Birth Bag Preparation Guide

Before you have your baby, there is something you need to do. Prepare a maternity bag! With a maternity bag prepared on time and with care, you will be very comfortable in the hospital and you will not be in any rush. We have given all the information about preparing a maternity bag.

First of all, you need a maternity bag list, don’t worry your list is ready here. We have explained everything for you, what should be in the hospital bag and when it should be prepared. Come on, now it’s time to prepare for the understated maternity bag.

When should the maternity bag be prepared?

You can start the maternity bag preparation process from the 32nd week of pregnancy . This corresponds to the 8th month of pregnancy. You should also have your maternity bag ready, as there is a possibility that you can go to the birth at any time during this time. If there is a possibility of twin pregnancy or premature birth, you should make this preparation earlier.

How to prepare a maternity bag?

The first thing you should pay attention to when preparing a maternity bag is the facilities offered by the hospital where you will give birth. Some hospitals provide some items that are necessary for the mother and baby. By learning which ones these are, you will not create a clutter in your bag.

To make her job easier, we have prepared two separate maternity bag lists for mother and newborn baby.

hospital bag list

What to have in baby delivery bag

You don’t need to pack a lot of clothes for your baby while packing the hospital suitcase. The length of stay in the hospital varies according to the mode of delivery. It may be necessary to stay in the hospital for a maximum of 2 days in a normal delivery, and a maximum of 3 or 4 days in a cesarean delivery. Considering all this, let’s look at how to prepare a baby hospital bag together.

baby maternity bag supplies
3 sets of out-of- hospital outfits (overall, body, socks, hat, gloves)
2 blankets (thickness suitable for the season)
Wet wipes or cotton
Rash cream and moisturizing cream
baby bath towel
Car seat or stroller for use at the hospital exit

As a hospital exit outfit, one outfit that you can put on according to the weather is enough for the baby. For summer babies, only a thin top and hat, gloves and diapers for their hands will be sufficient in the birth bag. For winter babies, in addition to the classic hospital exit clothes, you also need a blanket to cover in the maternity bag.

What to have in mom’s hospital bag

“How should the mother’s birth bag list be?” Let’s answer the question. Your stuff will take up more room in your maternity luggage. We recommend that you put it in your bag, especially nightgowns. The reason why we recommend you to choose nightgowns instead of pajamas; being easy to use. It makes it easier both in cases such as bleeding and when going to the toilet. In addition, it does not tighten around your waist, it is more comfortable.

For ease of breastfeeding, you can choose open-front or suspenders, thin or easily washable, quick-drying nightgowns. Let’s see what should be in the mother’s birth bag?

mother maternity bag supplies
hospital papers
3-night stand with front opening for breastfeeding comfort
Shawl or dressing gown
A few pairs of socks and slippers
A few pairs of underwear (must have postpartum panties or lots of large panties.)
1-2 packs of sanitary napkins (for bleeding)
2 nursing bras with flap and top opening
Nipple cream and breast pad
breastfeeding pillow
Toothbrush and toothpaste
shampoo and comb
Personal care products (unscented deodorant, lip balm, moisturizing lotion) to make the mother feel good
A comfortable outfit for the hospital exit

Preparing a maternity bag is not something that can be done in one day. They will be taken to the hospital, they can be added to the maternity bag as you shop. Add anything else that comes to mind to your suitcase, as if you were going on a trip.

After listing the essentials, we’ve also suggested you some extra items to put in your maternity kit. These aren’t exactly the ingredients you need, but you can add them if you want.

Extra items in the maternity bag essentials list
hospital papers
Camera (or hire a birth photographer ) to capture your baby’s first moments .
Water and snack biscuits for the people staying with you
Recent blood and urine tests
A memory book where you and your visitors will write down your feelings
If you want make-up materials (Generally preferred by shooters.)
Birth room decorations and door decorations (You can also agree with an organization company .)

Have the birthday bag list on your phone!

We have also prepared a maternity bag infographic so that you can always have it at hand and not get confused while shopping. You can find the things you will need most in this infographic.

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