are also named with the number 1 by the manufacturers.

When should formula formula be given to a baby?

  • In case of lack of breast milk, the baby can drink formula from the newborn period.
  • You can give your baby formula whenever he is hungry, just as you would with breast milk.
  • Since the baby will start complementary foods after 6 months, you can reduce the number of meals you give formula in this process.

What is the difference between formula and follow-on milk?

There is no difference between these two! These two names are just different designations for the same product!

Is formula formula beneficial?

Follow-on milk cannot be compared to breast milk in terms of benefits, but it is of course beneficial as it will meet the nutrients needed in cases where you cannot breastfeed your baby.

How is formula food prepared?

Formula foods are prepared with boiled and warmed water. The basic rule in the preparation of these foods is to add one measure of water to one measure of food. For this, you first need to determine the rate of formula your baby will drink. It is ready when you combine water and food in a bottle and shake it gently.

How long is formula stored?

You can keep the prepared formula for a maximum of 1 hour at room temperature and up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. In powder form, the expiry date of the formula, which is in its own box, is up to the date written on the package.

When should formula formula be discontinued?

Think of formula like breast milk. You can give it whenever your baby is hungry until 6 months . However, you can reduce the number of complementary foods, just like in breast milk. Because during this period, the baby does not need more formula, as the amount of calories will increase.

You may wonder, until what age should formula formula be given ? As your baby gets older, the number of meals with formula should decrease. By gradually reducing the rate and number, formula can be used up to a maximum of 3 years old.

Which formula is the best?

There are many formula foods on the market and they all contain different ingredients. You can choose from among the foods according to your baby’s allergy status, weight and other characteristics.

What is spoon food?

Spoon foods are foods that are produced with the growth needs of the baby in mind. Its contents are much richer than formula; There are different varieties such as cereal, rice flour and fruit. Some are sold in powder form, and some are ready-made (We will talk about ready-made foods in the following sections.). In other words, you can use these products as supplementary food from your baby’s 5th or 6th month.

When is spoon food given?

As we mentioned above, the best time to switch to spoon food is the 5th and 6th months. In this process, while you start to introduce fruits and vegetables to your baby, you can give the spoon food 1-2 times a day in addition. Foods are usually used for breakfast, snacks or close to bedtime.

Is spoon food healthy?

Spoon food is actually an alternative to pudding. It is useful for babies who gain little weight and wake up frequently at night. It contains vitamins, proteins and all other components needed for baby development.

However, no matter how full the content is, it may cause negative consequences for the baby’s body in long-term use, as they contain preservatives and sweeteners. Therefore, you should use the formula as much as your baby needs and within a certain period of time.

How to prepare spoon food?

Spoon foods are prepared with water or milk. Here is something you should pay attention to. There are expressions such as milky or non-dairy on the packages of the foods. If it says milky on the package, you need to prepare this food with boiled and warmed water. If it is labeled as milk-free, you must prepare this food with breast milk or formula milk. Preparing a milky formula with milk causes your baby to take too much protein and tires his kidneys. In order not to encounter such situations, you must prepare the food correctly.

Spoon foods are available in powder form and are prepared by mixing with water or milk. It is written on the package in which proportions the liquid and food will be mixed. However, we recommend that you learn from your doctor the amount you need to give these foods to your baby.

How to give spoon food with a bottle?

Some spoon foods can be given with a bottle. For this, you need to increase the water ratio and decrease the food ratio a little. You can prepare the ingredients by combining them in the bottle and shaking them. But if you prepare these foods solidly, it will be more beneficial to develop your baby’s chewing reflex.

Does spoon food make you gain weight?

Spoon food is one of the recommended alternatives for babies who do not gain weight. However, you should not decide to use formula on your own to help your baby gain weight. Your doctor should determine the amount and duration of formula needed for your baby to gain weight correctly.

Does spoon food make you constipated?

Some spoon foods are likely to cause constipation. Especially if you are using rice flour foods, it is high that you will encounter constipation problems in your baby. To prevent this, we recommend that you change the formula. Grain-containing foods can prevent this problem. Consuming fibrous fruits and vegetables also prevents constipation.

How long should spoon food be consumed?

You should give the prepared spoon food to your baby within 1 hour at the latest. It is not correct to consume foods that exceed this period. Every time you give your baby formula, you should prepare a fresh one. Otherwise, poisoning may occur.

When should spoon food be dropped?

Many spoonfuls of formula can be given to babies up to 3 years of age. However, there are some differences of opinion on this issue. Babies can eat almost any food after 1 year . That’s why most experts say it’s wrong to give your baby formula instead of real food. The other part is of the opinion that if your baby’s weight gain is slow, you should use formulas. You can get the most accurate information about this from your doctor.

What is the best spoon food?

As we said, there are many spoon foods with different ingredients and flavors. The choice you will make in this regard should be shaped by the characteristics of your baby and the guidance of your doctor.

What is jar food (instant food)?

Jar foods are usually produced from fruit and vegetable purees. These foods are preferred for the convenience they provide. In addition, they can be added to nutrition lists because they are in flavors that babies will love.

When is jar food given?

You can give jar foods from the moment your baby starts solid food in the 6th month.

Are jars of food healthy?

Although it is a practical product that your baby loves to taste, these formulas carry a risk for your baby because of the preservatives and sugar they contain. That’s why many experts recommend offering purees of real fruits and vegetables to babies instead of these formulas . Some experts argue that it is okay to give these foods to your baby once a day or when you have to.

How much should jar food be given?

If you are going to give these foods in the first days of your baby’s transition to solid food, you can start with 4-5 spoons. In the following periods, you can increase this ratio a few more spoons and add it to your meals.

How to store jar food?

These foods can stay intact at room temperature. However, they do suffer some degradation in warmer environments. If you are going to store it at home, we recommend that it be in any refrigerator. If you are going to use it during your trip, you can carry it in a pre-cooled bag, taking care not to see the sun.

How many days should jar foods be consumed?

Many jars of food can be consumed within 3 days after opening. But in such a case, remember that you should store the food in the refrigerator!

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