Baby Girl Names

Ask any mom, “What is your happiest day in life?” When a question is asked, 99.9% of mothers will give the same answer!

Of course, “the day I give birth is the day I hold my baby!” will be.

Of course, our children are the most beautiful and most valuable asset in our lives. Having a child is the most beautiful and emotional feeling in the world. Candidates who will newly join our lives do not yet know what the world is, what it is like, and if individuals who cannot predict what they will do in the world, for better or for worse, enter the world population, we cannot find anything to describe the joy of it. So far, everything is beautiful, and what is even more beautiful is the name to be given to the baby.

While the names to be given to the babies lead to enjoyable discussions between the parents, some family members also want to be involved in these discussions, but it is the parents who will make the final decision. Be serious about the name given to the baby. Babies will carry these names for a lifetime. That’s why let me tell you how important the name to be put is.

The point you should pay attention to when researching the names you will give to your baby girls is to choose names that are modern, close to your culture, that sound nice and have a beautiful meaning. Of course, every parent wants to give their children the most beautiful names. We have created a list about the names given to baby girls recently. By sharing this list with you, we will help you choose a name and give it to your baby.

Pretty girls names beginning with A

Abigail : With Hebrew origin, Abigail means to ‘Give Joy’

Acacia : With Greek origin, Acacia means ‘Guileless’ and ‘Honorable’

Aimee : A beloved friend in French!

Alexandria : With Greek origin, Alexandria is a feminine version of Alexander, which means ‘Defender of Men’

Amber : With English origin, Amber is a jewelled name, from the yellowish resin used in jewellery making

Amelia : With a blend of origins, Amelia means ‘Industrious’ and ‘Striving’ and is often associated with ‘defender’

Amélie : With French origin, Amelie means ‘Hard working’

Angelina : With Greek origin, Angelina means ‘Messenger’ and ‘Angel’

Aoife : With Irish origin, Aoife is a tribute to ‘the greatest woman warrior in the world’

April : With English origin, April means ‘Opening buds of spring’, a traditionally seasonal name

Arabella : With Latin origin, Arabella means ‘Yielding to prayer’

Aria : With Hebrew origin, Aria means ‘Air’ but is derived from Ariel, which means ‘Lion of God’

Aspen : With English origin, Aspen comes from a popular tree in the West that has heart shaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze

Athena : With Greek origin, Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare

Aubrey : With a French and German origin, Aubrey means ‘Fair Ruler of the Little People’

Aurelie : With French origin, Aurelie means ‘Sun’

Aurora : With a Latin of ‘Dawn’, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning

Autumn : A seasonal name

Ava : With German origin, Ava means ‘Bird’ and is the Hebrew form of Eve

Avery : Originally an English surname that was derived from a French version of Alfred, very means ‘Counsel’

Azalea : With Greek origin, Azalea means ‘Dry’ and is representative of a flower

Pretty girls names beginning with B

Belle : With French origin, Belle is short for Isabella and means ‘Beautiful’

Bridgette : With French origin, Bridgette means ‘Strength’ and is associated with the mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry

Blossom : With English origin, Blossom means ‘Fresh’

Pretty girls names beginning with C

Carmel : With Hebrew origin, Carmel means ‘Garden’ and is a mountain mentioned in the Old Testament

Celine : With French origin. Celine means ‘Sky’ or ‘Heaven’

Charlotte : With French origin, Charlotte means ‘Free man’ or ‘Petite’

Clara : With Latin origin, Clara means ‘Clear, Bright and Famous’

Clover : ‘Lucky’

Colette : With French origin, Colette means ‘Victorious’

Pretty girls names beginning with D

Dahlia : ‘Dweller in the valley’

Daisy : Derived from the flower, Daisy comes from the Old English word dægeseage, ‘Day’s eye’

Dakota : Dakota is representative of the two US states and means ‘Friend’

Delilah : With Hebrew origin, Delilah means ‘Delicate’

Dawn : With English origin, Dawn means ‘Aurora’ and represents the appearance of daybreak

Pretty girls names beginning with E

Eden : With Hebrew origin, Eden means ‘Delight’

Eliza : With Greek origin, Eliza means ‘Oath of God’ or ‘God is Satisfaction’

