How Is Baby Massage Done? What are the Tips and Benefits?

Baby massage has a powerful effect that relaxes the little one, contributes to his development and strengthens the bond between you. We can say that there is no baby for whom a pleasant massage would not be good.

However, in order to get a good effect from baby massage, you should learn how to apply it to which areas. Get your magic hands ready!

What are the benefits of baby massage?

  • It accelerates blood circulation and breathing. Thus, it helps to relieve gas and intestinal pains in babies.
  • It facilitates the digestion of food, accelerates the growth and development of the baby.
  • It helps to relieve constipation and diarrhea problems.
  • It provides more protection against infections.
  • It helps premature babies gain weight.
  • It allows you to get to know your baby better and trust you.
  • It helps your baby to sleep calmly without getting restless.
  • By calming the baby, it makes a better-tempered baby and reduces crying crises.

Baby massage is good for you too!

Massage is not only for the baby; It’s an activity that is good for you too. You ask why?

  • Thanks to the oxytocin hormone you secrete during the massage, you can fight the effects of postpartum depression more strongly.
  • Thanks to the oxytocin you secrete, your body relaxes and you can breastfeed your baby more easily.
  • Of course, the bond between you and your baby is strengthened. You know that the first condition for a secure attachment between mother and baby is loving contact.

In which month is baby massage done?

You may be wondering when to start massage for babies. You can start baby massage after you come home from the hospital.

A period of 10 minutes is sufficient for a newborn baby massage. For older babies, this may take up to 20 minutes. You can add more weight to the massage to help him relax, as the baby will be more active once he starts to crawl.

What should you consider before starting baby massage?

  • If there is any disease related to infection, you should not do massage as it will accelerate the spread.
  • If you have sores or infections on your hands, are nervous and nervous, or if your baby has just been vaccinated, you shouldn’t massage him.
  • You should start the massage application when the baby is full. 1-1.5 hours after feeding your little one is the most ideal time.
  • It’s a good idea to take advantage of the after-bath, as you’ll get the best massage with your baby completely naked.
  • Before starting the massage, you should make sure that the environment is at the appropriate temperature.
  • You can do the massage on the changing table by placing your baby on your lap or on a blanket.
  • You should wash your hands with warm water. It is important that the hands that touch your baby’s skin are not cold.
  • You should use natural baby oil during the massage.
  • You should not move on to the next before the massage of one area is finished. But you don’t have to apply all types of baby massage every time.
  • You’d better try to start from the bottom up, legs or back so your baby can let the massage without fussiness.
  • You can play soft music to relax both your baby and yourself.

How is baby massage done?

You don’t have to spend money on baby massage places. You can lighten your little one like cotton with a gentle massage. Your baby’s happiness will surely put a smile on your face. For this reason, we have explained how to do baby massage with illustrated examples so that there is no difficulty in application. Since baby massage is Ayşe Öner’s specialty, we also included her recommendations.

1. Baby gas massage

We can also call it colic baby massage. When your baby has gas or has trouble pooping, you can comfort him with a massage. So how is gas massage applied in babies?

  • First, after washing your hands with hot water, warm them by rubbing your palms together. Then place your palms on your baby’s stomach and wait. Thus, you will relieve the gas in your baby’s intestines and help him calm down.
  • Maneuver with one hand, then the other, as if emptying your stomach, pressing lightly under your ribs to your groin. You can apply this 6 times.
  • After the move, hold your baby like this for 10 seconds by pushing his knees towards his stomach.
  • Let’s come to the baby belly massage part. Think of your baby’s tummy like a clock, put your left hand at the 6 o’clock point and circle clockwise. While your left hand continues to form a circle, move your right hand from 10 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Repeat this move 6 times, then push your knees towards your stomach and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Put your hands and thumbs together so that they are just above your baby’s belly button.
  • Pull your thumbs sideways, as if straightening the pages of a book, pull your hands to the sides of your stomach, repeating this 6 times. Then push your knees towards your stomach and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Gas massage in babies helps to balance bowel movements.

Would you like to hear baby massage tips from Massage Therapist Selen Eloğlu for the most effective gas massage?

Gas control!

Use your fingertips to run from one side of your baby’s tummy to the other. If you notice gas at some point, repeat the massage. If you apply the gas removal massage in babies a few times during the day, especially 20 minutes after feeding, you will see that your baby’s gas problem is greatly reduced.

2. Baby foot massage

Reflexology massage for babies is a very popular application recently. Foot massage is extra effective for babies as it is directly related to the muscles and organs in the body. So let’s talk about the application:

  • Massage your ankles in a circular motion using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Grab the ankle with both hands and apply pressure with your thumbs in 3 steps from your baby’s heel to the root of the toe.
  • Make gentle circular movements by turning your toes one by one to the right and left.
  • Place the thumb of your right hand under your baby’s heel. Put your index finger under the toes and slide it towards the area where the thumb is. Repeat this move 3 times.
  • Repeat the same movement 3 times, shifting the front of the foot from the toes to the ankle.

3. Baby leg massage

It is best to start baby massage with the legs first, as the legs are not as sensitive as the hands and torso. Here is the application part:

  • Take some oil and warm it in the palm of your hand. Grab one of your baby’s legs by the ankle with your left hand, and with the other hand, pull down from the outside of your baby’s leg—starting from the point where it meets the hip—like a milking motion towards his foot.
  • This maneuver you make towards the tip allows the excess energy that is disturbing your baby to be thrown out.
  • From the point where the leg meets the hip, grasp the thumb and index fingers of both hands together. Then come up to the knee by turning your hands in a circular manner in opposite directions.
  • Stop when you get to the knee, because it’s inconvenient to move the joints in the opposite direction. Skip the knee and massage the same way, starting just below the knee and up to the ankle.

4. Baby arm massage

You can do the same massage to your arms as you would your baby’s legs.

  • Start from the armpit and work your way up to your ankles.
  • Take turns taking your hands and turn them slightly in both directions a few times.
  • Continue by circling the palms with your thumbs. Finish the massage by taking each finger of your baby between your thumb and forefinger and pulling the whole hand from start to finish.
  • This strengthens the baby’s immune system.

5. Baby breast massage

  • Place your hands on the bone where the ribs meet in the middle and rise from there to the shoulders.
  • Return to the starting point by touching the sides of your chest, down your shoulders, and repeat the movement a few times.
  • You should maneuver your baby’s chest like drawing a heart picture.
  • This massage strengthens the chest muscles and increases the capacity of the lungs.
  • It is very useful for babies born prematurely.

6. Baby back massage

  • Lay your baby face down, put your right hand on her hip, and pat her down the back of the neck with your left hand.
  • Put both hands on his back and push one hand to the right side of his back. Pull your other hand to the left side and repeat the movement up and down.
  • Using the tips of your index and middle fingers, make circular movements from both sides of the spine and go down the back of the neck.
  • Make small strokes with your fingertips, as if it’s raining, all over your baby’s back.
  • Stroke your entire back and legs, from the nape to the heels.

7. Baby facial massage

  • Bring the fingertips of your hands together in the middle of your baby’s forehead and swipe your fingers toward her temples a few times.
  • Pull the index finger over the upper lip towards the chin joint a few times as if to make you smile.
  • Do the same movement from under the lower lips to the chin joint.
  • Apply smooth circular motions to the jaw joint with your index and middle fingers. From this point, slide your fingers behind your ears and join them under your chin.
  • In this way, the lips and jaw muscles of the baby, which are very tired during breastfeeding, are relaxed.
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