Baby Size Chart

When buying clothes for your baby, you may have difficulties in choosing the right size. With the baby size chart we have prepared for you, you can easily determine the appropriate size for your baby’s height and weight. So how to measure baby sizes and

baby size chart

In the baby size chart below, you can see the ideal body measurements that your little one should have according to their developmental stages.

AgeBoyChestBelSwimming pool
Premature46 cm
0 is50 cm41 cm40,5 cm40 cm
0-3 is56 cm43 cm42,5 cm42 cm
3-6 is62 cm45 cm44,5 cm44,5 cm
6-9 is68 cm47 cm46,5 cm47,5 cm
9-12 is74 cm49 cm48,5 cm49,5 cm
12-18 is80 cm51 cm50,5 cm51,5 cm
18-24 is86 cm53 cm52,5 cm53,5 cm
24-36 is92 cm55 cm54,5 cm54,5 cm

How to measure baby sizes?

1. Chest

After placing the tape measure over your baby’s chest and placing it at its widest point, you can measure by turning the entire chest circumference.

2. Bel

Put your hands on your baby’s waist. The place where you put your hand is your baby’s waist point. You can measure the circumference of your baby’s hand from that spot.

3. Pool

After placing the tape measure at the widest part of your baby’s hips, you can measure the circumference of your hips.

4. Inner leg length

To measure your baby’s inner leg length, you should measure from the top fork point of the inside of the leg to the ankle bone.

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