Ella : Short for Eleanor and Ellen, Ella means ‘Light’ and ‘Beautiful fairy woman’

Elodie : With French origin, Elodie means ‘Foreign riches’

Elora : Inspired by the city in Ontario, Elora is a variant of Elenora and Laura

Eva : With Latin origin, Eva means ‘Life’ and ‘Living one’

Pretty girls names beginning with F

Fern : With English origin, Fern is representative of a green plant that loves shade

Fionnuala : With Irish origin, Fionnuala comes from Irish mythology and means ‘White shoulder’

Flora : With Latin origin, Flora means ‘Flower’

Florence : With Latin origin, Florence comes from the French name Florentia and means ‘Blossoming’

Pretty girls names beginning with G

Gardenia : With English origin, Gardenia means ‘The flower’

Genevieve : With German origin, Genevieve means ‘Famous bearer’ and ‘Of the race of women’

Georgia : ‘Farmer’ and ‘Worker of the earth’

Giselle : With French origin, Giselle means ‘Hostage’ and ‘Pledge’ and is thought to have originated as a nickname for a child given as a pledge to a foreign court

Grace : With English origin, Grace means ‘God’s favour’

Pretty girls names beginning with H

Hazel : With English origin, Hazel comes from the nut-bearing shrub

Heather : With English origin, Heather is a flowering evergreen often found in Scotland

Helen : With Greek origin, Helen means ‘Shining light’

Holly : Taken from the Holly tree, whose sharp leaves come from the Old English word holegn, which means ‘to prick’

Hyacinth : With Greek origin, Hyacinth is a flower that sprouted from the blood of Hyacinthus who was accidently killed by Apollo

Pretty girls names beginning with I

Ireland : A destination name. Ireland evolved from the word Eriu, a Gaelic goddess who was the goddess of sovereignty

Isabella : With Hebrew origin, Isabella means ‘Devoted to God’

Isla : With Scottish origin, Isla is the name of two Scottish rivers and also the name of an island just off the west coast

Ivory : With English origin, Ivory means ‘Pure’

Ivy : With English origin, Ivy means ‘Faithfulness’ and derives from the plant

Pretty girls names beginning with J

Jade : With Spanish origin, Jade means ‘Stone of the colic’ as it was believed that the green stone could cure colic in babies if placed on their stomachs

January : Aside from just being a month of the year, January means ‘Month of the wolf’ and ‘God of the doorway’

Jasmine : With Persian origin, Jasmine comes from the English word for the climbing plant with fragrant flowers

Jayla : With African-American origin, Jayla means ‘One who is special’

Josephine eaning : With French origin, Josephine means ‘May Jehovah’

Juliette ning : With Italian origin, Juliette literally means ‘An Italian’

June : With Latin origin, June means ‘Young’ and is known as the bridal month in modern times

Pretty girls names beginning with K

Katherine : With Latin origin, Katherine means ‘Pure’ and ‘Clear’

Kensington : With English origin, Kensington means ‘The town of Cynsige’s people’ and is also a district within West London’s Royal Borough, known as Britain’s richest street

Kiera : With Irish origin, Kiera means ‘Little dark one’ and was originally bestowed upon those babies born with dark hair or a dark complexion

Pretty girls names beginning with L

Layla : With Arabic origin, Layla means ‘Night’ and is the object of romantic poems that was written by the 7th century poet Qays

Lila : ‘Dark beauty’

Lilac : With English origin, Lilac means ‘Flowering pale purple shrub’

Lillian : With Latin origin, Lillian means ‘Pure’ and is representative of the flower

Lily : With English origin, Lily means ‘Pure’ and is the symbol of innocence, purity and beauty

London : Representative of the city, which is derived from Londinium

Lottie : With French origin, Lottie means ‘Tiny’ and ‘Feminine’

Lotus : With Egyptian origin, Lotus comes from the Lotus flower

Lulu : With Latin origin, Lulu means ‘Famous warrior’

Luna : With Latin origin, Luna means ‘Moon’

Pretty girls names beginning with M

Marilyn : With Hebrew origin, Marilyn means ‘Wished-for child’ and ‘Rebellion’

