Causes and Treatment of Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay in children is a health problem that can be seen at any age and needs to be resolved. What causes tooth decay in children, what are the symptoms of caries and what should be done to prevent this situation? Dentist Ela Quickly answered all the questions that were asked!

What causes early tooth decay in children?

Early tooth decay can occur due to different reasons. First of all, children need to be cleaned regularly for their dental health. Food residues accumulate on unbrushed teeth, which causes bacteria. Therefore, early decay is seen in the teeth.

In addition, the structural features of the teeth can cause early tooth decay in children. He says that the child’s food and beverage consumption is also an important factor here. Dt. Ela Quick. The teeth of children who consume more sugary snacks and beverages than necessary may rot in the early period.

What are the signs of caries in children?

Caries symptoms in children can be noticed immediately. The main symptoms are:

  • The cavity deepens, turning from dark brown to black.
  • Gaps can be seen in the teeth, these spaces have a brown color.
  • Pain is possible.

exp. Dt. Ela Çabuk says that these symptoms may differ for each child.

What are the factors that cause tooth decay in children?

There are many causes of tooth decay in children. tooth decay;

  • from bacteria or other adverse factors,
  • Foods containing carbohydrates, sugars and starches, and foods and beverages with high sugar content,
  • Over time, the acids formed by bacteria cause spaces and gaps in the tooth enamel,
  • It can be caused by teeth being prone to caries. exp. Dt. Ela Çabuk says that due to the structural features of the tooth, caries may occur.

Can bruises be completely prevented?

Regular oral and dental care is required to prevent cavities. For this, the child should be taken to the doctor’s control on a regular basis. Thus, this situation can be prevented by a specialist dentist examination and treatment before caries occur. Children’s dental health can be protected by cleaning the teeth and removing plaque from them.

What are the ways to prevent tooth decay in children?

Dentist Ela Quick summarizes what can be done to prevent tooth decay in children;

  • Children’s teeth should be cleaned regularly with dental floss starting from the age of 2,
  • From the time they first erupt teeth, the child should be taught to brush their teeth and make it a habit,
  • Teeth, tongue and gums should be brushed twice a day with fluoride toothpaste,
  • It should not be forgotten that the child’s dental health is directly proportional to nutrition. For this reason, the child should be provided with a balanced diet,
  • Consumption of high sugar and sticky snacks should be limited. Because these snacks seriously affect dental health. Besides these; Consumption of foods such as candy, chocolate, chips, cookies and cake should be low,
  • Bacteria are the enemy of teeth. Therefore, in order to protect the oral health of the child, the transmission of bacteria to the child should be prevented. For this, the child’s food bowls should be carefully cleaned and separate from other children’s bowls, if any.
  • To prevent tooth decay in babies, it is also important to clean the pacifiers. Pacifiers should be specially cleaned and touched after washing hands.
  • The child should be taken to a doctor’s control every six months.

In addition to these, he says that it will be useful to get expert opinion for choosing the right toothpaste. Dt. Ela Quick.

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