Breast Swelling When Weaning Baby

Swelling and soreness of the breast is one of the common problems when weaning the baby. In this period, after weaning, questions such as when does the milk run out in the breast, what should be done to get the milk back?

“I have weaned my baby, my chest hurts, what should I do?” If you are asking, start reading our article now!

Does weaning cause chest pain?

After stopping breastfeeding, time is needed for the hormones to return to their normal course. When the baby is weaned from the breast, the milk ducts in the breast do not immediately stop production. Since this milk produced will not be consumed and emptied by the baby, pressure and swelling begin to occur in the breasts. Therefore, the milk accumulated in the breast begins to cause pain. During this period, you can often complain that “my breast is full of milk, it hurts”.

You need to be aware of this situation and take precautions beforehand. Because the milk accumulated in the breast while weaning starts to clog the milk ducts and cause mastitis problem over time.

What to do with breast that swells from milk?

If you have started working on weaning your baby from the breast, you may encounter the problem of chest pain and bloating. How to relieve chest pain after weaning, you can apply the following suggestions.

  • Wean slowly from breastfeeding your baby. In this way, both the milk production decreases during the process and the baby gets used to it and leaves the breast. Because when breastfeeding is stopped suddenly, milk production continues as before and causes bloating.
  • If you stop breastfeeding suddenly or your baby stops sucking on his own for some reason, you can express the accumulated milk and relieve your breasts. But do it just enough to relax your chest.
  • A warm shower and massage can relieve breast pain and swelling after breastfeeding has stopped. But try not to stimulate your nipples while massaging.
  • Applying cold compresses to your breasts can relieve the tenderness. Applying a cold compress to the breast is also effective in relieving the fever that occurs in case of a condition such as mastitis .
  • Putting raw cabbage leaves on breasts is believed to reduce pain and tenderness. It’s okay, you can try it if you want.
  • You should consult your doctor if the pain and swelling in your breasts has not decreased despite all the applications, if your fever is increasing and if you feel a lump in the breast after weaning.

When does milk run out in the breast after weaning?

As your breasts continue to produce milk, you are more likely to encounter these problems. Your udder health may be endangered due to the accumulation of milk or the return of reduced milk when you stop breastfeeding.

“When does the milk stop after I stop breastfeeding?” It is not possible for us to give you a clear answer for your question. Because the regression of milk is a situation that spreads over time and will develop depending on some techniques you will apply.

What should be done to make the breast milk go back?

After you stop breastfeeding, you can refer to the following suggestions to prevent milk from coming out of the breast:

  • Gradually stop breastfeeding, just like when preventing chest pain. Skip a few hours of your baby’s breastfeeding routine during the day and cut them off altogether, increasing them over time. In this way, you both prevent the breasts from being filled with milk and help your breasts slow down milk production.
  • We said you could express your milk to empty your breast. However, if you do this continuously, you can give the message that breastfeeding is still going on to the milk channels and therefore your milk will not be stopped. Therefore, you can gradually stop the milking process by increasing the time interval during the day.
  • We told you above to try not to stimulate your nipples while massaging. Because stimulating the nipple gives the wrong message to the milk ducts and triggers milk production. Therefore, in addition to massaging, prevent the water from flowing directly to the nipples while taking a shower.
  • Wearing a looser and more comfortable bra also prevents the nipples from being compressed and stimulated. You can continue to use nursing bras .
  • Reducing the secretion of prolactin and increasing the estrogen ratio can help the milk go back. If your milk does not decrease despite all your efforts, you can consult your doctor and have an estrogen injection application. Sage tea is also known to increase estrogen production. You can use this method. But using sage while breastfeeding can be troublesome. Therefore, you should consult your doctor first.
  • There are also some milk cutting drugs. You can use these drugs by consulting your doctor.
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