The Effect of Working Parents on Babies’ Sleep Patterns!

Do you find your baby restless and tired when you come back from work? How Should Babies Sleep Patterns Month by Month? Is it very difficult for you to establish the order that Melis Keşan described at length in the article titled? Here is what Baby Sleep Coach Ömür Atalı Özden wrote and suggestions for you regarding the problems experienced by working parents !

How does the arrival time of working parents affect the child’s sleep patterns?

When you come home from work, you’re dealing with a restless kid at home who is suffering from insomnia, crying and all he does is scream and cry, let alone noticing his mom or dad coming? No matter what you do, one child that you can’t make happy and laugh seems unhappy and angry.

On the other hand, when you come home after being tired all day, you hope that you will spend time with your child with pleasure, but you do not know what to do with your sad child. You are desperately trying to understand what is wrong with your child, why he is behaving like this, and to explain this uneasiness for various reasons.

“Your baby’s bedtime is past and sleep hits his head!”

You may even have prepared a huge to-do list to calm your baby down. You try the ones on this list, but you hardly think about putting your baby to sleep. Because for you the evening is just beginning. You want to spend time with your baby, but he still seems restless and irritable. Why do you say? The answer to this question is actually very simple… Daily sleep needs of babies! So, your baby’s bedtime is past and sleep hits his head! Because it has already exceeded the baby’s standing time for the average month and age. Just so that her parents can see her before bed, even for 5 minutes, so she can kiss and smell her, communicate, and develop the bond between them…

“The negative effect of late naps always continues into the next days.”

So what happened? You and the baby are both unhappy. What would you choose in this situation? To keep your sleepless baby up so you can spend time with your baby, or to come to a house where your baby sleeps peacefully even if you can’t see it? At this point, as sleep coaches, we always leave the decision to the families, but we can’t do without adding the following: The child whose bedtime is spent becomes restless, wakes up at night, and wakes up early in the morning and starts the new day restless and restless. Thus, the negative effect of late sleeping continues to the next days, and the sleep routine of babies is disrupted.

Children of working parents sleep after 23.00!

As sleep coaches, we make personalized recommendations in our counseling sessions. Since families working in the private sector in Turkey have a late arrival time, the common point we see in our sleep diary reviews is that parents put their children to bed after 23:00. Sleeping times of babies are different from us adults, and sleeping times should be between 19:00 and 21:00 at the latest, depending on the month/age.

The decision is yours….

Of course, it is very important for the child to spend good and quality time with his family, but at this point you need to decide: Do you care more about spending time with your child and seeing you, or do you want him to sleep enough and between the necessary hours by risking not seeing your child in the evenings some days? ? The decision is yours….

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