Back Spurs in Babies: Causes, How to Remove?

Have you encountered hard prickly structures appearing on your baby’s delicate skin? Don’t worry, this is a condition called back spurs in babies you see.

Let’s see what back spurs are in babies, why does it happen, how is it removed?

What is back spur in babies?

Back spurs in babies are the hairs on the back body of the little baby, under the skin, which harden and acquire a beard-like structure. These hairs are not noticeable unless there is an external intervention. However, you can see the hardness in your hands as you rub your baby’s back.

Of course, seeing these hard and stinging spines on your baby’s cotton skin may worry you. But let’s say at the outset, these back spurs don’t do any harm, and they probably don’t cause any pain to your baby either. It may just cause some back itching.

Back spurs are more common in male babies. In addition, it has been determined that the back spurs are more common in newborn babies.

By the way, let’s also mention that back spurs in babies do not always appear in a hair-like structure. The baby may have a black, dotted appearance on his back. You can tell that it has a thorny structure just by touching it.

What causes back spurs in babies?

It is not possible to say for sure why the spines on the backs of babies occur. But the most emphasized issue is that mothers rub their babies’ backs a lot. Rubbing disrupts the structure of the hair in the back area, causing it to go under the skin and thicken. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid hard rubbing movements, especially when washing the baby.

How to clear back spurs in babies?

Although the formation of thorns on the baby’s back is not a dangerous situation, it would be much more reasonable to clean it by consulting a doctor. Trying to clean them one by one with tools such as tweezers to remove back spurs in babies both causes pain and increases the problem. It is also a tedious method. Therefore, the most accurate and easiest way to clean thorns is to do baby massage.

Baby massage is already a very useful method and should be applied frequently. It is also effective for gas problem in babies . The massaged baby relaxes and enters a more pleasant mood.

For back spurs, you can do baby massage after each bath. You can move the baby back and forth by placing your hands sideways on the back and waist area, and you can help the spines come out by stroking the whole body from top to bottom. 

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