Marnie ing : With several origins, namely Hebrew and Latin, Marnie means ‘Rejoice’ and ‘Of the sea’

Mathilde : Originating from two German words ‘Maht’ and ‘Hild’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Battle’, making Mathilde have a of ‘Mighty in battle’

May : Representative of the month, May is also a name for the hawthorn flower

Pretty girls names beginning with N

Nora : With Latin origin, Nora means ‘Honour’ and ‘Reputation’

Nessa : ‘Ambitious’ and ‘Fierce’

Pretty girls names beginning with O

Oakley : With English origin, Oakley means ‘Clearing of oak tree’, ‘Meadow’ and ‘Clear field’

Odette : With German and French origin, Odette means ‘Wealth’

Olivia : With Latin origin. Olivia is derived from the word ‘Olive’ and was first used with this spelling by William Shakespeare in his comedy ‘Twelfth Night’

Opal : Coming from the precious gemstone, Opal means ‘Jewel’

Pretty girls names beginning with P

Paris : With Greek origin, Paris originates from Greek mythology where Paris, the Prince of Troy had a love affair that caused the Trojan war

Pearl : ‘Precious’

Penelope : With Greek origin, Penelope means ‘Bobbin’

Poppy : With English origin. Poppy is from the popular flower

Primrose : With Latin origin, Primrose means ‘First Rose’

Promise : With French origin, Promise comes from the Old French “promesse,” which translates to ‘Guarantee’ and ‘Assurance’

Pretty girls names beginning with Q

Quinn : With Irish origin, Quinn means ‘Wisdom’, ‘Reason’ and ‘Intelligence’

Pretty girls names beginning with R

Rayne : With multiple s across the languages, Rayne means ‘Queen’ in French and English and ‘Mighty’ in Scandinavian. It has been disputed that it has a Jewish origin also, that Rayne means ‘Song’

Rome-Marie : As this name is split, it’s s differ, but when brought together means ‘Strength’ and ‘Power’

Romily : With Hebrew origin, Romily means ‘God’s beloved one’ and is also representative of a French destination

Rose : With German origin, Rose is representative of the flower

Rosemary : With Latin origin, Rosemary means ‘Dew of the sea’

Ruby : With Latin origin, Ruby is taken from the red gemstone

Ruth : With Hebrew origin, Ruth means ‘Companion’ and ‘Vision of beauty’

Pretty girls names beginning with S

Saffron : With English origin, Saffron comes from both the spice and the flower it comes from

Sahara : Aside from being the desert in North Africa, Sahara means ‘Dawn’

Savannah eaning : With English origin, Savannah means ‘From the open plain’

Scarlett : With English origin, Scarlett means ‘Red’ or represents those who wear the scarlet cloth.

Sicily ing : With English origin, Sicily is representative of the city in Italy

Sophie : With Greek origin, Sophie means ‘Wisdom’

Summer : With English origin, Summer is representative of the season and the carefree attitude that it brings

Sydney : With English origin, Sydney means ‘Wide Island’

Pretty girls names beginning with T

Tinsley : With English origin, Tinsley represents a place in South Yorkshire

Pretty girls names beginning with U

Uchenna : ‘God’s will’

Udele : ‘Prosperous one’

Ulani : ‘Light hearted’

Pretty girls names beginning with V

Valentina : With Latin origin, Valentina means ‘Strong’ and ‘Healthy’

Venice : Representative of the Italian city

Victoria : With Latin origin, Victoria means ‘Victory’ and ‘Conquer’

Vienna : With German origin. Vienna means ‘White’ and ‘Fair’

Viola : The English for Viola is ‘Violet’

Violet : From the Old French violette, a diminutive form of viole, which is derived from the Latin viola,

Pretty girls names beginning with W

Willa : A female form of William

Willow : With English origin, Willow means ‘Slender’ and ‘Graceful’

Winter : Representatie of the coldest season of the year, Winter also means ‘Bringing of Renewal’.

Pretty girls names beginning with X

Xana : ‘Golden haired’

Pretty girls names beginning with Y

Yarina : ‘Peaceful’

Yei : ‘Flourishing’

Pretty girls names beginning with Z

Zahlee : ‘Princess’

Zahra : ‘Flower’