Are You Ready for a Second Child?

Maybe your child has just started walking. Maybe he said goodbye to the meringue, you finally said “oh”. Or you can now take time for yourself at school. It has also survived the adaptation process. Oh how nice, mi. Okay, maybe everything is easier now than before, but… You can’t even think of infancy.

The first moment you hold it in your arms. That baby smell. breastfeeding. enlarge. Grow by teaching. Opening and looking at baby photos? Missing your own pregnant states? Then you are looking at the pregnant women you see on the road.

The second baby desire has started, it means it’s time for the second pregnancy. So, are you ready for it?

Can you imagine that you are ready? You are also talking to your spouse. You know, it turns on the wind light, but… You both can’t be sure, right? In fact, you are the two people who will decide on this, namely a second child. No one else can have a say in this.

However, there are other dimensions as well. “When should the second pregnancy be?” You are alone with the question, right? That’s what we researched, asked the mothers and the experts. Some say it would be better if I didn’t give birth early, while others defend it. The most important thing is to feel ready, right? What we learned is that after the age of 37, egg quality and reserve decrease.


Just as you went through health screening before getting pregnant with your first child, you wanted to have a fit body, the same is true now. Although some experts say that it takes a year for the body to recover after giving birth – it’s not just about weight, but also about vitamins – some say that there is no rule to wait for a year.

If you have returned to your pregnant weight, if you are eating healthy, if you feel energetic enough, you do not have to wait.

  • If you are worried about your second pregnancy age, you should talk to a doctor about the condition of your eggs.
  • Don’t worry about physical activity, you’ll be moving because you’ve had enough of running after your first child.
  • Again, because you are busy with your child, you will not feel every single sign of pregnancy as you did with the first.
  • On the other hand, you will not be able to rest and sleep as much as you did in your first pregnancy.
  • Again, as in the first, “Oh, let me not do it!” You will not say many things. Because, for example, you will have a child waiting for a hug with you.
  • If the first birth is a cesarean section, you should definitely talk to your doctor about the duration of pregnancy and how you will give birth.
  • If you are still breastfeeding your other child when you become pregnant, you should discuss this with your doctor as well.

financial situations

Every child is born with his own destiny, but it is a fact that we can no longer ignore financial situations when making a child decision.

  • If you have taken other leaves after maternity leave and have recently returned to work, contact your workplace again. Or will you go back to work? You have to make a decision about it.
  • If you want to have a second baby and then go back to work, you should gradually plan the school you will go to or the person who will look after you while you are working.
  • If you are working from home, maybe it would be more beneficial for all of you to get a helper for household chores. However, you must allocate a budget for this.
  • Is your home suitable for four people or should you move? This also needs to be calculated.
  • Have you kept everything left from your other child or will you get new ones? The best thing is to look at what is available and prepare a to-do list accordingly.
  • Be sure to research your insurance, too. Maybe you changed and you don’t remember. Does it include birth? You can also adjust the timing accordingly.
  • Will they sleep in the same room or in separate rooms? Furniture also needs to be adjusted.

psychological factors

Does it end with these? Of course not. On the one hand, “What is the need, it is very difficult in this era!” As there will be those who say, on the other hand, there will be those who press for the third while you are still experiencing your second pregnancy.

But you know what? In the second pregnancies, the mother is more comfortable, the baby is raised more comfortably. There is no panic in the slightest thing.

Fathers, too, start this second adventure “knowing fatherhood” as soon as they take them in their arms. At least that’s what the living say. We pass on what we hear from them.

“Come on, do it too!” edition

And the biggest complaint of single-child families is, whoever thinks a second child is necessary, whoever decides on the second is “Let’s do it now!” to try. However, the dynamics of every family is different, everyone’s view of many children is different, their experiences and experiences are different. “I did it, you do it too.” or “Oh, what’s the point, don’t do it either!” It’s very wrong to say.

Some are not ready psychologically, some are financially, some are making other future plans. Everyone’s own family. Your own decision.

So what do we say? We hope that everyone who wants will get their baby in their arms as soon as possible.

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