Causes and Solution of Short Stature in Children

You are one of the many mothers who say is it possible to increase height in children, right? First of all, let’s say that there are many factors underlying short stature. If these reasons are determined, it is a fact that there are some solutions for short stature in children.

Moreover, you can prevent short stature by taking some precautions by resorting to stature extension methods in children. How Does? Details below!

Causes of short stature in children

Height growth in children is directly related to growth hormone. Insufficient secretion of growth hormone can also be caused by a deficiency of other hormones. Growth hormone deficiency can also be congenital, tumors and some diseases can also cause it. Let’s see what are the things that prevent children from growing in height?

  • Short stature of mother, father and first degree relatives (genetic factors),
  • Malnutrition in the first 3 years, which is very effective in growth,
  • Entering puberty early
  • hormonal problems,
  • chronic diseases,
  • metabolic disorders,
  • Psychological factors such as lack of love are among the prominent causes of short stature in children.

Insufficient growth rate manifests itself especially between the ages of 6 months and 3 years and during adolescence. Hereditary factors or structural growth retardation cause 80% of short stature in children.

Problems such as celiac disease , adrenal gland hormone excess, thyroid and growth hormone deficiency trigger short stature. Chronic diseases in the kidney, heart and liver and systemic problems such as anemia also prevent taller growth.

How to detect short stature in children?

The most important indicator is the normal continuation of the growth curve. With the technological developments, it is possible to calculate the height with different rulers. Results with a standard deviation of +/-2 are considered short stature.

Growth curves differ according to both gender and each child’s weight and height. By following the child growth curve, you can understand whether there is an abnormality in your baby’s height.

Ways to prevent short stature in children

  • The biggest enemy of short stature in children is adequate and balanced nutrition. It is essential to consume 500 ml of milk and dairy products a day, to have a meat meal for 1 meal of the day, and to eat eggs 3-4 days a week. In addition, you should make sure that your child consumes vegetables, fruits and legumes in sufficient quantities.
  • One of the ways to increase height is undoubtedly food. The more food you include in your little one’s diet, the better. Protein, calcium and green leafy foods especially need to be consumed. It is important enough to make a 3 cm difference in a 100 cm child.
  • Fast food nutrition also hinders height growth as it negatively affects growth and development in children. Beware of.
  • Since it is a vitamin D store, you should ensure that your child benefits from the sun as much as possible.
  • Sleep is an important factor in the growth and development of babies. Make sure your child gets enough sleep every day.
  • Various height increasing exercises both prevent obesity in children and are very effective in gaining bone mass. Therefore, you should ensure that your child exercises regularly every day. However, some sports can also prevent height growth, it is important to choose the right exercises.
  • According to studies, the secretion of growth hormone slows down in children who live in the nest and do not receive enough love and attention. After providing an ideal family environment, the secretion of growth hormone increases. Therefore, try to raise your child in a loving atmosphere as much as possible.
  • Do not be misled by plants that increase height and some products obtained from them. Do not look at any product that is not approved by the Ministry of Health as a solution to short stature.
  • Height increasing vitamins may not have the effect you think. You can only use them as supplements if your doctor recommends it.
  • Are height increase drugs safe?
  • The use of drugs to increase height is extremely dangerous. Currently, there is no proven product in the world to have this effect, especially those that are claimed to come from abroad, you should definitely not use.
  • It is not medically and scientifically possible for the growth of children to continue after the growth zone is closed. If your child has problems related to this issue, you can apply for some surgical interventions such as lengthening surgery.
  • Up to how old is the lengthening needle, let’s talk about it. Extension processes can be started around the age of 6 on average. It is inconvenient to use these needles in elderly patients and after 60 years of age.
  • Treatment of short stature in children
  • In the treatment of height increase in children, the pathological condition leading to this condition is detected first. For example; If the cause of short stature is insufficient secretion of growth hormone, growth hormone treatment is applied with replacement method. If there is a thyroid hormone deficiency or malabsorption in the intestines, a treatment is applied for this.
  • The aim of the treatment of short stature in children is to approach the ideal height. Whatever the underlying cause, early action is essential to achieve a successful outcome.
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