Baby Boy Names

Ask any mom, “What is your happiest day in life?” When a question is asked, 99.9% of mothers will give the same answer!

Of course, “the day I give birth is the day I hold my baby!” will be.

Of course, our children are the most beautiful and most valuable asset in our lives. Having a child is the most beautiful and emotional feeling in the world. Candidates who will newly join our lives do not yet know what the world is, what it is like, and if individuals who cannot predict what they will do in the world, for better or for worse, enter the world population, we cannot find anything to describe the joy of it. So far, everything is beautiful, and what is even more beautiful is the name to be given to the baby.

While the names to be given to the babies lead to enjoyable discussions between the parents, some family members also want to be involved in these discussions, but it is the parents who will make the final decision. Be serious about the name given to the baby. Babies will carry these names for a lifetime. That’s why let me tell you how important the name to be put is.

The thing you should pay attention to when researching the names you will give your baby boys is to choose names that are modern, close to your culture, that sound nice and have a beautiful meaning. Of course, every parent wants to give their children the most beautiful names. In this regard, we have created a list of names given to baby boys recently. By sharing this list with you, we will help you choose a name and give it to your baby.

Pretty boy names beginning with A

Abner : This Hebrew names means “father is light”, or “father of light”.

Aero : “of the sky” in Greek.

Arkin : This Norwegian name means “eternal king’s son”.

Arlen : This Irish name is of Gaelic origin, and means “pledge, promise, oath”.

Pretty boy names beginning with B

Basil : Another Greek name on the list, Basil is best known as a herb but also means “royal” or “kingly”.

Brando : Potentially as an homage to the famed actor Marlon Brando, this Italian name is dervied from the French Bertrand, meaning “brilliant raven”, “fiery torch” or “beacon”.

Pretty boy names beginning with C

Cedar : Best known as a coniferous tree, this could be an alternative to Cedric, which was invented by Sir Walter Scott for his novel Ivanhoe in 1819.

Cosmo : This name is both used in English and Italian, with the alternative of Cosimo, meaning “order, decency, and beauty”.

Coyote : Fancy naming your baby after a canine creature found mostly in Central and North America?

Crispin : This Latin baby name is from the Roman family name Crispinus, based on the Latin word Crispus which means “curled” or “curly-haired”.

Pretty boy names beginning with D

Daxten : An alternative to the name Dax, it may mean “of the town Dax”, which is French.

Pretty boy names beginning with E

Ebenezer : Made famous by Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol, it means “rock” or “stone of help”.

Pretty boy names beginning with F

Fritz : This is a shortened version of the German Frederick, derived from the Old High German Fridurih (ruler of peace), a compound name composed of the elements frid (peace) and rik (king, ruler).

Pretty boy names beginning with H

Hansel : Best known as the other half of Hansel and Gretel, this Hebrew name means “Gift from God”.

Harlen : This is an alternative spelling to Harlan, which is and English name meaning “From the hare’s land”.

Hawk : One of the most feared birds of prey, the word “hawk” actually dervies from the Old English word “hafoc”.

Heston : Traditionally an English surname, the name Heston has come into prominence through the famous chef, Heston Blumenthal. It means “one who came from Heston (a London suburb.)”, and is derived from the Old English “hes” meaning “brushwood” and “tun” which means “enclosure”.

Hogan : This is normally an Irish surname. In Irish Gaelic, Ó hÓgáin, it is diminutive of “Og” meaning “young”.

Hyatt : An English name, meaning “from the high gate”.

Pretty boy names beginning with I

Iggy : Are parents naming their children after Iggy Pop?! This English name means “firey one”.

Igor : This Russian name means “warrior of peace”.

Ike : Although often short for Isaac, the name Ike is actually a name in it’s own right. From Hebrew origins, this name means “he laughs/laughter”.

Indigo : Although traditionally a girl’s name, this deep, rich purple colour would make a lovely name for either gender! Coming from the Greek “Indikos”, meaning Indian dye.

Pretty boy names beginning with K

Kruze : An alternative spelling to Cruz, made famous by the Beckhams, meaning “cross” in Spanish and referring to the cross of the crucifixion.

Pretty boy names beginning with L

Lion : Coming from the Latin Leo, which is a name in its own right and often short for Leonardo.

Loyal : The word loyal means “true or faithful in allegiance”, which is what we should all hope our children turn out to be! Comes from the Latin legalis, making “legal” and “loyal” from the same branch.

Lysander : Most famous as one of The Lovers in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lysander means “liberator” or “one who is freed”. A compound name made up of “lysis” (freedom) and “andros” (man).

Pretty boy names beginning with M

Marlo : An alternative to Marlon, which is French, this name means “descendent of Mary”.

Mars : The Roman God of war? The Red Planet? Or the delicious chocolate bar? Either way, this name comes from mar, which means to spoil or ruin something. It could also be from the Latin mas, which means male.

Marvel : Are you thinking of naming your son after the comic book giants? Comes from the Latin “mirari”, meaning to “wonder at”.

Pretty boy names beginning with N

Nestor : A Greek name derived from a combination of “νέομαι” (neomai), meaning “go back”, and “νόστος” (nostos), meaning “one who returns from travels”.

Pretty boy names beginning with O

Oak : A sturdy tree which bears the acorn.

Oz : Commonly used as a shortening of Australia in the modern Western world, but Oz actually means “strength” in Hebrew.

Pretty boy names beginning with P

Pax : Derived from the Latin “pax” meaning “peace, the binding thing”. Pax was also a Roman goddess of peace, and is the name of one of Angelina Jolie’s sons.

Perseus : Another character from Greek mythology, Perseus was Hercules’ half-brother. This name is either derived from the Greek verb, “πέρθειν” (perthein), meaning “to waste, ravage, sack, destroy” – or, it means “to destroy”.

Psalm : A religious hymn, this comes from the Greek “psallein”, meaning “to pluck”.

Pretty boy names beginning with R

Raj : Raj is a Sanskrit Indian name, meaning “King”.

Ramses : Ever watch the Prince Of Egypt? Ramses was Moses’ step-brother! In Egyptian, Ramses means “begotten by Ra the sun god”.

Renly : It would seem we have a lot of Game Of Thrones fans out there… It’s also an alternative to Renleigh or Renley.

Riggins : Traditionally an English surname, Riggins is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin which means “son of Riagán” derived from the Irish name Riagán, which means “little king”.

Rocket : Possibly taking inspiration from Jamie and Jools Oliver, it comes from the French “roquette” which means “spinning”.

Roscoe : This is a Norwegian name, meaning “from the deer forest”.

Pretty boy names beginning with S

Saint : Almost definitely taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s adorable little boy, this name comes from the Latin “sancire”, which means “consecrate”.

Sparsh : This unusual name means “touch”.

Pretty boy names beginning with T

Tavish : A Scottish version of Thomas, it’s an Anglicised form of Thàmhais.

Tiger : There are quite a few animal names in this list!

Tru : A German name meaning “strength of the spear; spear maiden”.

Pretty boy names beginning with Z

Zee : This could be a shortened version of the Hebrew name Ezekiel, which means “God will strengthen”.

Ziggy : This German name is a shortened version of Sigmund, which means “protection through victory”.

Zyron : There isn’t very much explanation on the name Zyron, but it could be an alternative of Zion, which is a Biblical name meaning “monument; raised up; sepulcher”.