Bra Selection and Maternity Bra Recommendation During Pregnancy

You are slowly swelling up, growing all over you, are your breasts lagging back? How to choose a bra during pregnancy for your growing breasts, is it enough to just buy a plus size bra or should you buy something called maternity bra? Not only did we tell you the difference, we also gave you maternity bra recommendations!

How to choose a maternity bra?

First of all , let’s start with the somewhat controversial question of whether a bra should be worn during pregnancy . It is recommended for expectant mothers to use a pregnancy bra to relieve their breasts, which are gradually swelling with the effect of hormones, weight gain and the onset of milk production. Before you buy a maternity bra, you should know about:

  • The answer to the question of which bra to use during pregnancy is hidden in you. You have to find the ideal bra type. Which bra model were you comfortable with before your pregnancy? Underwire, padded or tightening bra? These will give you an idea when choosing a maternity bra.
  • Before pregnancy, you should determine the body you used well. If you know your size correctly, you can compare maternity bra sizes correctly.
  • You must define your needs correctly. Do your breasts need support or to be left alone? Every woman’s need for maternity underwear during this period may be different.

How is the maternity bra different from other bras?

  • The main purpose of a maternity bra is to keep your breasts free and as comfortable as possible.
  • During pregnancy, the breasts are quite open to deformation, and a deformation that the breasts will experience during this period may be permanent. Maternity bras also prevent your breasts from being deformed.
  • Unlike other bras, these bras have more hooks on the hooks. This allows the bra to expand without squeezing you as your breasts grow or gain weight in the future.
  • Contrary to what you think, not all maternity bras look plain and aesthetic. Being aware of their needs and expectations, maternity underwear manufacturers are now producing maternity bras that will appeal to everyone. If you are a pregnant lace lover, now you can easily find a lace maternity bra.

How should a maternity bra be?

One of the reasons for the lower back and back pain you experience during pregnancy is the effect of your breasts that are growing and getting heavier. However, it is important to choose a bra that will reduce these problems. So how should pregnant women use a bra ?

  • A tight-fitting bra is not a maternity bra. So clear!
  • If you do not have excessive sensitivity in your breasts, but you are experiencing waist and back pain due to breast weight, you can choose from the recovery maternity bra models. The tightening bra keeps your breasts together as it should and minimizes back pain by preventing weight gain.
  • The bra strap feature is also important. Since thin strapped bras will have difficulty in carrying your breasts, they will damage both your shoulders and your breasts, and will not provide you with the comfort you expect. For this reason, it is more beneficial to choose bras with thick straps.
  • If you are an active woman who does sports while pregnant, you can choose from supported maternity bras or sports bra models. But supported bras are not recommended for pregnant women who have sensitivity problems.
  • If you are experiencing extreme sensitivity, it is more beneficial to choose among cotton bra models with a more lined inner part. However, these bras should not be too loose and big. You should choose bras that will fully cover your breasts as much as possible and will not leave any gaps.
  • It is not right to prefer bras one or two sizes larger than your old size! Because these bras do not have the features to meet the needs of pregnant women, they are just bigger!

Maternity bra recommendations

It is best to choose a maternity bra by weeks, as it will grow larger in the coming months of your pregnancy. How should you choose between which weeks, let’s move on to our maternity bra suggestions that we have prepared for you!

1.-17. weeks

During the first weeks of your pregnancy, your breasts will be very tender, so the gentler you are to them, the better! To achieve this, you should avoid underwire bras. Although it is mostly aesthetically pleasing to the eye, underwire maternity bras can cause problems that will disturb the milk ducts.

Wearing a underwire bra during pregnancy will cause pressure under the breast, causing the milk ducts to be blocked and then mastitis (milk duct obstruction and inflammation). Therefore, it is better to use a non-wired maternity bra.

18th-20th. weeks

During these weeks, it may be difficult for you to sleep, especially at night, due to the tenderness and the weight of your breasts. You may wonder if a bra should be worn while going to bed during pregnancy. It’s really up to your personal preference. Some women even wear a bra when they go to bed because they need extra support. Some can’t even tolerate the bra’s touching their skin. Although it is not recommended to wear a bra while going to bed, if you feel comfortable this way during pregnancy, why not?

You can choose one of the sleep bras produced for this.

29.-40. weeks

You will need a lot of support these weeks! Your breasts may be larger and more sensitive than ever before and can weigh on you. For this reason, you can choose supported bras. If you have a serious sensitivity problem, you can also choose cloth bras, but the bra you wear too loose will not provide you with any support. Gathering and padded maternity bras are the best for your comfort!

After the fortieth week, what you will do is clear! Your best friend will be a nursing bra ! Of course, the dominance of nursing bras can start even during pregnancy in some cases.

Can a nursing bra be used during pregnancy?

Some women find it useful to use nursing bras during pregnancy because they both meet their needs and can use them after pregnancy. Actually, it’s not a bad idea; because your breasts will not return to their original shape immediately after giving birth, and the comfort you want during pregnancy will also be in question during breastfeeding. While nursing bras meet these expectations, you can choose them to treat both your budget and your breasts well.

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