Can Babies Swim? Benefits of Swimming for Babies

We know that you and your little turtle want to jump from the hot sands to the cool waters as soon as possible. So, can babies swim? How do they learn if they don’t know? What are the benefits of swimming for babies? After browsing our article, you can start planning your first vacation with your baby!

Can babies swim?

After seeing that your baby can stay underwater for a while, do you think that babies can swim from birth ? question may arise. Of course, there is no such situation, but maybe he is used to this environment due to his 9-month watery past. In fact, the reason babies do not sink in water is because of the superpower brown fat in their bodies. So if you find that your baby doesn’t sink for a while when you put them in the water, you should know that it’s all because of her brown fat density.

Also, babies are born with a diving reflex. This reflex continues until 1.5 years after birth and gradually decreases. If the reflex is followed in this process, the baby will float under the water like a fish without swallowing water. So your baby is actually a superhero!

When should babies start swimming?

Swimming training for babies needs to start at an early age, otherwise it will be difficult for the baby to get used to the water. Especially in recent years, newborn floating babies can make great strides with expert trainers. After the baby completes the 4-month period of getting used to the world, it is now ready to go on holiday with you, even if there is no health problem, it can start swimming from the 6th month.

You can enjoy the water with it in any pool and sea that you believe to be clean and sterile. The important thing here is the temperature of the water and not to tire your baby too much. Very cold or very hot water can be harmful to your baby. 

Benefits of swimming for babies

  • Swimming supports the muscle development of babies.
  • It increases the appetite of babies as it consumes energy.
  • It improves balance and coordination.
  • It helps to reduce the problem of gas pain in babies .
  • Swimming in babies supports cognitive development.
  • Increases baby’s self-confidence.
  • It helps the baby relax and spend quality time.
  • It helps improve sleep quality and improves sleep patterns.

Pay attention to these before swimming in babies!

  • Make sure that the pool or sea water you will enter is at a temperature that will not shake your baby.
  • There may be minor accidents in the water, you should be prepared. That’s why the swimsuit diaper tops the list .
  • If you want to wear a swimsuit, you should choose a model that will not bore you, that is suitable for your body and that is made of the right materials.
  • Be careful not to tire your baby in the water. It is suitable for you to have a pleasant time without getting tired by putting it into the water at 10-minute intervals.
  • If you have sensitive and atopic (very sensitive combination skin) skin, you should ask your doctor whether chlorine or seawater will harm your skin.
  • Don’t let your baby out in the sun. Babies can get burned very quickly, sunburn can cause very serious problems in babies. Be sure to stay in the shade and keep your sunscreen with you!
  • Make sure he sees you while he’s in the water and talk to him constantly. This allows him to gain trust from you. You can even sing cute songs.
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